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OK,that's the pertinent stuff. Davis, Central Park, 6-8pm. $10 donation, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. There will be hot dogs and veggies dogs, and Soroptomists will be selling beverage, including wine.

And most important things:
1. Great and important charity, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease);
2. Performers include Duval Speck and OUR SARAH COHEN!!

Yes, Shakespeare Sarah will be doing her gig. So, for those of you not heading up Fri night to Tahoe, head out to Central Park, and watch Master Shakespeare's cast of characters pop out of Sarah's head.

Yep, Valhalla will attempt to do with a cast of...hundreds...Sarah will attempt to do by herself!!

See the ALS Benefit Facebook page for further information.
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More to-do's beside the May dance post of last week.

Per Staff newsletter, Dateline UCDavis

Theatre: Directors Showcase, Some Things are Private, Main Theatre, Wright Hall 8pm. May 5-8 and 2pm May 9

Free undergraduate composers concert, 115 Music Building, 12:05pm
Music Colloquium--Scruggs: ethnomusicology. Free, 4.10pm, 230 Music building
Concert--Senior Recital, Marino: Free 3.30pm, Music Building
Poetry Slam, Sac Area Youth Speaks (SAYS), Slam Finals, 6pm Jackson Hall, Mondavi

Cal Aggie Marching Band-Uh fundraiser 8am to 1pm Farmers Marker
Moth-ers Day at Bohart Museum of Entomology. Free 1-5pm, 1124 Academic surge.
Senior recitals, Music building, starting 1pm. See dateline for programs.

2nd Saturday Festival in Sac, hosted by Sac bee at 21st and Q, will be "bee-centric" art show. Portions of sales will go to UCD Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility. Will also include a presentation by Dept of Entomology. 3to 8pm March 8

Also noted that March 8 is Train Day on Amtrak, and of course at the Train museum.

And backing up to Friday 7 May: The Kimberley Trip at Old Ironsides, 9pm. And they will also be in Davis, G Street Pub 21 May.

Museum exhibits on Campus.

18th/19 century British Satirical Posters: through 23 May, Nelson Entryway Gallery

Kinor Jiang, visiting from Hong Kong Polytechnic, exhibits his experimental textiles: 10 May-9 July, Design Museum

Liz Murray graduating student manager, 7 May-4 June Craft Center Gallery

Niu Pasifik, Urban Art from Pacific Rim: through 13 June Gorman Museum
"See What I See Around UC Davis" Photographer Jerry Schimke, through 28 May Buehler Alumni & Visitors Center

Youth Voices for Changes: work by Sactown Heroes, through 20 June, Buehler Alumni and Visitors Center

MUST SEE: Owen Smith and Nayland Blake, One Man Shows
Smith 1930's style pulp fiction illustrations. Fantastic New Yorker covers.
Blakes, blogger and online single-panel cartoonist. Exhibit features original black and white drawings, as well as final digital color illos on video monitors.
Through 23 May, Nelson Gallery
I ran through this one quickly at lunch. Going back for more views.

Poetry, courtesy of Dr. Andy, 5 May. Special Guest reading at 8pm Patrick Grizzell, at Bistro 33.
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12 June 2009 at the Palms in Winters!!!!
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Have my reservation for Stebbins Cold Canyon Watercolors and the Outdoors Sunday 26 April.

Yay, and no cost.

And yay, found my watercolor travel box this past weekend.

Joys of BBC Radio: old comedy radio plays. From 1997 "Old Harry's Game" with screamingly wicked funny comic Andy Hamilton. Smart comedy set in Hell: Satan (Hamilton) up against a recent arrival genial skeptic of a professor (who's only sin is that he was an atheist).

Today's show: "Satan conducts interviews for a new assistant. In the running are Scumspawn and a dolphin."

I need to buy this from BBC.
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Is anyone from Davis area driving to AC early enough for the lessons at 8pm(?). And no--I'm just going to *try* the lesson, I'm not going to dance with the big kids at 9pm.

Mainly want to see who's a true pentathalete.

And if you are going, can you drop me off in Suisun or Fairfield on the way home.

Here's what's up. I hope to take the train tomorrow. If I get a lift from Davis, I would need to be dropped off in Suisun on the way home, to get my car from the train station.

Or, I could get picked up from my home on the North side of Fairfield.
Or, in Suisun at the train station. (I get to Suisun about 6.30, home by about 6:45 or so.)

Just asking.
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Planet gazing at dusk.
Either here, Davis, or in between.

This is going to require a coat, and hot tea. Fog? Oy.
Well, per weather.com, around sunset should avoid the later fog.
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Happy Pi Day to [livejournal.com profile] barnabas_truman.

I checked NPR for ways to celebrate...and found to my distress that they are holding Pi Day at the Exploratorium from 1 to 3pm today! And I'm over here!

Pi Parade gathers at 1.30, and rumbles forward at 2pm.

And for those of you in Second Life, yep, they've got a spot for you!
Well, there's always Science Friday on NPR....and people who know their pi...one of them up to 50 digits.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Albert. Don't know why Google didn't say so, but Happy Birthday. Which Google refuses to translate unless you input happy and birthday separately. Gl├╝cklich Geburtstag!!


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