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Was going to make some grand post today, to my friends, along the lines of:

My aim is to believe in my own intelligence--
Your aim will help.

But after these last two post of yesterday morning, I believe that resolution has been shot down.
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about ECD and Contra.

1) Have made the same hosannas in two locations. One post is enough. Sorry about the burst of adulation.

2) I can honestly say I danced well on Sunday. Not perfectly, but well, and happily, and I think did well by the Pryankster name in both memorization of dances and speed (in the contra).

Am never able to prove such at Pryactice. buggers.

Must accept I am beginning to occasionally intermediate dancer, will continue to be so.
Am a rehearsal and filler dancer on Thursday.
Will be a bouncy-bouncy-occasional-oops-wheeee!fun! dancer twice (hopefully) a month.

And there I am, and that is all I can be.
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Was recommended I take some more vacation before the school year hits and Joan retires.

It would be best to take one of the first two weeks of August. Any ideas of anything good going on those first two weeks? Faires? Late night parties (yay no curfew). Otherwise, will likely be spent writing, clearing, researching---or screw it all, doing National or County park tours.
Or a wine/cheese/bread/olive oil tasting tour: pick a region with places to stop and picnic, and take a food tour to gather food along the way.

Would be like Farmville only with useful results.
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has got to figure out how to write a little bit each day, when she can.

Emphasis on little, as there is rarely time for those half hour or 45 minute moments suggested in writing books,

and that in truth, T14 wants to write and dump out her brains at the times when life is most hectic, stressful, or overwhelming her....and will not give her time to write.

Must learn/push/train-and-structure self to brainstorm/freewrite only for 3 minutes, write for two. Complete with metaphors, themes, focusing statements, conclusions, sound and image repetitions, and all desired devices. Everybody else can do this.

I think it's back to start and senyru. Be afraid, readers--be very afraid.
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1. When to admit one's failings, ignorance or immaturity. Confidence is healthy; honesty with one's self starts the healing.

2. Admit the need for, and accept, help. But accept offers of assistance that you really need. Accept the hands that will support you, raise you up.
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Barber of Seville on PBS in 5 minutes.
Going to watch, and try not to think of Bugs and Elmer.

Yes, they did two operas, ya CRAAAAAziez
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No really, Temperance is really trying to change the look of her account, now that she has a paid account.

Apparently this is going to take more than going to the control page of her account, and clicking some color change buttons.

Temperances will research this.
And would like to thank the FaceBook Grammar Style Book.

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Posted yesterday on FB. I think it needs to go into my Profile for my edification, if no one else's.


Rule number #1 for all acquaintances, friends, and business contacts:

No wheedling. Ever. Not just today--ever, ever again.

No cute, no dimpling, no simpering, no adorable.

Any of the aforementioned used for any type of negotiation (beyond publicly unmentionable) because you think I'm that gullible, will no longer be forgiven, and will get you biffed in the cakehole.
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Today is being brought to you by the earworm/rallying cry:

I wear no pants!

This makes Tuesday go much better.
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Just sayin'
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...following my repeated attempts to accomplish a simple report from her directions and documentation.

Of which I now think may be complete directions--rather than the scatter shot, piece meal bits of paper and dropped suggestions that I've managed to pull out of her from inquiring over and over and over and over....

urgh. Remember, Self, it's actually Thursday, not Tuesday.
Thursday. Almost there.

Yesterday was fine. This is Monday on a Tuesday. Served on grits.

D: "Oh, I see what you're missing..."
Ego Mime: "Yes, any sense of active departmental cooperation and team spirit!"
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...with so many advisements and instructions posted around the office--this whole damned building--

is it too much to think that Dolores Umbridge MIGHT consider NOT licking her fingers when she decides to flip through my papers.

Meh and Geh.
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If I've picked an old Irving Berlin musical to listen to while I work, from your movie channel selections...

....what the hell made you think that I'd want to watch the trailer for Saw VI?
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Much as I'd like to push myself to achieve goals, and prove to myself that I can accomplish wanted goals or skills, one must balance the pleasure and serenity of life versus the stress that accompanies what may prove to be trivial accomplishments in the long run.

Translation: if it comes down to getting my hair cut and getting sleep this week, versus assembling a costume--frankly deely boppers and other decorations will be just spiffy.

The witchy outfit can wait for another PEERS Ball, another year.
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wtf is up with that staircase on the left? The restrooms? Argh.
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The (presumed) student who wobbled in front of us on A street as it joined Old Davis.

Not really in control of her steering, nor looking up, as she attempted to turn left across the line of traffic...

because her head was crooked down next to her left shoulder.....

where she was cradling her cell phone while cycling and chatting.

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Still have mild headache, but food and Newt Nectar seem to help.

MUST take time to hydrate before digging up lawn patches, even if I did get a late start.
And find my stupid hat.

Mr. Snuffy made chicken fingers, so had chicken finger tacos after coming home from errands/shopping. And side of Zebra Bean/Orange/Rice salad (with orange-cinammon dressing. Feeling refreshed.
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Things you find and start tracking while looking for something else.

While looking up recipes,
I realize I need brain pics
Actually, would prefer cartoon brain pics
which means you google 'zombie brains'.
Even as you tell yourself, you're going to be sorry you peeked.
Because damned if you don't see images and phrases that make you WTF all over.

And discover the art form of zombie pin up girls.

I think I'll put aside the recipe books and read some nice soothing Terry Pratchett.

You know, in case of a zombie attack,
a t-shirt would be a good idea.
Like those signs in New York cars:
"Don't Bother--No Brains"
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over the weekend, tried more Pilates series. My cat, who had ignored me all morning, NOW decided it was time to rub and cuddle against me. I gently set him aside, and laid down to do The Hundred.

If you haven't seen this, it involves lying on your back, holding your arms out almost flat at your sides, crunching up your abdominal muscles--and then pumping your straight arms up and down, like church organ pedals.

My cat was not to be ignored. While I'm pumping my arms and counting, he scrunches down and puts his head and shoulders under my right hand.

Instead of counting "in-2-3-4-5, out-2-3-4-5", it's now "in-pat-pat-pat-pat out-pat-pat-pat-pat".

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Want out want out want out want out.

All ok. But dammit, I want to be outside, and away from everything for 48 hours.

It's almost fucking summer and I haven't gone anywhere.

Not even a motel in another city.

On a positive note, just took a short nap when i got home, and made time to exercise for....an hour! Yay.

But someone tell the Pilates people--the 100 still ain't doing anything.


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