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Will hopefully be done at work soon (was supposed to be off today).

Need to do shopping today for Dad, maybe me.

Where does one find large men's t-shirt and shirts in Davis or Woodland.

Other than that, I head back to Big and Casual at the Outlet Malls.

Looking for 2x, possibly 3x.
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1. Does anyone have a PDA with a mini keyboard? Do you use it, find it comfortable? Can I try it out?

2. Does anyone have a small recording device to sell. I mean like, smallnote taking device. Yes, am shopping. Yes, I will Craigs list. So far checking local business stores and staples, office max, office depot on line.

What seems to be in my price range will be mini cassettes--but I think I spotted a digital for $40? That sounds a bit low for digital.
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Hancock Fabrics is filing bankruptcy (Chapt 11?) and the Vacaville and Citrus Heights will be closing.

Dammit. They had the best trim, and I could actually get through their lines in less than 1/2 hour---unlike Joann's.

On the bright side, 30-60% off. In Vacaville, I bought their last 6 skeins of heather navy Lion Brand Wools Ease at 40% off. Tempted to go back for some beautiful tri-colored yarns.

LOTs of ribbon for Dicken's folk. LOTS of serger thread.

All the serger and most of the sewing machines have sold. There is a White that is normally $119, now 30% off. Tempting.
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I need to purchase skirt fabric this weekend. Either JoAnn's in Woodland, or JoAnn's or Hancocks in Vacaville.

I've got the basic instructions from a wonderful instructor. She Who is Wise cautioned me to take someone with me to choose colors. I figure anytime from Friday evening up through Sunday. Saturday might be iffy, but will see. Any takers?


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