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Or, Miso Salad.

1. I still say Student Vegetarian Cookbook is the best gift you can give anyone. Do yourself or a friend a favor.

2. Rick Steves travel is having a sale. $4.95 for single DVD of past episodes (usually 6-8 episodes on a theme disc). I'm getting two Irelands/Scotlands (one for Storyteller), one England, one France and Benelux. Maybe European History 101. Anyone want something thrown into the order? Otherwise, sale lasts through 21 Dec.

3. Why does Magical Trevor remind me of Tobias the Adequate? And I've got to remember to start reading his LJ.

4. And missed this one for your Thanksgiving Table:
Sushi that can double as your waiter

5. Reason to have cheap steak knives: Best instrument in the world to fillet the pith outta citrus fruit.

6. We're having a nice simple dinner. But I keep looking at the small bits of leftovers and thinking: I can make something out of that.
I may be eating leftovers, and nosh on T-day work tomorrow.
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I owe.

I owe dinner to two to three couples who have fed/hosted me over the course of a few months, and I haven't been able to repay. Dinner will have to be "out" until I have a situation at the house for sit down dinners. Which ain't likely. I like you folks and your company, but all I can offer right now is diners and....um, picnics?

I owe responses to recent LJ queries, advisements, and one meme. Will hopefully be done after this weekend. Other writing and weird sleep schedules took my attention away. I owe private letters or e-mails. I hope to catch up after first week of Tahoe, or at least late June.

I owe visits to people around the bay area. There are people I miss seeing, whom I want to take out to the country or museums or galleries. In this same line, there are people I want to take camping, but I'm not sure how that can all be arranged.

I owe projects to people. Actions/activities I declared I could do, or would attempt, or would learn. And didn't, wouldn't, couldn't. I'm very sorry. Makes me feel frustrated, lazy, stupid, or at least careless and selfish. Definitely proving self to be useless in Common Human People Skills. Worse, I am frustrating those who are trying to help me learn or improve myself, or who at least gave me a chance to contribute/be useful. Gah.

But I'm not trying to blow people off, truly. Just scatterbrained.

And all these little mis just turned into mas.

Mis y mas

Apr. 28th, 2007 02:56 am
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This may be a good name for the journal. Sometimes I write the long overwrought overblown pieces; other times it's barely enough to be senyru or calavares.

I'm sometimes--often--sorry to present the mis. It gives a bad impression; making an impression to people is one of my prime instincts. I don't do it well, but it is my first concern, much to my dislike. But with the scattering of my focus and logical intelligence, others must accept and understand that my thoughts and communications arrives and jumps and spurts. It works rather well that way---as long as I can catch it.

Hence, journals. I used to be able to catch my thoughts quickly with the pen. But I'm rarely allowed the privacy and space for my notebooks---and I'm often tied to a keyboard. And a keyboard allows the thoughts to flow so much faster. Sometimes a faster flow allows them to polish.

Off to the random. Will post these as I go from now on.

Edited 10:25am, for late night grammar, spelling & punctuation

I wish I could understand the reason for my insomnia. Sometimes it is from stress or tension. Sometimes it is simply being up late due to chores or projects or illness. Sometimes due to mistimed sleep, or stimulants.

Here, it is procrastination of needed and promised rest. And like many of my procrastinations, it is for something I wanted,and needed. I intended, and needed to be in bed by 12. It is now 3am. Snuffy will be up in 2 more hours, so I don't know how I will sleep. My body and mind gets more agitated. I've promised myself to take better care. But I also promised to be a better steward, friend, and human animal this weekend. There is much I promised to do, more than 72 hours worth. Some of them things I have long put of, and so, determined they would be completed.

For whatever reason, conscious will, agitated mind and body, have refused to let me sleep until....I don't know. Something must be resolved.

I know part of it is another project, something to write that I have put off. I could write it now, and see if it would release the tensions and the sleep.

And I can't make myself do it. More perverse procrastination. Perhaps this procrastination will at least let me lie down, and accept sleep, in order to put off what I want to say.
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I would like for my unbirthday
some energy
some incentive
some drive some direction some purpose
some willpower some will
some reason


one more push, one more step after my "ahas!" into motion

I would like one more step, and then another. Steps
I would like to move into this dance before the music stops.


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