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For all those references I've made over sandwiches and tea that gain a response of: "Huh? Who?" and blanks stares.

That's why we have wikipedia.
A list of long forgotten folks I've mentioned, sometimes enthusiastically in conversation---and probably should have forgotten. Folks I've tried to explain, but couldn't. A collection of dead people or dead careers. Life goes on, posterity does not.

Harlan "A Boy and His Dog" Ellison: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlan_Ellison
I also recommend the wikiquotes.

Dave Brubek: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Brubeck
Jazz musician with a quirky sense (thank goodness) of the rhythms that pulse in this world.

The Marx Brothers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx_brothers
Now an unknown quantity. I guarantee, like the Vietnam era, in a few years, you will all have seen Duck Soup somewhere on TV, DVD, or at a campus movie showing.

All you vintage dancers and music fanciers, declared wits, fops, dandies and retrosexuals: and none of you have watched Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry of House and Black Adder.
Or read Plum. The article doesn't give the flavor---but it will let you know where to start reading for some silly light fun that is shallow in insight but deep in wonderful dialogue and play in the English language.
P.G. "Plum" Wodehouse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wodehouse

Gene Krupa: was mentioned in reference with Brubek for Folks Ya Gotta Know If You Claim You Love Rhythm.
Before there was Stomp, there was Gene doing the Krupa stroll around a nightclub.

and this found/added Wed morn:

it's back.
per this entry, it's back as of 2005.

The magazine that popped the top open to my Orange country republican suburban raised 13 year old mind to sweet tranvestites (ok, that was fish netted correspodent Wayne County of Glam-Hard mag Hit Parader) blow jobs, the Plaster Casters (Creem ran a special issue dedicated to Groupies, especially the celebrity level on the Sunset Strip), amps, feedback, humbuckers, Keith Moon, Dom Perignon champagne and how it could be used to redecorate Holiday Inns, and Robert Plant's ass in speedos. (The only reason I ever bought my one lone Led Zep album---because frankly, Plant always sang like a dental drill.) All my friends knew of the Stones, but I knew about Leslie West and Mountain. The most demure, geek, plain, boring girl in 9th grade---but I could sing all the words to "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" and knew who all the players in the lyrics were, and could name a few of their Warhol flicks. Hell, I think i was one of two girls in 8th grade who even knew who Lou Reed was. His album sat next to my Alice Cooper and Carpenters. Yes, Cooper, Carpenters and Reed used to make up some of my favorite rotations of song on a summer afternoon.

Lester Bangs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Bangs
Edmonds. Lisa and Richard Robinson. b/w shots by Liebowitz and Mary Ellen Mark. Creem Dreem of the month (male or female, usually female---still remember shot of 20 something Chaka Khan in a clear tub of milk)
Summer vacations, and spending 4 hours lying on my bed, encased in headphones, reading the magazine, or just drifting to whatever the music brought to my head.

damn damn damn. sweet damn.


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