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So not know what prompted it, but Mr. Snuffy responded to one of my comments with his Snuffleupagus voice: "Now, Big Biirrd..."

I listened, and pointed out: "Your Mr. Snuffleupagus is starting to sound like Jack Nicholson."

insert pause of a few beats here....

"Really? How so"

Tried to duplicate the sound, but I just can't.

Mr. Snuffy: "What kind of accent is Jack Nicholson?"
Temperance: "I dunno---somewhere between New Jersey and Northern California"
Mr. Snuffy: "Where is that--Wyoming?"

But, if you can get the sound in your head of classic Easy Rider-Five Easy Pieces-Chinatown Jack---that laid back yet coiled to strike tone of Jack....just sort of rolling out and punching up the cadences of your average Snuffy imitation.

"Now, y'see, it's like THIS, Biiirrrd..."

Just sayin'.

Addendum: Which means, if we recast Easy Rider or Chinatown with Snuffy in the Jack roles, what other Muppets are in the cast?
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...I mean, adviser.

Because I suspect [livejournal.com profile] yorufukagawa doesn't believe we get our minimum DV of protein packed Kung Fu movies.

And do any of you play mah jong?

Yorufu's LJ post seems to give these Two Toes Up. Maybe ten.

And just realized I never saw Shanghai Noon or the sequels, nor Kung Fu Hustle, despite promises, promises.

Thank goddess for Netflix.
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As Wed is Mr. Snuffy's Saturday, and his bud Mike was going to be visiting, I gave myself a day off.

On Tues, walking from Amtrak, I stopped by the Varsity. Often do; I see what's coming up, and read the movie reviews. Not that I go to the Varsity that often; I think the one other time I actually went was to see Piaf with a friend last year.

But, one movie looked good, and I decided last night was a good night to catch a movie and a late train.

Go see The Visitor.
Go see The Visitor.
Go see The Visitor.

See/hear it for rhythms. See it for sweet gentle comedy. See it for the world today, and not one we usually have to deal with. See it for a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman.

And remember to love Walter. There's a lot of Walters in this world.

Clarify: Should not leave you with the idea this is strictly comedy. But it does start out it waivers between melancholy and whimsy, but definitely takes a serious turn.

But still, a must see.
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As part of Mr. Snuffy's Netflix account, we've been viewing films of Dicken's works.

During Christmas was a 1990s BBC minisieries of Oliver Twist, because we wanted as much of the book as possible. Next Christmas will check out David Lean's and Polanski's versions.

Finished last night 1999 Masterpiece Theatre version. And Hogwarts showed up again.

Daniel Radcliffe as young David, and quite good.
Maggie Smith as Betsy Trotwood.
Zoe Wanamaker as Miss Murdstone, and a right bitch. LOVELY scene with she and Maggie sniping at each other without addressing each other.
Imelda Staunton as Mrs. Micawber. (Very tempted to make a list of Staunton movies and see her other work.)

Brief bit with Dawn French, but she was only a portrait at Hogwarts, so that doesn't count. And David Copperfield spends a few years of horrendous tutelage under Gandalf.

Ah. Just found out the Mr. Snuffy enjoyed this movie so much, he's ordered a copy, and will explore the book.

Off to update the Netflix lineup. I'm going to get the 1999 "WTF?" version of Mansfield part.

And then I need of list of movies to watch. I've got a few decades to catch up with.
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Too many times I've said I would do social events, and did not. Usually could not.

However, am starting to catch up on my social obligations and/or pleasures.

I have yet to complete the assignment of going to the Varsity.
Am hoping to see "La Vie en Rose" when it arrives.

Any opinions or ideas on this from you folk?
(I missed Volver---however, I did notice they had copies for sale at my local Hollywood video---may fetch myself a copy if not too much.

And did anyone ever see "Oh in Ohio?")
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I am going to see SOME movie at the Varsity.
Missed all the planned ones so far.

Am shooting for Piaf bio pic when it arrives.

P.S. Does anyone have DVD of Bride & Prejudice, Prarie Home Companion, or Little Miss Sunshine?

And if you have Bride & Prejudice, do you have a BIG tv? I'm not sure one should watch even mock Bollywood on a small screen.


Jan. 7th, 2007 11:14 pm
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Yep, I'm a Rickman junkie.....

wondering about seeing this, especially after seeing the trailer.
I'm a wuss.

Seems like a split among the critics


trailer can be accessed here.
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Just finished watching Episode #4(?): Shindig.

Firefly Goes Gaskells. Or Austen.

I want to watch this one again with commentary!
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but does anyone want to give a movie night/afternoon another whack.

Specifically....I haven't seen Pride and Prejudice yet. In Sac area, there's a theatre in Elk Grove and The Tower. Don't know if they will still be there by this weekend.

And a few playing in the Bay area.

Has anyone not seen this, or want to see it again.
Then again, how could anyone resist seeing, over and over, one of the most charismatic male characters in classic fiction, brought to life on the screen. Ohhh, that Mr. Collins......
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Was reminded by acquaintance that I also had Corpse Bride and WereRabbit on my list.

Poop. All the good movies go bye bye soon.

Gotta go pick up car. Eat. Go get Dad. Drive to San Jose to brother's party. Stay until Dad get irritated or restless, or until bro gets irritated with Dad.
That should be 45 minutes to an hours. Drive back, soothe or cool off Dad.

Will see if I sew or visit tonight.
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Serenity, that is.

Feeling less than serene about that fact.

Must fix this in the next week.

Me. Some soda and popcorn.
And a fast backhand to any asshole sitting behind me who feels the need to announce replicate dialogue.


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