Oct. 2nd, 2011

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Now realistically, I know why I took Latin....
1) I couldn't afford the Spanish Class and book at community college,
2) they *did* offer Latin, and how often does that come about,
3) at my community college, I presumed that opportunity would not last much longer (proved to be somewhat true),
4) it would still fulfill the language requirement,
5) it's dream / ideal for most people to study Latin or ancient Greek.

So I took the opportunity.

I would like to continue in studies. But I realize Spanish or Korean would be more useful. Both are available to at DHS, adult ed.
(I've tried Spanish before--for some reason, French was easier.) I tried tackling the Korean alphabet, and small beginning words, but no formal training.

And now, reading Live Journal, and realizing I've been friended by random people who write mostly in Slavic languages....dammit. Does Rick Steve's have a Russian guide?
(For those of you not writing in Russian, but one of the other Slavic languages, my apologies for the linguistic generalization. But I presume that even still, Russian is the general language of communication across Eastern European blogs.)

I attempted to learn Russian once, when our fencing salle acquired a Ukrainian emigrant. I had small tags taped around my apartment to teach myself common words. Alas, all I can remember is pyat, in Roman alphabet. And I cannot even count from one to four in order to reach it.
And now I've just discovered it is also a rude slang term? *sigh*. Back to Horatio.


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