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Today was partially frustrated, partially triumphant: I have hard proof that a co-worker (no, this is another one!) needs to keep her noise out of my desk, and her hands off my clients. Basically, she thinks she resolved a past due account, and set up new procedure for invoicing and payment---and I'm actually back to square one.

I had the sudden urge to march into my supervisors office, where she was conferring with said co-worker, and say something emphatic...

...and in my imagination, up popped the mental soundtrack of myself declaring:
"Evie touched my chickens!"

And no, if you aren't a Pryankster, you won't understand.
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If you aren't a Pryankster, could you still read my prior post, and let me know:

If you have ever seen us dance, what would you like to see at our website; what information would you like to find?

If you have NEVER seen us dance, or heard of us....how would you be looking for us? How would you look for English Country Dance, or Rennaissance Performers, or whatever? How would you search for us in Google.

If you have any kind of interest in folk dance or music--or costuming--or Rennaissance Faires, or historical recreation----tell me what that interest is. What would attract you to viewing our website, either as audience, patron, or as potential performer....or just dance/music/costume/history crackhead.
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Well, the teacher wanted me to approach this realistically.

Some of you remember my bitching and moaning about my webpage design class (aka FrontPage2003 and why you should love it).

I went through the preliminary design process when I started the class back in September. So, for most logic, it would just be redundant to go through the brainstorming, write ups, setting of goals and purpose, diagram of page/site structure….

Like hell. I’ve torn the coding and pages apart to start over. The planning ought to be redone as well.


Why do I want a website? Or, for the imaginary ‘business’ site, why would Pryanksters want to have another website? what do we want...brains )

Y’know, it’s 12:20am….I’ll finish and up most of this tomorrow.
But here are some thinkables:

Who are the Pryanksters? who? )


We are a teaching group. why )


We need a page of upcoming events: where )


OK, have more ideas, but must post tomorrow.

btw-- some of you are Pryanksters. Pretend you’re the client: what do you want on your web page?
Some of you might come to see us dance…or would need convincing. What would you like to see at our website. Besides cleavage, I mean.
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Fast update for whoever cares: Got back from San Jose/Dad's about 7pm tonight, Wed 6th. P'd and frustrated by much. Actually, by 4 people. At least. For another post.

Just a quick note on the BBQ on 4th. See other Pryanksters posts for better details. Had a good time. Ate meat. Fed copious amounts of meat. May have to turn vegetarian cookbooks to the wall, for my shame. Drank lightly, so as not to run the CHP gauntlet along 80 back to FF. (Attempted Moscow Mule experiment--seems to have succeeded.)

Giggles is back for a few more days; my heart was happy and sad at once. Got to pet Kitten, thank you SWMBFC. Major was funny and sexy as usual. Thank you to Loupe-garou & M for inviting me. Pool was great---we became the no-tan armada. Marco. Polo. [livejournal.com profile] ribben to be renamed Das Boote.

Met 3 new people. Apparently one of them was [livejournal.com profile] bootslut, but was not fully introduced--my bad, should have kicked past the still-present shyness. Also met [livejournal.com profile] darkmoon again. If I keep meeting her, my introversion may wear off and I may succeed in a semi-conversation. (Nothing intelligent, but it might be conversation!). Thanks for the name of your band---I stalked them. Any group that records a song entitled "Suck Knob" is one to be delicately cherished!!! Will report to Armadillo music for copy of Catastrophic Behavior.

And met---D. No, cannot remember LJ name. But she navigated me to the fireworks, and once we found [livejournal.com profile] barelyproper and her TeddyBarelyCubs, we sat on a blanket, watching the fireworks.
Yeah, excellent time was had by all.
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Who was the lady in the guildyard (I assume Bay Prankster) who brought her Irish crochet pieces?
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Going to get this posted and finished to complete the thought, so I don't forget, because I'm AR, and because it's almost midnight and I'm half asleep.

Tahoe, Episode Two )
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Just because I haven't even posted these in my own private diary. Will at least get them noted HERE. Of no particular interest, but just to keep track.

Just because I haven't even posted these in my own private diary. Will at least get them noted HERE. Of no particular interest, but just to keep track.

Episode1 )

Episode2 )
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Up late. Trying to write in diary, here, or other book every night. Get the skills back that I let lapse in 2004. Pissed. Need to get to sleep. Have to cross the picket line tomorrow, which goes against my principle. But am backed up on work. If I am not in, and boss Cornelia Fudge assumes its due to union action, she be in a lovely position to move for disciplinary action. Or at least a warning letter. She'd be just in the mood.

Just to keep up to date )
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Placerville )
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OK, last two weeks. First....Whole Earth Day/Major's Life Day )
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I've just test driven a mini-van. No, have never driven one, just rode. Renting it so that when I try to drive my Dad around during my visit, he will not start yelling and cussing at me about trying to fit into my car. And I do mean cussing. 77 years gains a lot of vocabulary.

My current car is a 10 year old Mercury Tracer sedan (because Detroit is afraid of the word 'station wagon'). My car has no automatic locks, no CD player, no alarm system. My car makes no noise when it opens and closes, and has nothing useful to hold your coffee or soda. But its the closest thing we have to a truck, and with Yakima racks, will haul my kayak.

But a minivan...My my. Was informed the gas tank is not much bigger than mine, and the mileage rate is just a bit lower. As I was test driving on the freeway and around town, kept thinking "It's not an SUV, it's not an SUV, the Davis Food Co-op will not revoke your carrot card...."

Picnic Day notes: Friday before spent with Her Gigglness. Showed her what I had borrowed from a friend. Then she showed me what she had. Giggles got to play Renaissance Barbie with me.
The Lady is adorable and fun, even when she is drowsy and should be napping. ;-)

Got up the next morning, determined to at least see if I could redress myself for fair, using the long full shift my friend lent me. So, essentially wearing 3 skirts. Met husband, and went cat shopping at the feline adoption area (we will meet two Russian Blues this Saturday to see what we all think of each other). Wandered back toward Hart Hall....meandered actually...figured I'd show up for decoration and moral support...stopped to listen to Didley Squat, and bought their CD.

Barely Proper came past, looking incredible in costume with German (so BP told me) sleeves. Awesome. She came popping back a bit more frantically nearing 1:45, asking if I could dance Heart's Ease--apparently had only 4 people, including she and I, and no musicians as of yet. Okay yes ma'am.

Coolness arrived when the rest of the Pryanksters arrived. All looked great, all moved like tops. I've seen them dance in practice--but the energy and glow and grins are incredible when it's actual showtime.
We had some inquiries about the group and joining practice.

Afterwards wandered with C and E, Steve, Jason and Craig and a 3 piston dalmation.
Eric attempted a pie eating contest--valiant attempt, but when a frat boy champion has most of his pie slathered over his eyebrows, we knew we were in the presence of Pie God. (P.S. Pie God was declared winner, raised his fist for a victory roar--then looked down and picked up more pie scraps to munch. Eek.)

Pyschababble joine us a bit later, as well as Barnabas. We all drifted apart, to meet back later at the new home of Barnabas-and-Hazel. I managed to get changed in the Mondavi parking lot with no one noticing, then EVENTUALLY got to New Abode. Great night of pizza, chocolate covered macadamia, and mind controlling 3x5 cards. And waltz lessons and laughing ass off.

Later, time to go to San Jose.
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You know, for someone who blathers, this should be a lot easier.
And yeah, I gave myself the whole day to write this. Spent a lot of it asleep, reading, doing chores I usually try to avoid. And wandering back and forth from the computer.

(However, while wandering near the computer, thank you to Pyschababble for the link to StrongBad e-mails--and thank you to Barnabas for explaining StrongBad--and a huge thank you to Piritorce for demonstrating what StrongBad techno sounds like. I promise to buy some light sticks, and then we can have a lightswitch rave. BYOmountaindew.)

Spent last week, trying to find time to post about what was stressing me out on the previous Saturday--but decided LJ was too public for that info. Resolved to make sure I knew how to restrict viewing of the post to a few people. Then realized few people read this anyway. And still didn't get around to posting it.

Spent portion of the first part of last week trying to get a presentation done by Monday, plus make sure client's accounts were up to date for the account deadlines. Attempted two all day intermediate Photoshop seminars that same week, only to realize that my attention span had dribbled out my ears. Very pathetic. And realizing I was not going to get a muffin hat, let alone any costume sewing done this week, and hoped I could remember ANY dances for picnic day. And make sure my dad's doctor had covered the paperwork we needed before April 23. And get the taxes forms signed and payment arranged before the 15th. And prep my head for the my dad's appointment with the neurologist on this Monday, down in San Jose.

And then I blew up on Thursday. Oh Boy. Very sorry, very embarassed, especially after I found myself cosseted by very loving Pryanksters immediately afterwards. And entertained, counseled and costumed by her Giggleness on Friday, when I should have been assisting and entertaining her. And encouraged and entertained during and after Picnic Day by a load of people I will mention later, as soon as I test run this post.

(Tonight's test, hopefully before midnight: can Temperance do simple HTML references to another Pryankster LJ page, even if she has not two brain cells to deal with a Photoshop mask oh never mind it's a long story....)

And I got more love and respect than I deserved, and you all are astounding. When I thanked Gigglness for adjusting my costume before performance, she said, "That's what sisters are for."
You have no idea how astonishing that phrase is to my ears. I think my face must have looked gobsmacked.
How astonishing and enchanting it is to have Teddy Barely cheer you, flatter you, waltz with you, and even insist parts of you are perky when they are actually rather sulky....

And so astonishing when you suddenly crash and burn in public, feel like falling through the floor--and wish you had--and a woman you only met in early March(?), takes you aside and dries your tears like a child, and has checked on your general state of health every day since---R, you are are a blessing and a lifeline beyond expectation.

(Note to group: Does our Violinista's snugglebunny posess a nickname, as do Giggles, The Major, and She Who Must Be Fed Chocolate? We endowed our selves with Titles during 1000 Blank White Cards---we now need one for R.)

OK,it's after 12 again, and I've gone weepy. I need to be up in the morning to 2 hour drive to Silicon Gulch, face father, sis in law, possibly brother, and a new Kaiser doctor. I love you all.


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