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Going to start over storing music on the newish desk top. Will start over with my jazz and blues, and want to add what I consider to be FNW Damn I Never Thought Of That As Waltz music.

Yes, I'm the novice, so I've been delighted by the surprises to my brain these last few years. (Have also been inflicted with the brain syndrome of That's Great Pop...Is it Waltz Tempo, Fast Enough for Turbo Polka, or Can I Schottische to it?)

So....Here's the rough (and I know, dippy) request that posted at FB:

"what are your favorite 3/4 time songs? Off the top of your head: Current? Pop? Off the standard charts? Folk? Classical? Graceful romantic speed? And, the ones I REALLY want to collect: "Oh My God, Only Sam and Anthony Are Insane Enough To Try This Tempo". Thenk yew. Feel free to post at LJ."

I was looking for a range of traditional 19th century waltzes, Irish and English 6/8 time songs,
20th century pop (by that I mean show tunes, top 20, jazz), pop that doesn't show up on the radio but if I call it Indie people will gag,

and the Turbo waltzes.

List as long as you like, post here, message me, or email me.
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For those of you who do vintage and ballroom dancing, whether or not you have been a DJ:

Listen to the soundtrack of Nightmare Before Christmas

Are all the songs danceable?
For those that are, what dances would you choose.
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I realize that's a whole family, sort of the Spanish Bachs. Domenico is the artist in question. AccuRadio played a Quartre Variations that sounded jazzlike in their styling. Part of it was the artist's interpretation--but part of it came from the composer's melodic design.

I googled and wiki'd a bit. He sounds interesting.
Anyone else encountered this composer?

Must go back through diary: I think I may have heard his work 1-2 years ago on campus in a noon time Music department presentation.
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NPR's Take Five Series: Gypsy Jazz

The 'Take Five' weekly Jazz sampler--5 songs with a theme or bond.
This week: Manouche or Gypsy jazz of Reihardt and Grapelli.

and some bitchin' links to other gypsy jazz programs or articles.
Grapelli on McPartland's 'Piano Jazz'? Fuckin' WhooHoo!
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Which is going to require Beethoven.

Brought mine. Need more.
Will get on the Beethoven channel of AccuRadio.

Hmm. Must input Beethoven on Pandora, see what comes up. ("Yes, that's Beethoven, like him....ok, that's another romantic composer, yes nice, but he's not Beethoven....ok, that's someone else, wonderful, but not Beethoven...DAMMIT JUST SHOVEL BEETHOVEN THROUGH, PLZ?!")

Well, ok. Some Bach.
Bach and techno for the afternoon.
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and her introduction to Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Thank you sensei. I have so much to learn. *bows*

Take 3

Sep. 25th, 2008 12:09 pm
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Two NPR articles for music minds:

[livejournal.com profile] elhoff, I knew I left this in my brain somewhere: Elvin Bishop. And jam, and airport security.

And question to [livejournal.com profile] loupyone: who are your sax men? Who's in your collection?
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Miles and Coltraine from 1958, on "So What".
One Youtube user has identified Paul Chambers on bass, but I've no i.d. on the pianist, nor drummer or brass folk. May have been session musicians, but the piano took a tasty break in here.


8 minutes...just let it go.

And I took a 2.5 hour nap today, with cats. So it was a perfect nap.
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Because once upon a time I mentioned the name Gene Krupa and you said,"who?"

Gene and the Benny Goodman Orchestra on the break/release from "Sing Sing Sing"

And Gene going up against Buddy Rich in 1966. Krupa would have been a few years shy of his 60th year in this one(born 1909).

Hope these might brighten up a long week...or at least give you the twitches. An Anselgasm.

Oh. And one more. Rowan Atkinson must like drums.

Ear worms

Jan. 7th, 2008 03:17 pm
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My own fault. Was looking for something different to distract my restlessness, without distracting my focus at work. I was fidgety and drowsy today, and needed an aural stimulant---but nothing distracting in terms of intricate lyrics.

Never thought to look for Philip Glass, before. Found him.

I will now have "Mr. Bojangles", from Glass's Einstein on the Beach stuck in my head.
You'd think it would be the "Knee Plays", but nooooo......
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It's cool finding old shit on youtube.
One of my favorite songs that no one knows. Much like the video for "Drive", I prefer the music without the imagery---but hey, nothing too intrusive here.

Mull of Kintyre is in Scotland. Paul Mc and his late wife Linda used to live there; the vilaage joins him in the chorus. This was from his days with a band called Wings.

Note on the previous Golden Oldie, Drive: Yeah Paula's a bit strange in that one. Bujt at least she looks a bit more lifelike than her hsuband Ric. I loved the song---but the video always made me feel his character was the reason the girl cracks.
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Life is looking a bit sucky, but not horrible

And really should not be thinking of ways to spend money.

But I'm so tired of missing out on music, and events.

Upcoming in March and April on campus

Delfeayo Marsalis Apr3-7, Studio Theatre Cabaret,$36, $18 students

Gamelan Music and Dance of West Java (hoping to take Mr. Snuffy)
Sat Apr 21 8pm $18/$9 Studio Theatre

Gilberto Gil $29 to $39, $14.50 to $19.50 for students
March 27, Jackson Hall http://www.mondaviarts.org/events/event.cfm?event_id=290

(WHY are we sticking Gilberto in Jackson Hall?!)
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[livejournal.com profile] barelyproper was trying to remember all the lyrics to the sheepish version of "Scotland the Brave"

Any of you w'gud memories?


Dec. 29th, 2006 02:13 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] whalejudge recommended that I repost this.

So, no I'm not losing THAT much memory.

Please post 5 (or 10, if you have them in your head) waltzes at [livejournal.com profile] tweaktemperance

If you can give me an estimate of speed, or any oddities in meter, would be appreciated.


Dec. 23rd, 2006 02:58 pm
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Please post 5 (or 10, if you have them in your head) waltzes at [Bad username or site: tweak temperance @ livejournal.com]

If you can give me an estimate of speed, or any odditied in meter, would be appreciated.
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Do any of you use an abc notation / playing software for PC's?

Uh, let's start from the beginning:

Do any of you use PC's?
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OK, for any active musicians out there (including the one whose parents play chrodal producing instruments) or the percussionist who may have picked up some music theory from his parents but he doesn't read this anyway...

higher chords:
I presume 9ths 11ths, 13ths are always added on to 7th chords. Or, rather, 4 note chords. This is question #1: I'm looking at a book that adds 9ths onto 6th and Maj7 chords. Is this done anywhere else but jazz? (Book is Improvising Jazz by Coker).

....which means question #1.5 might be: is the 7th note always present when you add 9ths, 11th, 13ths? I assume it would sound very unbalanced/'gappy' if you didn't.

Question #2: Book also demo'ed adding 11th and 13ths on top of 9ths. Again, is that common, or a jazz method.

Query 3: Ditto for augmented and diminished 9ths, and augmented 11ths.

Don't some of these start to sound crowded?

Query 4: How come more beginners books on chord creation do not cover suspended 4ths? Why not just say "You can have a major third from the root, or diminish it for a minor....or augment it which means you forget the third and add the 4th". Does the suspended 4th sound that odd for rock or folk?

I know....Master Fiddler would say, "Why don't you play it and find out how it sounds to YOU?". Then he'd sigh and shake his head.

Music seems to be the art of learning the line between "that's innovative" and "y'know, there's a reason why nobody uses that chord shape, at least not THERE".


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