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Reading about bribery scandals in the House of Peers isn't that shocking or amusing.

But reading in the Times that Lord Snape and Lord Moonieare trying to watch each other's backs--that's entertainment.

Off to check Google hits!
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I normally don't give a damn about celebrities.
I don't give a damn what you name your baby, and despite jokes, or cultural confusions, I think you should name your baby whatever you want.

But, bear in mind, for the sake of your child, is there any easy way your child is going to be in for 12 years of annoyance because of their name.

Yes, teasing builds character, I know.
Yes, children can make a rude nickname of ANY name, so it hardly matters.

But certain names yield more obvious nicknames.
And if you name your baby Bronx, you've gone beyond possible nicknames.
Your child is going to go through 12 years of sound effects.

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Not an earth shattering article.

But it's interesting to think of the 'average people' who may have done things you don't expect.
And maybe they didn't expect where there actions would lead.

Jellyfish and Nobel
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but Cindy McCain is not an only child.

This will not make a difference in how I evaluate the McCain--first ladies make no difference to the campaign.

But between this and Cindy's refusals to reveal personal financial information,
I'm starting to find her a bit irritating.

One other note: For all I know, The Other McCain may be the sort of sibling one REALLY wishes to forget with good reason. There may be some very good reason her family was left without an active credit card. And that's going to get ugly for her if she expects no one to dig up any material.

But I'm suprised Cindy McCain has not learned the political lesson of the last few years:
nothing and no one stays hidden when you are running for Very Public office.
Did she think unhappy people were going to stay quiet?

Everybody's got to learn. Jenna Bush. Roger Clinton. Maureeen Reagan. Billy Carter. Oy vey, Billy Carter.


Aug. 9th, 2008 04:01 pm
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I know it's the Olympics
I know I sneer, or rather, have given up enthusiasm
I know is the sport nobody else cares about.

We should.

We swept the women's sabre. Gold, Silver, Bronze
OK, three women from the United States did all the work.

Been waiting over 20 years to hear news like this!

New York Times

Washington Post
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Well, for any kind of music or culture you don't like, or have joked about, there's always someone will to take that dislike a bit further. Some personalities need to take their dislike to extreme hatred and aggressive outlet--or some to bullying, just for the jolly fun of it. Yippee.

OK, I know most of you have heard about this---I'm slow on the news this month. Metal and Punk fans in Queretaro, Mexico took out their rage, indignation and spite on the emo kids who hang out at Plaza de Armas. (Other attacks have taken place in Mexico City).

Part of it is the aggression of some of the metal and punk fans, especially toward emos whom they see, I suppose, as weaker and deserving of violence.

The other part is that emo is seen as part of gay culture. Not so good down in Mexico.

The article explains it better.
The video is astounding--but I know I'm more easily shocked than most. I think I need to grow up and get used to the world as it runs.
I don't mean just accept this without protest. But accept the fact that most human beings have an urge to be assholes.
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First an update on the NPR story on US Army's purported interference with Veteran's Affairs procedures. The procedures involved the VA's assisting disabled veterans with paperwork assessing their disability ratings.

The Army Surgeon General Eric Shoemaker responds.

On the lighter side, an update on known dinosaurs:
4 short web pages, with some nice pen/ink illos.

A short armed Kryptops palaios (to quote Spielberg's Dinosaurs "How come I never make the bowling team?")
and a big boy, Eocarcharia dinops, with a nasty jaw/tooth arrangement.

Both with huge brow bones---interesting shapes.

Methinks I need to set up a photo vault for dino art. My pages need more frilled scaly critters.
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 Old news by now, but here's a link to NY Times article (if you can't link to this, let me know)


So much can be said here.  State that gave us No Child Left Not Run Over.  I'll leave the commentary to those of you who are teachers.

If I may borrow a page from Urgent Action, here is contact information if some of you are so inclined:

Contact us:
Texas Education Agency
Attn.: Debbie Ratcliffe, spokesman
1701 N. Congress Ave., Room 2-180
Austin, Texas 78701-1494
(512) 463-9000

also:  goodnews@tea.state.tx.us

Texas State Board of Education

mailing address and phone contact information is:

Texas Education Agency - 1701 North Congress Avenue - Austin, Texas, 78701 - (512) 463-9734

No direct contact information on Don McLeroy (chairman of the panel, and a real work of goods),
 or Lizzette Reynolds (deputy commisionor for statewide policy, who supposedly filed the complaint), 
or Tom Shindell (director for organizatonal devleopment, who requested Ms. Comer's resignation, per Ms. Comer).


[personal profile] barnabas_truman, this is the link to UCB's Dept of Paleontology's articles on teaching evolution that I mentioned:

and their FAQ on dealing with controversies:


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Anyone see this article on <a href="http://www.sacbee.com/107/story/501602.html">board games</a>  in the Monday SacBee.  They mentioned some guy named <lj user =klellingson>.  You may have heard of him.
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Karl Rove is leaving the White House on 31 Aug 2007
Press conference this morning

NPR audio links, small text article
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Yeah, there was supposed to be more than this posted....
and btw, these are text/visual files, not NPR sound files...ya big chickens.

NY Times: --NJ either put in billions or nothing into teacher's pension fund

sub teacher, 82: When your history teacher has actually lived through enough history, it's kinda cool.

and more teachers...
interview w/Zimbardo, of the
Stanford Prison Experiment
---and how he views his experiment, and his own limit lines. Interesting read, far too short.
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Let's see if we can link to the Times w/o subscription through this portal:

grandchildren of WWII internees speak up against Judge Gleeson's decision on Turkmen Vs Ashcroft.

DNA lets amatuer geneologists get creepier, ruder. And I didn't think that was possible.

Cooking for your pet (no recipes):

And will they remember and care that you slaved over a stove?
Episodic memory in the animal mind:

When hospitals call 911---cherry picking by physcian owned hospitals
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fuck it fuck it fuck it.

Further loss to honesty in modern civilization, further dilution of our tiny pools of intelligence and wit.

Update: Obit...no, eulogy....from the SF Chron


Write people.

Learn to speak up. Even before that, learn to notice when the world is spinning wrong. Molly, and others of her ilk, are canaries in the coal mine. Long before mainstream media finally figured out we were getting screwed (or before they decided liberal politics were 'chic')...

....long before the country finally woke up, Molly, Hightower, and older-than-God Turkel telling us, in everyday language, from everyman experience, that we needed to pay attention.

To the leaders we elected. To the media we choose to absorb. To our own decisions and actions.

And she did it with a laugh---not just to entertain us, and sweeten the bitterness of news. But because thats how she viewed the world: she laughed at it, and loved it.
She could bitch about Bush, but still recognize foibles she claimed she shared, as a Texan and a human. She never demonized.

Miss you much Molly. Your writing helped clarify the world when everything broke apart from national to local community. And you helped us put some of the pieces back together, in a new way.
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Tom Delay has resigned.
I’m declaring today as Christmas.

If we can get rid of Karl Rove, I recognize that day as the Second Coming.

and on a slightly different Nightmare on Madison Ave )

Update 9:10am: UCD and Geography. Goes together like Kansas and Science.

just curious )
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A Japanese scientist has finally obtained video proof of the deep sea giant squid, Architeuthis, this morning. The Scientific Journal article shows just a still clip, but apparently 4 hours of video were shot:

Revenge of the Ika Sashimi

Too f***ing awesome. I'm so looking forward to seeing video clips in the next few days. Spousal Unit got the measuring tape and laid out 26 feet down our hallway, so I could get a mental fix on this idea.

We might have to open up the closet, but it could fit.

I love stuff like this. Seriously, I was squeeing about the discovery.
I've just finished watch 4 hours of Buffy on DVD, but now all I can think about is proof real life giant squid.
Better than any hellmouth.

Oh, More links.

Chicago Sun Times
Tentacle tales!


The Australian
Slightly different photo shop--beautiful and elegant.

That's it. Beautiful and elegant.


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