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I'm looking at this, dark whimsey, if you will, and I was wondering.

I'm thinking of the fact that Bush has been in office 8 years---and what that means to me, versus a freshman in college.

How old were you when Bush was first elected? Where were you in school? Were you voting at that time? If you were not of voting age, what did you think?

And the same question regarding Clinton--how old, where were you, and where did that election leave you?

Edit, Update: I first posted this yesterday, then removed it, for being too vague, too unfocused.

I guess I was remembering my feelings, as well as mental musings, of the political ages that have passed since I was too young to vote. My changing awareness of my own political views, as a member of a somewhat conservative family**, and as a person becoming more aware of the adult society/nation and its divides.

I was in junior high in Orange County when Nixon when Nixon resigned.

When this occurred, it was a shock--for my age, for the sheltered way I had been raised, for conservative Orange County, and for the nation.

But really, since then, nothing a president has done with a country has shocked us.

But NOW feels like the first time since Nixon that a wide range of people finally said, "Hell no, no more".
Hmm...you know, even now---we've said "No More"---but that has done nothing.
We are just waiting for his time to run out.

I had just turned 17 and was enrolled in community college when Carter was elected.
I was 21 when Reagan was inaugurated, and the hostage release was announced. No, neither myself nor my 57 year old mom were happy with that election.

**Dad's family was staunch Republican. Mom was Democrat, but registered as Republican, because--well, she was married and married people voted the same.

Mom was raised, however in an atheist socialist union-organizing family back east.

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Long month, on most fronts.

Was going to post a lot more here....have been trying to post more here since last week.
Just going to say may not be at pryactice. Of course, I said that last week.

Annnd....not sure why I bothered posting that. Other than I just need to send out a bunch of emails to folks to explain, or bring them up to speed on stuff, and these just seems easier.

Except that it's more vague. And whiney.

Ok, suck up time: need virtual hugs, and a lot of patience from folks if I turn into a waffle cone in the next few weeks---or have been a waffle cone.
Or a glass of whine.
Or a pile of jello. Or tofu.
(Not sure which flobbering glob I qualify for--one is transparent, the other is bland and opaque. Feeling like both at the moment.)

And this has just left the realm of Whine and is wandering down the path of silly melodrama.
Drama Llama is going back to work.
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Because I don't have an email group for all of yous

If you haven't seen me for a few weeks, I've been ill. I've been out and about to a few events, and then usually felt like crud, or at least tired crud for a few days. I think I'm better. Boss gave/pushed-on-me a day off. But I think I'm better this afternoon.

I'm tired of whining about not getting things done, then going home and falling asleep for a few hours, waking up, puttering because I'm too sleepy to focus on tasks and schedules, then falling back asleep to get up for work.

I'm tired of being in aches and pains or weak joints, ankles, knee, THE GODDAMNED HIPS ALREADY, and the wrists and parts inbetween. Lack of sleep has not help. Going back to the phys therapst (leaving in a few minutes to get the prescription delivered), and yes, will try to get out in the sun. Move the body, lose weight, I know. Hoping knees and ankles will cooperate by picnic day. Tired of looking like hell, because during times like these I look worse than I usually do. Feel like Chameleon from Piers Anthony books.

I am happy to report that some of my tax prep/household cleaning and organization and HALLELUJAH front yard crap got done. More to go.

So, hope to see some of you after an absence of a week or so, and more of you after an absence of ? I don't know. Hope to be at Pincic Day. Scuse me, PICNIC day.

Bye. Gotta go, and keep to schedule.

And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] serendipity17 cuz I love mandarin oragnes. Oranges, I mean. Yep, gotta get out.
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1. Waltzing REALLY IS FUN. Yes, you knew that. Waltzing among other beginners who are giggling and just enjoying it is AMAZINGLY FUN!!!
1b. Found out I missed the Davis Contra (thought it was next week). Intend to do that.
1c. Someday SOON will attempt Swing.
1d. Considering Alameda on Monday just to watch happy Irish. Or, if it's going to be that packed, stay out of the way and go on a following Monday.
1d1. [livejournal.com profile] ziibminthalij make for happy Irish.

2. Since DCF with [livejournal.com profile] sillymesaysme, late evening nosh after waltzing now seems to requires burgers and fries. And Barqs. So much for the diet.

3. Going to toss out papers 'n stuff. I've got two days to clear out old crap, and make room for me. No, won't be done all in one weekend. But I've got that time to toss papers, and settle my head and write and study.

4. I think the paints are coming out this weekend. See if I still really like painting, or if these should get thrown out.

5. I think we need an alcove in the living room. The Craft Project Alcove. One corner where all the Crafty Stuff will be stored.
5a. Am now going to start a running list of things I will go out and buy tomorrow. Clean, get shopping ideas, put them on the list. Write, move yarn, get organizing ideas, put it on the list. Need storage tubs, bookends...shelving? Shall I attempt shelving myself?
5b. Clean out cookies, old temporary files, old files that refuse to be unintalled (Norton seems a bit like HAL from 2001 on that note...) and defrag this thing.

6. Just relax, write, crochet, enjoy a real 2 day weekend. MAYBE cook something (Snuffy made corned beef. Tender, lovely corned beef. With roasted roots.) Going to cook some rice.
6a. Sewing. Aha. Sewing....
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I'm bored. I'm a bit drowsy as well, at the moment, which is 2.13pm, but I'm bored.

Mr. Snuffy is going to stay in bed all day like a smart man. I am going out. I don't have his bug, but I have been around a sickie for the last 2-3 days. So, I'd love to visit folks, but I'm worried...might not be contagious, but I might carry something. (Then again, I think he needs one more day, and then we can go out tomorrow or Saturday).

But I need out. I think I'll run up to Beers Books (I think Thursday is their open late day). I need to look at Bogey's.

I just need OUT.

But I think I'll take a nap. Actually, have felt productive. Ran the laundry I skipped yesterday. Have Mulled. Did more homework last night, and downloaded more homework files today. Finished Prachett's Pyramids.

Feel the need to get more done. Want to down load and CSS/XHTML editor for my PDA that I found at TuCows. Want to create a website for testing my pages at doteasy.

But I want some store time and people time. More than anything, I want OUT. Some private out time, and then some Public Out time. I want some sketching and writing time.

I want to respond to Mouse's poem. I want to post about Bhutto, because I'm pissed in three different directions. I want to post something light to Tortuga, because I want to imagine being a pirate on a properly democratic pirate ship, AND I've left the start of a steampunk vessel that I set up for a quickie just before the SP party LAST NOV (and started that entity on a Halloween mode to boot) and now I've got and OCD tidy Scottish Megalomaniac floating in Tortuga whom I've got to get rid off, or get afloat.

But first, I need out.
And before that, 30 minute kip on the couch.
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The Official Clean Up Read more... )
Organizing and Camping and Faires, Oh My Read more... )
Other catch ups? Financial and Mental Read more... )
Back to the kitchen. Will load the dishwasher, start some rice, and check the avocado pits that I blanched. (Doll faces.) And start more laundry. If Fred Astaire is still dancing, he can keep me company while I write about Dad, and sort papers.

Autumn is very beautiful and full this year.
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Magpies Nest / Feathers of Hope


Blog of friends of mine, whom I have lost track of for two years, despite all of us working on the same campus.

I've been lax in reading their shared blog for the last two years, despite the simple click of a mouse. And when I read it, I wonder why I dont' read it every day. It brings me back to the realization of love of place, living in/with/for nature, painting, the joy of details in life.

So, I'm going back to where it started, Oct 2003 about a year after we broke up our poetry group.
It was this blog that made me want to keep public writings.

(It does remind me of why I dont' visit with her...she's far more of an activist than I...in all meanings of the word. I never have words or deeds to bring to the table. It's like meeting a friend for lunch, and bringing no wine or fruit or flowers to add to the flavors. And yes, she's delighted to see me when we meet.)

Do yourself a favor. Scan it, pick and date, or a topic, or a tag. And explore Yolo county, the coast, Europe, or just Davis wildlife in their writing.
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[livejournal.com profile] labelleizzy asked me The Five Questions, once upon an August.

1) what would your "Mr. Darcy" be like? which character of Jane's feels most like yourself?

2) Most amazing scene in nature you can remember seeing.

3) Have you ever had a moment of perfect contentment? what were the circumstances?

4) Describe a personal goal that pushes the envelope for you. (mine is daily physical fitness effort)

5) Would you ever read Tarot for money? why or why not?

It's been hectic since those questions were posted.
And frankly, could not answer most of these quickly--my replies too vague and too long, as usual.

let's start with #2 Read more... )

ending here; it's 4:46, and I need some more sleep. I'm sleeping on the couch, where I can watch the moon through the open window. I'll answer the other questions later.
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I've over due for my bi-annual (?) social/hobby upheaval. I need new stuff to do, and new spaces to be.

Need some recommendations.

Dance classes in the area. I know the grad offers some and the ECd offers some variety? Any suggestions? Latin would be nice.
(I need an honest assessment folks: if I can't do waltzing or polkas, can I assume Latin is beyond me. The latin section of the ECD social dance was one of my favorites, thought I did ok, but....you've seen my feet and body moves. You guys know better.)

And country dance. Despite you snobs sneering at country, I think I'd like to learn some simple dances. It's easier to get dances at a country bar. And modern country ain't any worse than modern boy band / diva pop or RnB. It's not the genre....power ballads make every style of music suck. That's why fiddles are cool, but a violin section will usually suck the life out of arrangements. OK, back on topic.

There's open mic at the Bistro on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. i need to start setting those days aside for myself, if its affordable (i assume one can just buy drinks and not a whole dinner to sit and listen to open mic). Also open mic in Vallejo on Fridays. MUST start going to this. Have promised / put off for a year now.

Any other places for readings?

Yeah, I know. I keep asking for advice and recommendations, and then don't go. Hell, I don't even go to the stuff I recommend.

Pardon the snark. Not feeling well at the moment.
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mas--brain penned in, then the fence post dropped

Have given myself a quiet day, visit will be done tomorrow.
Hope to allow for some social time this weekend, but must also allow some time for personal time and tasks.

Fuck that. Trying to say I'm home, giving myself a break from the Dad situation (while contacting advocates and nursing homes). Basically, getting the research part done today, and give myself a break from interaction so my head doesn't blow up. Can get phone calls done as well.

Just an aside for those that don't know. I have a hard time making phone calls. I still have to build up to calling people sometime. Circumstances like this don't make it easier. And this might make an interesting journal topic. Or not.

Will also play with journals, fiddles, poetry, crochet....aw fuck, may even clean the house a bit. I am REALLY having a hard time figuring out where the fuck to put things so that there is room for me. I have given up on room for company.

Yes, I know. Baby steps. But when life keeps throwing situations at you that are adding more tasks, papers or things to track...or are distracting or tiring you from the organzation. I'm shoveling the walk while it's snowing, it was already a snow back, and I have no idea where to throw the snow where it won't bury the yeti even more.

Right now. Trying to post to Dr. D, find the old daytimer from 2005 that had the name of the Kaiser social worker who was so nice, look up new kaiser social workers, look up old web links from 2002 on care facilities and advocates and facility search engines.
And pay some bills and plan out cleaning/clearing and figure out how I'm going to organize visits this weekend, arrange for Fog Faire, and go clothes shopping. Or such. I've got a list.
And practice fiddle, get pics for web page, and keep scanning that books that I got from the library. Oh yeah, and crochet those dolls 'for relaxation', write my page, updage the diary, finish the poem that I promised I'd do this weekend.

And right now, I've got the kaiser web page open, meebo open, the scanner lid up so I can keep passing the book through there, and the fiddle open and I'm trying to rosen a bow, scan and type on two different windows.

Wait, this isn't what I wanted to write about.

What I wanted to say was, I'll have meebo up, email open. I'm going to be a hermit with the rest of the world until sunset. But the rest of y'all are welcom.

And this is more than I wanted to type. Fuck
Delete....or just press fucking Post button.
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I promised the next post would be a brilliant essay.

Some other day.

Just feeling frustrated.
1) Feel like....no, KNOW...that I am wasting money everytime I miss taking my morning train, or schedule my life so that I have to take the car for events afterwards.

For those that don't know (and I assumed most people knew, but damned if there isn't always someone suprised by where I live and how I get there)....
I work in Davis, and live in Fairfield. 40 minutes, door to door folks. I started taking the train in 2004. Various reasons, some other time. Environment, gas prices, car maintenance. My back, my reading.

Cost: Payroll deducts $80 from my paycheck, pre tax. Then then give me a $100 voucher to bring to Amtrak. Which I do, and then give an additional $70. That's $150.00 a month to ride the train. About $7.30 a day. Which is better than if I did it directly through Amtrak, at $9.00....one way. Yes, from Fairfield to Davis. $18.00 round trip.

So, if I don't train, I waste $7.30 a day. Use up the gas on a '94 Mercury tracer, which is often loaded down with crap. And pay $6.00 a day for parking. (Well, it depends on what time I get to Davis. If I leave early, I MIGHT still find a parking space at Amtrak, and I have a permit. But that really should be used by people taking the train...and they usually have it filled up by then. OR, now, if I have time, I park at the 4th & G parking structure, pay $3.00 and and then hoof it to Dutton.

And it aggravates me know end, if I have these spates of mornings where I'm trying to catch up on one last project before running out to the car to get to the Suisun station....KNOWING that I should not trust I'm looking at the right time, or that something won't go wrong in the morning to delay me. I learned this yesterday. Even if you think you have 15 mintues to spare....you won't. You only have time to spare if all your gear is near the front door, ready to roll. Because the cats will find time to spill their water bowl, or you've got to clean up spousal units breakfast dishes so the cats don't get there first.

Something will happen. And then you will feel like a disorganized, airheaded creature incapable of being a responsible adult. And feel like a jerk for the rest of the morning.

Since 2004, Amtrak controls my time. In the morning, the rush feels annoying and stressful. But it's the evening. It's not having had time to stop off at my friend Mira's place....because she and the horses live in Dixon out on the farm roads. And I can't meet her for cheap tacos....because I can't get to the labs on old davis road and back in time.

Last summer I hardly hung out in the Arboretum. That's sacrilage.

And I keep to the schedule of always meeting the train. I can't stay past 8:30pm anywhere, else I can't get home. And yes, many have offered to give me a place to crash....but you can't keep saying to folks "Oh, by the way, I need a last minute place to crash tonight....can I impose?" That gets old.

And you have to pack toiletries, and a few 'changes in the overload backpack. And why is is overloaded? Because I can't leave things stashed out in my car, and run out to the parking lot at lunch. There's times I've brought paperwork, or craft work with me....and hesitated to hang out after work anywhere, because I look like a damned packmule. And feel like one. And it's a drag taking a train to ease your back....and you just end up carrying more stuff.

(Yeah, I know, don't carry more stuff.)

I hate finding out about stuff last minute, and can't go---because events run late. Or wanting to meet with folks, or arrange to hang out with pryanksters....and I can't, because I've got a train that doesn't run late at night. Stupid government train. And no buses tween Solano and Davis. (Last leaves shortly after 5 or 5:30pm)

I want to get my stuff organized this weekend. Find toiletries to keep at work (yes, I *do* occasionally use hair tools and hair drugs....and yes, I own a makeup kit!). I want to keep two sets of each kit, one for work, and once for home and weekends. No more lugging kits, however small. Toiletries and maybe some overnight stuff in a small bag in my desk drawer. And bring the spring jogging bag back to work, with my favorite sneakers. I need playdates and slumber parties. Even on school nights. Occasionally. Not often.

I WANT OUT. Last time I was at the Delta was watching some blonde beat a drum for Culann's Hounds. I've never sat at Mishka's after work. Cafe Roma, maybe twice.


Mar. 5th, 2006 12:34 pm
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This is a bad day to post….or just a bad day for everyone. One friend (and probably more) are grieving, and another is feeling very unbalanced and overwhelmed in serving all their Ought Tos.

About this last sister, and sisters (and brothers) in general:

I was feeling very overwhelmed the last few days, posted about it, and got support--from so many.

But Overwhelmed Friend also talked to me about my stress on Thursday, offered me a place to stay the night to get away from it all. And posted a response to my stupid childish ‘stress’ post. And then even called me at Hare House on Saturday night to give me advice and reassure me.

Baby, I’m sorry we passed at the party. I would love to sit with you. I’ve been remiss on spending time with female friends, getting too wound up about money, time, transport, faires (or not to faire), other relationships, parental and sibling stuff and work and outside stuff.

And as I discovered last night, sometimes the companionship does not solve the problem at hand—it may even take you physically away from the problem you think you should be working and worrying on---but the support and love of friends, company, and giggles/hugs/cuddles/tickles CAN help. Company like that takes away the unimportant stress---the “I’VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING NOW TO FIX THIS BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT BUT I GOTTA DO SOMETHING BUT….” feeling is taken away.

Mainly because your friends will point out that there IS nothing to do until you sit, calm down and think. And they can listen to you, advise you. Help you realize what you can and cannot fix…maybe even help you with some of it. (You know the old folk prayer, the Serenity prayer?) And then, they love you and make you laugh, and guide you away from the stress of things you can’t fix, even if it’s just for a few hours. Even if its just permission to crash and sleep away from things.

And this is not what I started out to say. Except that I have been trying to take care of myself lately, and prioritize, and take advantage of wonderful, albeit brief and minor opportunities that have come up….

......but I don’t want to forget my sisters. I’m still getting used to having sisters. I’m still learning how to talk to people, trust them, ask for them when I need them,

…and realize sometimes they trust and need me too, and I don’t recognize that yet. Not all the time, anyway.

And I have a sister who feels swamped (and I can help, maybe, because I know swamped), and a sister who gave me poetry, and I haven’t told her yet how wonderful it is to be trusted with her words. Another who trusts me to look at omens, and is waiting for me to give her hope and comfort. Another who knows how to have fun and live better than most I know, who knows how to take care of herself, work, dance, laugh, create, and is patiently waiting for me to discover how to do the same and come out and play. And a sister who is part mother to me sometimes, has offered me so much hospitality and shelter that I cannot repay---and I still feel I do not offer her enough assistance, friendship, or time. Or dishwashing.

And this has rambled way past what I started out to say. So I finish where I end, instead.

I love my sisters. I’m still learning how to have and enjoy sisters (still learning how to have and enjoy a lot of new people in my life). Still learning how to communicated, and when to leave people alone---and I get those signals mixed up. But I love you all, and will try to take care of you when you have needs, and give you room to bloom when you need your space to grow.


Feb. 21st, 2006 09:49 am
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I hate these crashes. Really good times, breaks/hiding from the daily grinds/stresses, really long weekends. Or a great combination of all three, like this past weekend

And I come back to the office, refreshed, full of plans on how to take back control of my work and life---and slam headfirst into a brick wall.

I really don’t know what I’m doing, and I have no idea how to get back into being a functioning adult. And worse yet is the sensation that the gears are grinding faster, tighter, the work in all my life is piling up, and my resources of time and money and energy are shrinking. And I really don’t know how to fix any of this.

I am really fighting an urge to pack it all up, turn it all off and run out of this building.
I know, I know: breathe breathe breathe.
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I’m peaceful, for the moment.
It feels so good…and so rare.Read more... )
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Posting about Pica made me think of ideas she has given me new paths.
And teachings from others, that crossed those paths.

Words written )

Colors brushed )

Things worth knowing )

This is devil in the details.
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Things not going as planned—even when to my possible benefit. Possible is the key word.

Got a response back from teacher of on-line course )

Smaller golems in the gears last night addictions )

OK, must finish work. Will hold lunch break until after 2pm, when I can go to Farmer’s Market, and play “Spot the Cheese and [livejournal.com profile] groblek
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Para [livejournal.com profile] battymaiden; ella puede probarme. Y puedo practicar el escribir.

(No, no me siento como el trabajo todavía. Porque puedo oír a mi compañero de trabajo el reganar de un cliente en el teléfono. Como si fueran un niño.)

Sí, todo el esto tradujo mi Google, no yo.

mas )
Now, does that bring back every horror of 5th grade Spanish?
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Keep moving Looky Lous, nothing to see here. Just waiting for the body to stop twitching.


Fighting with myself all day….want to write have to keep working focus focus. Feeling aggravated with self.

Since today…yesterday….last week(s)… have wanted to write—


Virtues of vice---or at least the attraction of character flaws that people want to exorcise from my mind/actions/emotions.

My reticence? Indeed, causes me the loss of many potential friends. I’ve often been told that I come across as cool, withdrawn…shutter, putting up walls.
And these dear friends that I’ve lost, who have lamented this? Most fantastic wall builders I’ve witnessed. Emotional Masons.

Likewise, the people who have urged me to be more extroverted, to contact others and themselves---are the ones I never hear from The most glowing lights in the social firmament, the most technologically advanced mammals on the planet cannot deal with phones, e-mails or postage stamps.
Please feel free to ignore me….but do not waste my time by urging me to contact you in the first place. Just ignore me—save us both the time.


Keep waffling back and forth. Sent a letter to my instructor informing her that I wanted….no, I did not. I sent a note asking what she thought. Could I stay in the class even after blowing off the whole 2nd week and quiz.

This morning: Half wanting her to write back and say it could be done.

And this afternoon….I don’t want to. No, not even wanting this class. I don’t want to be on another schedule. It is to the point where I cannot even schedule myself to do things I want to do: set down time to write, to paint, to practice music, to crochet or knit or stitch.

Because I can’t stand having one more action, any action, as scheduled. As required,
No more mustdo shoulddo oughtto haveto. No no no. No more.

Because I can’t decide what I MustShouldOughtHave to do. All are important, all take priority, all must be done because of deadline or previous delays. Because they will never get done.

Because I can’t find any one project that is worth pursuing. That will be worth the time, as it is useless,
Or worth the effort, because I cannot do these projects, because they so often turn out badly done, feebly done, amateurish. Because they turn out so WRONG.

Time to stop. Time to go and do another ShouldOught. On schedule to leave one place with work undone, and go to another and start another attempt in a set time frame.

Later down the rabbit hole…no wait, I’m late for the rabbit hole. Or at least the rabbit.
Very late for very important epoch.
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Rather concerned from some feedback that some folks thought I had hit a funk. Again.
Wanted to assure people that I am fine. The update on what happened the last few was meant to be just that....so no one had to sit through my boring feedbacks on what I've been doing. They are posted here, you can read them or skip them. The only bummer part was that last bit with my Dad, and everything seems ok for the now. They may not be in the future, likely not with demential. I can't fix that part of the news, other than leaving it out, or flagging it better.

But yeah, if you check the rest of it, I was fine. I really had a good time for the holidays.

The post about the writing sounded down, I agree. I should not have posted it. It was early in the morning, and I was just....writing about writing. I will have to warn you about this, but a small portion of my journal will be about writing. It's my addiction. Or it used to be, and hopefully will be again. That post started out to be the end/start of cycle writing that we all do at this time (or at least think about, if we do not confess it). I realized I was too sleepy to write on any of the topics I wanted, in the way/manner that I hoped I could achieve.

Instead it dribbled off into what I hoped to write in the upcoming year (yes, I regard some of these as projects), and, unfortunately, what some of this writings meant to me emotionally and ethically. And I should have left the emotional part out.

Yes, I'm fine. I'm not crashing. I'm serious when I say I'm sorry if I cause anyone any concern. That was not intended, nor did I think there would be such an impression in the posts. I love you, and I would never yank your chains for the sake of drama.
For those of you annoyed by possible/perceived depression, melancholy, emo, or LJ drama...sorry if I annoyed you or made you uncomfortable..
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Things I thought before I got to Word at work to put them down and didn’t think to use the new muvo to record safely while driving.

To do’s: Contact Mr. Wylie about posting to my webspace
Contact Renee
Cancel community college class
Sign up for staff development classes
Copy the three template poems into a word document at work and home
Call Ruth for birthday

On LJ:
Recap of 2005 aka Year 1 In the Year of Pryank Life
Resolutions II: Books to finish
Writing: The Virtues of Vice
Try to introduce an Exquisite Corpse at Live Journal
Link to Feathers of Hope, and printing class Pica is taking. Even better than Geranium photos.

Things I brought to work in the hopes I might get a chance during breaks to work on them
Renee’s afghan strip, a nice winter afghan that should be available by Spring
The three template poems to copy (see above)
Syllabus for Spanish tapes, and Rick Steve’s Spanish (for reading, writing, and pronunciation guide)

Notebook for Spanish (self study): to practice writing, get words/tenses/genders into my head, and write out pronunciations so that I hear the tapes more clearly (not sure if reader on tape has a slight Castillian accent—I can’t always distinguish B’s from P’s from V’s).

One or two diaries to catch up.
Pennywhistle. What was I thinking?

Possibly before going home and/or dance class:
buy new capezios. It’s an investment.
Buy lingerie. Same reason as above. I’m an investment.
Joann’s---need hook and eye tapes, lion’s yarn for scarf.

When I get home:
wash more towels
Play with website
Learn to use CD burner,
Throw out/pull out more closes
What do I need in fabric, sewing? More to buy at Joann’s. What needs mending in faire gear bag.


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