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A few of you attend community college. Quite a few of you are in the K-12 teaching field, and have your funding involved with community colleges. Most of you pay taxes in California.
And a few of you have strong opinions on the value of community colleges.

Going over the analysis of Prop 92 at Smart Voter (by League of Women Voters and their link to the proponents and rebuttal page at the State of California's analysis page.

Mulling on this. I am well aware that rolling back fees to $15, with limited increases is what *I've* been hoping for. I want to go back to school, and that will have to be community college and online courses.

I'm also aware as a taxpayer that filling in any shortfall from the 40% of GF that K-14 receives will also come from me. But I have to regard the community college as an investment for my area, and for myself. I'm not alone: in future years, more of the community college will be over the age of 26, as 1) people working full time, adding to their education, 2) people laid off attending full time (often for the first time), and 3) returning veterans.

I was inclined to vote yes. The rebuttal on Voting Guide at the Secretary of State's page (see 2nd link) did not offer a hard argument about lack of accountability. Frankly, every proposal I've ever read through the years, that involves an increase of funding for anything, declares the funding will have no accountability.

However, when I clicked on the link to the State's analysis page...well, read through, and note the Governance section near the bottom.

Hell, if I was going to offer a rebuttal to this proposition, I sure as hell would have pointed up THESE details. I think this is the deal breaker for me, sorry to say.

Opinions please? And yes, I'm also going to check out Project Vote Smart.
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What happened with the corn maze? Did it already happen? canceled?
The Great Pumpkin came early and ate it all?


Oct. 9th, 2007 07:58 am
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1. What's a good name for a cheap eats recipe collections, tips on budgeting, speed and ease in preparation, and passing on knowledge of nutrition (or maybe some myth busting), ideas for inexpensive sparks for celebrations or just everyday good flavor and good eats..

And yes, links to other LJ communities. I know there are other cooking communities out there.

Shall we start our own community, or are there some you'd recommend we join?

2. And way on the other end of the planet: who amongst you has been a long enough faire goer that you know the story of the boar dressing in the Scot guild yard, probably from Black Point days. Involves a particular Scottish cook.

I'd like a story, please.
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Somebody refresh my memory...

OK, off to bed, its late
I've got people to piss off in the morning
and at least one to make smile in the pm.
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specifically, [livejournal.com profile] klellingson, [livejournal.com profile] buffaloraven, [livejournal.com profile] frellingbored, [livejournal.com profile] whalejudge. Those of you who participate in organizing gaming conventions.

Do you know the current status of Talsorian Games (Cyberpunk, etc.), or its head(former?) Mike Pondsmith, or his wife Cindy?

Trying to get updates on a product of theirs that was supposed to be re-released this year. Mike stepped down from active work with Talsorian for awhile when he got regular employment with Microsoft...but supposedly not exiting the gaming industry. But, I cannot a response from any associate at the company at their old website.

I was in brief correspondence with them in 2003. Very nice couple---and it turns out, UCD alumni.
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Does anyone know of a name generator for Klingons, Lord of the Ring nasty creatures, or generally goblinish creatures.

Lots of glottals, please.
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Alt Friday off. I'm not prepping for a party, a move, no med appointments, will not go to San Jose until Sat or Sunday. Perhaps Folsom for kayaking and swimming sunday morning.

I've got a load a stuff I was going to detail for one of those fascinating 'here's what i've done today' journals. Stuff I've needed to do (mostly organizing or completing things) to keep my sanity and morale.

But I may fly the coop. Very frustrated wandering through Davis last night. No place quite satisfying--or open. Still feeling hemmed in.

Where shall I go? I should stay home this weekend. But I may wander. Depending upon when I get back from San Jose tomorrow (if I go), I may wander through SF, Peninsula, East Bay---Marin? It's possible. Fuck the gas budget.

No, not asking for invitation to anything--I'm not crashing Pryankster functions. Need to know---if Temperance is going to sneak out to someplace she's never been---where should I go?

If you were going someplace interesting---where would you go?
If there is someplace you've never been, or didn't think you should or ought to go---where is it?

Off to Tribe.net to get ideas.
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Ok, go to my profile and look at my Friends.

Is there someone whom you do not see there? One whose journal will offer me wit, meticulous writing, high drama or low comedy, or beverage-->nose ranting? Or at least really good curry recipes?

If you have a friend whom you think will show me a good example of journaling (or at least make me laugh at them) leave a name.

And I promise only to read them, not to stalk them.
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Who was the lady in the guildyard (I assume Bay Prankster) who brought her Irish crochet pieces?


Jun. 23rd, 2005 03:42 pm
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Firefly virgin. Cave for 6 years.

I've not seen the SciFi channel---or any cable since 1999. Except for 3 months when Comcast kissed our butt, hoping to trap us with Cartoon Network.

So, never seen Firefly. Have never read novelizations, comix, erotic fan fictions (not that I'd know about those....). No, I don't take TV Guide (Murdoch---ufgh!!!)

Will Serentiy be pointless if I've never seen the series or have no idea of plot or injokes or whatever?
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I am SO ready for another round of Tahoe!!!

question for the geeks---LJ crashing )
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Adjusted the kayaking pic link (circa May 30, 31)---apparently you can't get there from here, not directly anyway. Not exciting photos, for all the effort required to view. But proof of wetitudity.

begging for opinions on books )

OK, per the above, post suggestions for Big Books and/or Boxed Music Sets You Would Loveto Buy, But Not Without 30% Off


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