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Oct. 27th, 2011 12:48 pm
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More important stuff to post but no time.

But for some lightness: LJ community Vintage_ads.

Seriously. This is going to be my Cake Wrecks--something amusing to pop up and make me laugh, or gasp OMG, or "SHIT! I remember that ad oh crap I'm old!" (Halloween Coke ad.)

BTW, Vintage does mean 1980's as well.
Now feel REEAALLLYYY old.
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Need to write to dear friends, for whom I worry and care.
Tired and unsure of myself and my words this week.
But am thinking of you, and want to know more--and support more.
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<a href=">Another Bronte smack down</a> No, really, I try Jane Eyre next time. Has to get better. Maybe I need to watch Olivier do his turn on this.
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One of the featured LJ communities this week--have any of you visited?

I'm not *super* fond of crawlies...but they have some beautiful posts--and of course, the usual cheezburger style posts.
Spiders are becoming the new LOLcatz.


Aug. 4th, 2011 08:38 pm
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Just to remind y'all, there is a fun LJ community called [ profile] 1word1day.

And today's entry: ogerhunch

Deja how?

May. 16th, 2011 04:10 pm
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I know I've done this before: but how does one screen comments to allow for anonymous posts.

I looked at this FAQ, but I seem to recall there was more to it than this.
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How does on add a letter of the alphabet with a macron over it?
"Overlining", if you will.
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Not so much math as flaky crust goodness.

Brought to you by the [ profile] 1word1day community/super hero squad:
Making the world more literate and amusing one word ("and use it in a sentence") at a time.
More or less.
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LJ is getting a bout of the Face Book?

WTF are people out of the blue and out of the country and out of our mutual language skills friending my journal?

I suppose I should find a charm in it....but after perusing their LJ page, I'm not getting the connection of where they found my page, or why they want to be able to read this.
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Today's other word from [ profile] 1word1day lj community

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1word1day. An LJ community I discovered a week or two ago.
Forgot the fun of learning new words---or sometimes reminding myself to use known-but-little-used ones.

And reading the community's 'use-in-a-sentence' examples.

OK, back to the ninnynet.
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Relies on efforts of community members, so quality may vary, but...

Little Details, and LJ community: where you can tap other people's knowledge to make your fiction details accurate.
Will this chemical have that reaction. Would this slang be used at this time period in this country. Could a smaller woman give a black eye to a taller man (recent question).

I just find this interesting, as spent part of last weekend bookmarking sites that covered social, structural, economic, political, etc. history of San Francisco in the 1930's. I have some reference guides to every day life in the 1930's: but setting into the streets and populations of San Francisco at that time was another matter!

And, I've used the Regency resources at, and the Victorian web for...well, Victoriana.

This new (to me) LJ community could be fun for a number of ideas.
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The best cure for waking up crabby. Baby wombats. Then I had to find the baby aardvark I admired---and then I ran across les enfants.

Yes, it's sticky sweet---but between these and the aardvark, I think I need more LJ icons.

Yes, I'm getting my work done.

But some days work better with baby animals or cats with bad grammar.

Mmmm....need paleo art. Because giant teeth and ocular ridges REALLY put me in the mood for collection calls!

Yeehah Update: Blakes 7--3 part radio play based on the sci fi show on BBC. Yeah, I'm good for work for the rest of the day!
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LJ icon, for those special days.

Because, today, I think this look is on my face.
This is more Guildenstern than Guildenstern.
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Can I put old diary entries in?

Tested 12 Nov 2008, dated 12 Nov 2007
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Nothing starts my day off right like a greeting from ol’ Mincemeat. Sends his regards, and sister Nunabelle is feeling a might better since the mule kicked her. Oh, and he seems to have a great job in on-line pharmaceuticals. Land o’ Goshen.

Would love some new communities )

I still need to finish up the pseudo Pryankster website )
OK, back to work and further posts. And remember that vow about not buying little snacks for health and wealth reasons.
Well, I ran out of green tea, so I walked to CoHo to buy a large mug. Came back with Numi Chai, with honey, soy milk…..and a hot fresh baked cinnamon roll. Oy-yum.
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1. Fri, 7:45pm. Ever waste time reading someone else’s LJ? I mean, going back in their archives a few years to see what they are like, what they are going through?

And sometimes, it’s not really a waste of time. Sometimes, you run across folks who are saying what you wish you could, but you are too dippy to write it as well as they do—or too nervous / self conscious to let yourself do so.

And good goddess, sometimes you find yourself reading exactly what is going on in your head and heart. Even the negative, hurtful things. And they done it, thought it, worried it, guilted it, raged and ranted and funked it.

And then they wrote about it.

And I’ll continue in these tales, and see how the princes and princess turned out in their adventures.
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Ok, go to my profile and look at my Friends.

Is there someone whom you do not see there? One whose journal will offer me wit, meticulous writing, high drama or low comedy, or beverage-->nose ranting? Or at least really good curry recipes?

If you have a friend whom you think will show me a good example of journaling (or at least make me laugh at them) leave a name.

And I promise only to read them, not to stalk them.


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