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...because I know SOME of you are!...

Do any of you use GIMP? I know [livejournal.com profile] barelyproper does, but she's on the High and Holy Mac.

Need to find out how its worked for the rest of us Lower Peons.
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1. Does anyone have a PDA with a mini keyboard? Do you use it, find it comfortable? Can I try it out?

2. Does anyone have a small recording device to sell. I mean like, smallnote taking device. Yes, am shopping. Yes, I will Craigs list. So far checking local business stores and staples, office max, office depot on line.

What seems to be in my price range will be mini cassettes--but I think I spotted a digital for $40? That sounds a bit low for digital.
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For [livejournal.com profile] josh_summit and [livejournal.com profile] satyrlovesong: I still have a Working Assets card (for those times in the office when I need to use the office phone). But...

How is the cell phone service, so far? You can e me if you prefer.

Friend is ready to take a club to Vonage. Very poor customer service, many tech problems.
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I admit it.

Now, how do I find the Help function in LJ that used to guide me through my questions....because apparently now I'm so stupid I can't find the fricking help function.

and beyond that....

why is the rename tag procedure/form seem to be so intuitive, easy, step-by-step....but it's not.

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Do any of you use an abc notation / playing software for PC's?

Uh, let's start from the beginning:

Do any of you use PC's?
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Fyi—Temperance’s intemperate home computer is belly up.

Will not reboot. Some am picking up e-mail from work via SBC web. Will see if we can fix this tonight, or tomorrow (both Mr. Snuffie and I have tomorrow off).

I’ve never used the CD-ROM / CD burner drive that Mr. Snuffie installed in my ‘puter. Last night, I down loaded, from Audible.com (my audio book/magazine subscription service), the installation program for burning CD’s from their mp3 files. All was moving along fine, until the point at which Audible must reboot your computer.

And that’s where it stops. We get a message that “Drive 3 has 256 heads”. Well, that ain’t right.

This happened late last night, so I informed a sleepy Mr. Snuffie this morning, before he left for work. He sweetly stopped to go into C-MOS, and disable the drive.

Still same message. He’s going to physically disconnect the drive tonight, and if it still gives that message, or won’t let us reboot, he’s going into BIOS.

And he’s wondering virus, because he can’t see how/why the Audible installation program would make any such changes.

Udate, 5:30pm: OK, it's up and alive. He went into BIOS (and is going to show me what he did for future reference).
Still don't know why it happened. Will do a virus scan. Bummer. I want my CD burner.

Any advice or tips? Ugly gut feelings?
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If you get a Yahoo Instant Message:

Found this for Xmass laughs, www.geocities.com/for.laughs Merry Xmass all


It will bring up what looks like a standard Yahoo page, that prompts you to enter your password. AND when you do, it will go through your buddy list.

If you did click on such a link, go change your Yahoo password NOW.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] darkmoon for alerting me to what happened.
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I am SO ready for another round of Tahoe!!!

question for the geeks---LJ crashing )


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