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Catching up on old task and neglected pleasures. Both of those categories can include food.

I was treated to lovely homemade breads and indulgent tea, and other pleasures of the kitchen on Friday. My own preparations on Saturday were to use up what I had in my household.

Hot canned soup, however, did start out the day as I craved hot salted liquid with a bit of fat on it.
For brunch, put on floral tea, the black with chocolate notes. Made simple Bob's Red Mill Multi-grain pancakes. Made 3, ate just one, topped with a bit marmalade. Keep it small.

Felt cold, pulled veggie cutting bag out of the freezer. Scooped out enough savory clippings to make stock, and used some of the last nights steaming water to fill. Salt, "italian" herbs, some chili-and-lime mix, and pumpkin pie spice. Added some 'baby carrots' to fill out sweetness, and slices up a small turnip to add. On to boil, then simmer. Need veggie stock.

cooked last of lentils in rice cooker to see how they came out. Also threw in old frozen onion segment, and a bell pepper bit with seeds from cuttings. More chili-lime-pie spice as well. Cooked well, a bit soupy, but it thickend. Season with modicum of salt and set aside to store.

Clean rice cooker, cook up all the remains of white rice. Opted NOT to make shari rice when done, just left it plain. May thaw some frozen veggies to chop and mix in later.

Rice and lentils were still hot, so mixed together for slap-togehter dal, with dressed with soy sauce and sesame oil. Comfort food, and beat my usual escape food of mac 'n cheez. Wonderful with the tea. Had a bit of left over cheese from Friday nosh (the jack with mushrooms), and bit of last weeks broccolli slaw with granny smith apples and red bell peppers (raleys had a sale on peppers whoohoo!)

Supper was more rice and lentils, with leftover ground beef. Oh, and late night was the left over baby carrots and the turnips I picked out of the veggie stock after straining. Veggie stock was placed in containers and frozen.

Opted NOT to make bread/steam buns last night until I cleaned up the bread maker and went over taxes. I know I must have snacked on other things during the day--but I believe it was mostly tea and crackers.

This morning: Dug out some chicken stock from freezer, with bits of chicken and carrots. Added a bit of water, and more seasonings. Have set it on to thaw/cook, with rice and lentils thrown in. Will add soy or some such after tasting.

This morning: Chopped up an apple, banananananana, and last orange, splashed with lemon juice from mason jar (our trees), and pumpkin pie spice. part of the apple and another banana are being cooked to spread over pancake #2.

Will likely make a frugal salsa: leftover mexican green onion, roma tomatoes, bell pepper, ginger, spice, lemon juice.

I seem to be calmer this weekend and eating less, and more simply---or I'm just not remembering what I'm snacking on. The body and the taste buds are enjoy simple foods, well dressed, slowly savored.
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that makes one feel like everyone has left the planet.

No more long deep posts on Live Journal, about what's really bothering people. Despite jokes about emo and drama and navel gazing--I liked knowing what made friends tick, what was erupting in their lives. What bothered them, moved them, broke them.

FB (because typing Facebook would take too long heaven forbid)is, in truth, the fastest way to find out where people are, emotionally and physically at the very moment. And you can be notified of updates.

Except...it's not private. You cannot filter to specific groups for specific topics. There are topics you can't reveal to all your friends--so don't reveal at all.
It's brief: nothing in depth.
It's button pushing. Everything's got a tiny group, or fans or or anti-fans. I wanted to post something about the anti-gay legislation pending in Uganda---but I figured someone would just make a fast FB group so that we could all join and announce to each other that we oppose this.

No, the Ugandan legislature, and those in Rwanda and the neighboring conservative nations who are watching what develops, do NOT give a fuck about FB buttons. I doubt any UA inspired letters of mine will help, but it's got to mean more than a button.

OK, that went off on a side track. But it's been on my mind: how to post something important--and yet not sound "too heavy". I've been mulling how to discuss something ugly to friends that won't be a downer this time of year.
(Of course, the other problem was how to discuss this without my sounding ignorant and clueless, or days behind everyone else. Another topic for another time.)

*sigh* I should leave off now. This has gone off track, as all my writing and thoughts do. Also trivial.

It's...now I have the feeling that I roam around the internet looking for something that will engage my brain. Not that my friends don't--as noted, FB lets me know what all of you are doing, what little things bring you down, or delight you. Sometimes even deep, sudden crises or celebrations are revealed; for that I am grateful for that social network.

But I do miss the deeper longer thoughts of friends; this is the only place where I hear most of them. Deep thoughts are not for parties or pryactice; there's no time, and sometimes no attention. Live Journal was the place for everyone to write long links of thoughts, without the risk of another voice jumping in midway to comment, interrupt and divert the chain. Time and space was available to present your case, then get feedback.

Out of time, out of space; now out of life in the live journal. I might learn what's going on currently in my friends' lives at FB. I'd love to know the why.
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Got that thing with a bend in it? OK, that's the hook. Put it in yer good hand.
Got that long, twisty maybefuzzymaybesmooth coloful soft(we hope) colorful thingy in the other? Good, that's yarn.

Put a slipknot in the yarn--make a loop in one end, then take a loop of the LONG (3-6") tail end and poke it through the first loop. Poke the hook through that 2nd loop you made and gently pull the yarn snug. Tuck the long tail out of the way, and start your Chain Stitch on the ball. (Yeah, it seems obvious to you--but knitters cast on their first row from extra long tails.) And no, will not debate how to hold that tail of yarn. I'm bored.

OK, hook in good hand which ever that is, pointing horizontal across your body toward your off hand. Pick up the active yarn, swing it to the BACK of the hook, up and over and down and TA-DAH, a YARN OVER (YO). Nestle the yarn in the curve of the hook, and pull it gently through that soft told-you-to-keep-it-snug-not-tight loop on your hook. TA-DAH, CHAIN STITCH (CH). Keep doing that LoopHookPullBirthofaChainSlapWaahh!! over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you have enough, have had enough, or run out of yarn. To end off and seal the chain, either cut a 3-6" tail, or the sad remains of your formerly fresh ball of yarn, and pull all of it through that last loop. Tug gently to pull close.

You have a chain. A magnificent chain. Run around the house and let it trail behind, and drive your cat nuts. Or, get a burlap or fabric tote bag, and glue it all down in spiral and coils and angles and make abstracts or pictures, and you will have an early 60's Tijuana tourist tote.

OK, my oatmeals done. Yay, post T-day oatmeal.
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It's been difficult. I've lost the ability to relax and have fun. I don't know how, or what gives me pleasure anymore. It's almost been a battle this vacation: try new things I've wanted to do, but also make time to just indulge quietly, and test old pleasures.

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I think books need to be in cars. For instance, there is no point in keeping your nature guides in the house--it's on the road when a hawk comes soaring overhead with stain glass wings when you get Eureka moments. (Which reminds me--order Sibley's.)

Cookbooks need to be carried as well. I realize there are too many times I've gone to the store and remembered a recipe I want to try--but not the ingredients. I'm considering another copy of Urban Picnic. One to keep for reading and staining with broth or chocolate, and another for reading--or fast notes before heading into the store. Urban picnic is lovely for those basic recipes of sauces, dressing, and salsa/chutneys.

Another basic: Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens. I need a new copy, as I've beaten both of mine to death. BHG was gifted by my mum when I moved out on my own. I taught myself to cook off that book, along with all the Sunset cookbooks I collected. (WHY did Sunset stop publishing cookbooks!? My old copies have been broken apart and put into plastic sleeves for posterity.)

BC and BHFG: Very middle class and old fashioned--which is why I need them. There is always something basic that one needs out of these books--and Crocker updates periodically with new ingredients, cuisine flavors, or cooking methods.

And Crocker has the best zucchini bread recipe, because it includes umpteen variations, including how to cook the damn things in a microwave when it's too how to bake in the summer. Mr. Snuffy hordes the BHG during the holidays for butter cookies and milk fudge recipes.


Intermezzo Note and request for help, however: I know I ran across a recent recipe for what was titled Peach Chutney, but it was actually more of a salsa/chutney cross. It had peaches and the usual warm spices, onions, and heat--but used lemon juice instead of the usual vinegars that can overpower chutneys. I could have sworn the recipe was in Urban Picnic, but after a fast skim, I don't see the recipe in the book. Do any of you have a peach-spice-citrus conglomeration recipe?
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Have you seen this tutorial?


Could my knitters review this and tell me what they think of the tutorial?

For those who are bored, skip the related masa behind the cut.

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