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If you aren't a Pryankster, could you still read my prior post, and let me know:

If you have ever seen us dance, what would you like to see at our website; what information would you like to find?

If you have NEVER seen us dance, or heard of us....how would you be looking for us? How would you look for English Country Dance, or Rennaissance Performers, or whatever? How would you search for us in Google.

If you have any kind of interest in folk dance or music--or costuming--or Rennaissance Faires, or historical recreation----tell me what that interest is. What would attract you to viewing our website, either as audience, patron, or as potential performer....or just dance/music/costume/history crackhead.
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Well, the teacher wanted me to approach this realistically.

Some of you remember my bitching and moaning about my webpage design class (aka FrontPage2003 and why you should love it).

I went through the preliminary design process when I started the class back in September. So, for most logic, it would just be redundant to go through the brainstorming, write ups, setting of goals and purpose, diagram of page/site structure….

Like hell. I’ve torn the coding and pages apart to start over. The planning ought to be redone as well.


Why do I want a website? Or, for the imaginary ‘business’ site, why would Pryanksters want to have another website? what do we want...brains )

Y’know, it’s 12:20am….I’ll finish and up most of this tomorrow.
But here are some thinkables:

Who are the Pryanksters? who? )


We are a teaching group. why )


We need a page of upcoming events: where )


OK, have more ideas, but must post tomorrow.

btw-- some of you are Pryanksters. Pretend you’re the client: what do you want on your web page?
Some of you might come to see us dance…or would need convincing. What would you like to see at our website. Besides cleavage, I mean.


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