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Apologies for the klunkiness of the Veoh.com, but I swear there is no copy of The Music Box on YouTube. So, yes, smaller screen, and you do get 10 seconds of commercial before, plus about 30 seconds of intro.

But: 28 minutes of Laurel and Hardy. If you never heard of them...well, old leisurely slapstick may not be to your taste. But try them. 1932, so it's a talkie.

Laurel and Hardy: The Music Box
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Today is being brought to you by the earworm/rallying cry:

I wear no pants!

This makes Tuesday go much better.
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It's 1960's, it's silly, it was Carol Burnett. And one of my favorites.

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From 4 July 2005: The Knitting Machine. Not as exciting as The Elephant...but interesting.
(and I can hear the experts: "but that's not how you do ribbon knitting!")

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In honor of the month of May,
and hence the Major's Life Day, two weeks ago,
and hence in honor of the Major's little friend Pele:

Phill (yes, two L's) Juputis, arachnophobe, describes the Three Levels (and Sizes) of Spider Encounters. And the correct procedure for dealing with all sizes. (No spiders to see...just a fecking funny Brit.)

Level One: The size of strawberry stems...the sneaky bastards.

Level Two: The glass ain't big enough, spiders and Pink Floyd, and the first meeting of Category 3.

Level Three: AAAUUGGH!!--and why your father in law is no help at all.

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Store was all sold out of real sudaphed, AND the store brand. It appears spring winds and allergies have had their effect on the general population. So, bought crunchy apples (crunching crispy stuff seems to help the sinuses), a pack of store sushi. Still drinking sweetened tea, used as much of the wasabi as I could, and am now starting on the pickled ginger. Seriously rethinking buying a netti kettle.

Truly folks, I wanted to write deeper stuff on here, but reading this screen has made my head hurt. Will try again in an hour. Going to focus on journal work, and figure out where I want to go tomorrow. Don't want to spend the day sitting around.

However, since readers won't privy to my intellectual musings and frettings about failure in the glory that is my poetry.....I'll let Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning do it instead.

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For all you English and Language geeks, teachers, and students who have suffered through these classes:

Hugh Laurie but mostly Stephen Fry stretching Linguistic Elasticity

Have you EVER had these discussions?
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yorufukagawa's multi posts today, with...

Salutes to the Doctors. Doctors Who. MUSICAL salutes.

And bless him, Tom Baker rates three verisions of Boehemian Rhapsody.

These are a giggle.

Who's Yer Doctor?
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Because once upon a time I mentioned the name Gene Krupa and you said,"who?"

Gene and the Benny Goodman Orchestra on the break/release from "Sing Sing Sing"

And Gene going up against Buddy Rich in 1966. Krupa would have been a few years shy of his 60th year in this one(born 1909).

Hope these might brighten up a long week...or at least give you the twitches. An Anselgasm.

Oh. And one more. Rowan Atkinson must like drums.
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I'll give you clockwork

Thanks from Mr. Snuffy.
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There's craftsmanships and then there's showmanship.

Wonder if Trey would consider a job in construction?
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Gwen Verdon walks it out

You can read the synopsis at the NPR page. btw, Bob Fosse was the choreographer for the original Chicago, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, etc.

Yep, turn up your speaker at work. Well, depends upon how much they like hip hop.
The video you may want to hide....depends if you are willing to be seen in the company of bell bottoms and hair flips.

But Gwen does have a nice bottom.

(btw, a commentator included a link to a Damn Yankess clip at the bottom. Bottom of the commentaries, not Gwen).
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Discovered this clip posting at the Rusty Sword Productions forums.

Crab Fu

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Link sent by Liam the storyteller. Love the channel crossing.
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After seeing [livejournal.com profile] terpsichorus's pictures of the
Red Carpet Ball
, I remembered this lovely old romantic tune.

Lydia the Tatooed Lady

I was going to dedicate this youtube to [livejournal.com profile] ribbin, but he ain't no lady.
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While exploring dugong pamphlets, I found this among the weebls

Animator vs Animation II


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