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...and I don't think I'm spelling it right.

Mad Monk notes:

Tofu cream cheese. Not as good as tofu may, but not bad. Benefits from herbs, bit bland on its own.

Nutritional Yeast Cheez--strong Parmesan flavor, rather cheez whiz texture. Must try the 'more solid' recipe. Otherwise, good, but strong. Might frighten the children.

The Eureka recipe: realize these two might balance each other out, mix together and also save a storage container. DAMN. Not bad, even without the herbs and dried tomatoes. Has been steadily disappearing on top of Rye Krisp. Remains went onto my sandwiches for the week. Has tofudity goodness and B vitamins. Tamed cheesey flavor, and comforting cream cheese texture. Nommity--for me anyway. And no dairy (yogurt cheese likes me--commercial cream cheese doesn't).

Will post salacious web pages about mad monk later. An survived the cole slaw experiment. Will be reanimated in hoagies for the week (the cole slaw, not me).
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or just copy them onto your own text files
Cooking equivalency / substitution charts

Millenium Ark at http://www.standeyo.com/News_Files/Food/ingred_subs.html

or the Alabama Cooperative Extension at

When you need to know how much chopped onion = onion powder, or how much lemon to add to milk for buttermilk. How much oil to add to cocoa powder when you don't have baking squares.
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Rhapsodies and contemplation of this dirty little gem, and recipes--including a lasagna with "Walnut Cream".

Yeah, and S17's head just snapped up.
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(Clearing through cookbooks)Read more... )

UPDATE: I found the cheap veggie soup recipes at (oh dear!) Parade magazine
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Or I brought to someone else, 2 bags and one box of things to Mission Solano (my third trip this year---yeah!) And chores accomplished---got mailing done, meds for the spouse, healthy snacks for us, the cats fed, some straightening, brought in the garbage cans, and homework. And researched cars, which I had been avoiding.

So, on the 2nd day of Christmas, I gave two types of caring, got homework done.....and received the gift of stargazing and a copy of Sparky's biographyyyyyy.

And here's a food file from NPR.

1. How to cook your goose, and

2. Bourbon and chocolate. And I have never wanted a bottle of bourbon until now. Yeah, there's a recipe for bourbon balls here....but omg,
Chocolate Nut Bourbon Pie?
Chocolate laced bread pudding with a bourbon sauce?
oooohhhh mmmyyyyyyy.......
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Apple recipes for the holiday table. Greens salad, roasted chicken, and apple layered sponge cake.



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