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Not able to acoomplish all I wanted, but I did allow myself slow and curl up time. That included finishing Nightwatch, and trying to finish other partial books on progress.

I also wanted time to watch some difficult videos on youtube. They aren't complex, or grisly. But depressing topic.

Fortunately, depressing topic presented with a mix of light and dark humor. Terry Pratchett discussing his Alzheimer's. One is the wonderful impassioned yet snarky speech given when he contributed a million dollars to The Alzheimer's Research Trust {"It's ok to laugh...I'm supposed to be a funny man"). The other is a 10 minute piece, divided into four 2-3 minutes bits, for the Alzheimer's Society. Quieter, with mild humor, but an deeper explanation of how his variant affects his life and mind.

It's a good and rare time to catch someone's astute observations at this point.

Segment 1 of the Alzheimer's donation speech, 5 minutes. 10 minutes for part 2:

Segment 1 of "Out of the Shadows". Each segment 2-3 minutes, four segments.

I do recommend this. Flag them for a time when you feel comfortable to watch.
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just cuz. And deck us all. Merry Christmas Walt.

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Or why custard is best at certain ages, or symbolizes the best times.
Or, sometimes it's bake beans.
So, maybe it's really not all about custard.

We all need bowl of custard. Or pudding. Or tapioca.
But probably not Gordon Ramsey. No no no.
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It should be of note that people who do not like puddings or custards--or especially tapioca--are committing the 8th deadly sin of Disliking Tapioca and Other Sweet Gooey Goodness.

It's the sin no one talks about because it's too long, and you can't make a decent LJ meme or icon with it.

And a bit of custardy knowledge from Stephen Fry and the boys. Apologies for the stupid commercial at the start--blame the BBC.

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...brought to mind Jane Austen.

The first 1 minute and 45 seconds of this segment of Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 OMGFirthIsAllWet edition.

And by 2 minutes and 30 there is a bit of lively social ECD at The Assembly...and I must look up the dance, if [livejournal.com profile] serendipity17 can't beat me to it.

Now you may cough as much as you chuse.
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A bit more Spike Milligan for you...but from when he was a Goon.
The Goon Show--the show that Pythons used to watch before they montyed up.

The Goon Show was a BBC radio show from the 50's. Among the myriad characters on the show were
Eccles, the classic innocent idiot, voiced by Spike Milligan. His frequent partner in silliness was Bluebottle, a squeaky voice, self absorbed and cowardly boy scout--voice by Peter Sellers. If you don't know who Peter Sellers is...we can fix that with more videos.

About this video: It's a collage put together by a Goon fan, as a way to get this 2 minute and 30 second audio sketch on the internet. But the collage is so Goonish, it works. AND it has subtitles.

Eccles and Bluebottle NEED subtitles!

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wtf is up with that staircase on the left? The restrooms? Argh.
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[livejournal.com profile] ribbin, in case you are not acquainted with the gentleman: Lee Presson just testified to the truth of Boogie Maths. That clip was the result of someone else's diseased mind.

Here's Lee's disease:

Yay Lee. Hubba hubba.
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Going over now to see when I can get a placement exam.
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Mark Doty, at the Dodge Poetry Festival.
About the choir

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Stephen Fry channels Dirty Harry, as only a charming toff could.

object width="560" height="340">
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Well actually about ear worms. Tonight I saw the Pet Shop Boys "Love Etc.". That's going to be running through my head tomorrow at work. Actually, through me ears and over my inner plasma screen.

This, oddly was what ran through my head yesterday and today. Nothing picks up the dumps like Sondheim. And Miles Gloriosus.

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For all you English and Language geeks, teachers, and students who have suffered through these classes:

Hugh Laurie but mostly Stephen Fry stretching Linguistic Elasticity

Have you EVER had these discussions?
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You know not many of you were born in the 80's.
But some of you born in the 70's were still watching Saturday monrning tunes.

Here's some for your Christmas Wish List:

I think the Power Ranger's bought this for Megazord when he got his AARP card, and needed something to get around the Zord retirement community.

Street Fighter Action Figures with some...interesting..live actors.

Speaking of live action--let's not. Pokemon. Eek.

Things you should never do with your Pokeballs.

Breaks over.
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Back in October, she posted a link to a youtube featuring the ladies oratorical and recreational society known as Berryz Koubou, singing 'Jingisukan'--Ghengis Kahn.

This is not [livejournal.com profile] ziibminthalij's original clip--but this one has more costume changes and...choreography.

Temperance is stupid. Temperance looked up the group on Wikipedia. Temperance noted the reference that it was a cover of the original by a group named Dschinghis Khan...stemming from a 1979 Eurovision song contest.

Temperance stupidly investigated this on youtube. Ow. If you know the Eurovision song contest and its history...yeah, I should have known better.

Think of Abba. And Village People. And make them swap clothes.
Now squish that all together like a ball of Kraft MacnCheez, and you have the world's most amazing ear worm. In German. Their choreography. Um..worth the price of admission at 1:45 into the video.

This earworm ("WHAHAHA!") now inhabits my brain. And the only way to get rid of an earworm is to pass it on.

You can thank me later.
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Still need to catch up on old posts and memes...
...but I haven't posted a wtf youtube video in awhile.

This goes out to [livejournal.com profile] battymaiden, cuz it's about music
And to [livejournal.com profile] ribbin cuz it's got his car(s). Least his mechanic.

And to [livejournal.com profile] agengrgal cuz it's got Alan Jackson.

Talkin' Car Repair Blues
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I was delighted to note on the internet how many people remembered Harvey Korman.

I'd like to leave you with these few words of inspiration from Mr. Korman.


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