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Got that thing with a bend in it? OK, that's the hook. Put it in yer good hand.
Got that long, twisty maybefuzzymaybesmooth coloful soft(we hope) colorful thingy in the other? Good, that's yarn.

Put a slipknot in the yarn--make a loop in one end, then take a loop of the LONG (3-6") tail end and poke it through the first loop. Poke the hook through that 2nd loop you made and gently pull the yarn snug. Tuck the long tail out of the way, and start your Chain Stitch on the ball. (Yeah, it seems obvious to you--but knitters cast on their first row from extra long tails.) And no, will not debate how to hold that tail of yarn. I'm bored.

OK, hook in good hand which ever that is, pointing horizontal across your body toward your off hand. Pick up the active yarn, swing it to the BACK of the hook, up and over and down and TA-DAH, a YARN OVER (YO). Nestle the yarn in the curve of the hook, and pull it gently through that soft told-you-to-keep-it-snug-not-tight loop on your hook. TA-DAH, CHAIN STITCH (CH). Keep doing that LoopHookPullBirthofaChainSlapWaahh!! over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you have enough, have had enough, or run out of yarn. To end off and seal the chain, either cut a 3-6" tail, or the sad remains of your formerly fresh ball of yarn, and pull all of it through that last loop. Tug gently to pull close.

You have a chain. A magnificent chain. Run around the house and let it trail behind, and drive your cat nuts. Or, get a burlap or fabric tote bag, and glue it all down in spiral and coils and angles and make abstracts or pictures, and you will have an early 60's Tijuana tourist tote.

OK, my oatmeals done. Yay, post T-day oatmeal.
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Need more large scarves.
I could sew those...once I get the sewing desk cleared off..
aha! I could knit or crochet scarves--I've done it before for long, round he neck "oblong" scarves (why does fashion call them oblongs?). But that would be a bit heavy, and pull on the hair and get tangled..

aha again! Snoods! Researched snoods two years ago, let's see what's on the ninnynet.
Snood page...snood page...

and aha three! Why didn't I ever think of looking at "modesty" sites? (Well, aside from my religious persuasion, yeah...)
Yes, there are 'modesty' sites. And a great one for conservative Jewish women. And it has snoods! Sewn however.

and most suprising aha four: dog snoods? [livejournal.com profile] klellingson, explain please?
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Have you seen this tutorial?


Could my knitters review this and tell me what they think of the tutorial?

For those who are bored, skip the related masa behind the cut.

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