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For all you English and Language geeks, teachers, and students who have suffered through these classes:

Hugh Laurie but mostly Stephen Fry stretching Linguistic Elasticity

Have you EVER had these discussions?
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I asked Mr. Snuffy to dig out the box of old books he found---things I've been looking for since 1999, when we moved.

Some of his books were in there, used books he bought out of curiosity and never really read.

Turns out we have a third edition (1971) of Bright's Old English Grammar & Reader, edited by Cassiy and Ringler.

Squee or groan?
The preface states what they added to this edition, 35 years ago, and removed or reformatted. Won't detail here, but it sounds good---except for the removal of two poems. However, the whole poetry section sounds wonderful.

Fun for the language junkie. I now own a book on Basic Welsh, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] josh_summit, and have tracked down a few Irish sites on the web---but far better, have found the Irish Lit/Language section of the Shields library (PB, 1000's, east side of middle shelves, middle to bottom). Lovely books on learning old and modern Irish.

Have already taken to scanning small sections on Irish prosody. Going to see how much of Early Celtic Versecraft by Travis can be scanned in a 3 day weekend on the HP. 156 pages--but at least I can do 2 pages at a time.
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Para [livejournal.com profile] battymaiden; ella puede probarme. Y puedo practicar el escribir.

(No, no me siento como el trabajo todavía. Porque puedo oír a mi compañero de trabajo el reganar de un cliente en el teléfono. Como si fueran un niño.)

Sí, todo el esto tradujo mi Google, no yo.

mas )
Now, does that bring back every horror of 5th grade Spanish?
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Something random. You've been warned. For language junkies. )


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