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Feel like I'm living in the House of Usher,
in the body of Dorian Grey portrait.

Just a way of saying both are steadily falling apart, and i may need lighter literature.

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but blog about 100 things of...what?

I'm a hermit, getting more hermity by the day, with 30-60 minutes per week day to stop an think.
Don't read, don't watch tv, don't go to movies, don't listen to music.

What to blog?

Blog is to write about things, events, people, experiences of interest to others

What to blog?

Very light

Oct. 27th, 2011 12:48 pm
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More important stuff to post but no time.

But for some lightness: LJ community Vintage_ads.

Seriously. This is going to be my Cake Wrecks--something amusing to pop up and make me laugh, or gasp OMG, or "SHIT! I remember that ad oh crap I'm old!" (Halloween Coke ad.)

BTW, Vintage does mean 1980's as well.
Now feel REEAALLLYYY old.
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Need to write to dear friends, for whom I worry and care.
Tired and unsure of myself and my words this week.
But am thinking of you, and want to know more--and support more.
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<a href="http://beatonna.livejournal.com/151658.html?nc=11#comments>Another Bronte smack down</a> No, really, I try Jane Eyre next time. Has to get better. Maybe I need to watch Olivier do his turn on this.
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One of the featured LJ communities this week--have any of you visited?

I'm not *super* fond of crawlies...but they have some beautiful posts--and of course, the usual cheezburger style posts.
Spiders are becoming the new LOLcatz.
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Now realistically, I know why I took Latin....
1) I couldn't afford the Spanish Class and book at community college,
2) they *did* offer Latin, and how often does that come about,
3) at my community college, I presumed that opportunity would not last much longer (proved to be somewhat true),
4) it would still fulfill the language requirement,
5) it's dream / ideal for most people to study Latin or ancient Greek.

So I took the opportunity.

I would like to continue in studies. But I realize Spanish or Korean would be more useful. Both are available to at DHS, adult ed.
(I've tried Spanish before--for some reason, French was easier.) I tried tackling the Korean alphabet, and small beginning words, but no formal training.

And now, reading Live Journal, and realizing I've been friended by random people who write mostly in Slavic languages....dammit. Does Rick Steve's have a Russian guide?
(For those of you not writing in Russian, but one of the other Slavic languages, my apologies for the linguistic generalization. But I presume that even still, Russian is the general language of communication across Eastern European blogs.)

I attempted to learn Russian once, when our fencing salle acquired a Ukrainian emigrant. I had small tags taped around my apartment to teach myself common words. Alas, all I can remember is pyat, in Roman alphabet. And I cannot even count from one to four in order to reach it.
And now I've just discovered it is also a rude slang term? *sigh*. Back to Horatio.
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are you kidding? I don't even know what the feck is on Hulu, let alone broadcast TV (and no, don't have extensive cable).

I will go into the office on Tuesday, nod/smile/grimace/roll eyes/shake head at all the right points in the office conversation, and vaguely agree with everyone's opinion about what he said/she wore/who got robbed at the ceremony.
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You know Dad is in the wrong about a long of things: your interests and capabilities are one of those.
You are smarter than you think in math and science. Some good teachers will prove that in the future. You enjoy biological sciences--indulge yourself.
Dad can be encouraging about your smarts--but he's controlling about where you should apply your mind. Learn about the hard sciences from him--but you are in control of this.

Mum believes you can do anything--also ask for her help in how to be self supporting, disciplined, and set goals. she had to do that at a young age. Ask for more tasks and goals--and support on how to accomplish them.

Learn to research, guide, build, steer--and take pleasure--in your own life.
Learn to hold a job early, move out early. Keep confidence in school: don't be pushed into accelerated courses or 'dummy' courses. Mom will back you up on this. Keep to the middle road,and find those teachers willing to teach you.

When you get to community college, that's when your mind will bloom. Follow your loves and skills--you can become unemployed and poor in any field. You may as well labor in what you love to do while worrying about the rent.


Learn to be physically strong. Learn to have confidence in your body, and enjoy what it can do.

You aren't pretty. You know that. Learn that it is not a sin, a crime, or the mark of a lesser being. It's a social standard: it has no basis in reality.
You body just is.

Find a solitary sport, where people aren't judgmental or competitive. Find something where you can grow and develop your own strength, stamina, and agility.
Then, find a group physical activity, so that you can enjoy the company of people who will encourage you.

Learn to dance. And never give up bicycling--you'll regret it.


Never give up listening to music: expand into all genres before middle age. If there is one place where Dad knows his shit, it's music.
Oh, and keep the baritone uke. It will take 4 decades to come back into fashion, but you'll understand chordal theory by then.

Never give up reading good books.
Comics are fun--but don't let them take over your time, space and money.
19th century literature is going to be a fuck ton more fun than you think right now.
Poetry. You've started a bit--don't give it up during your teens. It's going to rock more than anything else in life.

Don't stop cartooning or drawing. The withdrawal symptoms just make you go crazy.
And yes, you should explore all the ways you can use your drawing and design skills.

Oh, and have confidence, get a job early in life so that you can move out early. It will save your sanity, keep you from depending on people--and maybe your mom can move in with you.
Road trips with mom would rock.


Aug. 4th, 2011 08:38 pm
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Just to remind y'all, there is a fun LJ community called [livejournal.com profile] 1word1day.

And today's entry: ogerhunch
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Has anyone yet attempted A Wrinkle in Time?

Meg was the first geek girl hero.
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NorthCentralCoastal Calfornia. Otherwise known as Sonomacino. Or Mendilano.
I'll have the name figured out once we get the flag sewn up.
Must get around to seceding from....everybody.
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Back to Paris, to get it right.
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Was going to post this at facebook, and realized...nobody's there. Well, [livejournal.com profile] lyahdan is not there. Not many people who have CSA boxes are logged in at the minute. And the problem with FB is if people are not reading write then, then will not find your older posts.

ANYWAY....The Kitchen Window

Fast note

Jun. 7th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Passed the Spring 2011 night course. Got an A.
Now my ego just wants to know my percentile on the final.

and a double scoop: found my phone.

Going to celebrate by turning off the computer and curling up with a book.
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I have no phone. Is not in back pack. Is either at home, in my car, or getting kissed goodbye in the Amtrak parking lot.
So, cannot take calls, cannot take text messages.

Deja how?

May. 16th, 2011 04:10 pm
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I know I've done this before: but how does one screen comments to allow for anonymous posts.

I looked at this FAQ, but I seem to recall there was more to it than this.
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Everything I own shocks the fashion police. I go for comfort and my budget. Frankly, there's more I could add to shock them: I think I should start adding sandals and socks.

Very old idea, but it fills everyone from fashionistas to traditionalists with the horror of the apocalypse.

OOOooo. Maybe I could start wearing them on the 21 May?
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puellā colonō puerī agrēs
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How does on add a letter of the alphabet with a macron over it?
"Overlining", if you will.


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