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Crochet is therapy. Forgot that.
It IS a time sink, especially since I add the control freak element of wanting to collect AND notate patterns, and how they develop from on another.

Think of it as taxonomy with yarn.

Will be in contact with folks later. Need to go and buy yarn now, while Michaels is quiet.
Buy another storage bin, while Big Lots or Target is quiet.
May drop off books, while I can get into Good Will.

(And I need to return books to people. Seriously. You can't hide.)

Will come back, pull new and old winter sweaters from the dryer.
Look up crock pot recipes (or buy a crock pot recipe book at Good Will--ahah!)
MAYBE start bread. Maybe.
Repair other shit, or THROW UNREPAIRABLE SHIT OUT.
Put up shelving for shoes: AND THROW OLD SHOES OUT.

Write. Or throw old ideas out.
Call therapist. And throw old concepts out.

On my way.

Edit at 12.30pm. Not entirely successful. Forgot to go to Good Will. But do have LOTS of Wools Ease yarn, a ball of size 3 navy thread, fashion finish. Large storage chest--but think I should take it back and get same thing with wheels. May be more--but to get storage this size and have to hoist it IF full--ouch.

Lunch first. Go out again when all the school kids have had theirs as well.
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Much as I'd like to push myself to achieve goals, and prove to myself that I can accomplish wanted goals or skills, one must balance the pleasure and serenity of life versus the stress that accompanies what may prove to be trivial accomplishments in the long run.

Translation: if it comes down to getting my hair cut and getting sleep this week, versus assembling a costume--frankly deely boppers and other decorations will be just spiffy.

The witchy outfit can wait for another PEERS Ball, another year.
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Got reading and some minor errands done.

Had considered a friends suggesting to attend queer contra in oakland, but will get tasks done. I'm enjoying quiet time and domesticity.

Next few weekends might be busy. If I get this long standing household-organizing and me-organizing tasks done, I might be able to attend the next contra in Oakland.

going out to look at more sale items, come back and clear out more clothes. Either organize/toss old papers, or cut fabric. (This sewing project is running too slow! This was supposed to prove that I could do this quickly. Hmmph!)

Organizing note to self: make sandwich-meal or burritos for the week.

Take aspirin for headache, then out the door!
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1. Ratatouille. Eggplants, tomatoes, mushrooms, zukes, red onions and garlic. Dried herb (this might be a problem), and pumpkin pie spice. Because, i LIKE it with onions.

But this needs stronger onions. Or balsamic vinegar splashed in. But the eggplant and mushrooms do have a flavor, huzzah. Going to put some kind of cheese with this.

2. We had the a pound of so of ground beef in the fridge defrosting. Has now been combined with cornbread stuffing--and warm spices and yes, that pumpkin pie spice. Because I LIKES ginger and cinnamon with warm spices. But needs more warmer spicing. And more onions. This needs a yogurt dip/sauce.

3. Putting out old garments I won't ever wear. Should do the same with the chinos--but it galls me to toss pants that are one size too small.
Wait, make that two sizes, or so. Am I really more than size 14?

4. Found I saved money this month! At least $200! Know what I'm gonna do?
Well, $100 went to my VISA card. Best treat I've had all month!

Taking it easy on myself. Didn't get a lot done today, but have resolved not to beat myself up. Will try to have fun.

Back to dumping clothes. Am doing this with Pride and Prejudice 1995 in the DVD. It's 6 hours of dialog that amuses me, and I KNOW what every damn scene looks like, so I don't have to watch, or even pay attention.

Except backing up all the dances to watch twice. Wish the choreographer had attempted ducks and dives during Grimstock.

later. 4:42pm
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Because when life gets boring, let's cover it in beige wallpaper and pull the drapes.

More poetry forms. Because it ain't a blog without lists.

We finished the couplets/the itty bittiests stanzas you can have. Which moves up to...well, three lines.

Now, M William's book doesn't include tercets as a "fully defined stanza pattern but under "loosely defined" patterns, which I find odd. I assume it is because his definition of tercet is that there is no meter or length applied to the term: just any three lines that rhyme "aaa"--same true end rhymes. You will often find tercets included in long poems of heroic couplets, usually highlighted with a large bracket to the right by the author/publisher--one of the ways to vary the heroic meter. Dryden's All For Love opens the prologue with a tercet:

What Flocks of Critiques hover here today,
As vultures wait on Armies for the Prey
All gaping for the carcass of a Play!

Well. That was cheerful.

I suspect that most poets would find long lines of tercets a bit much to listen to: but Williams included this one in his book:

To a Fair Lady, Playing with a Snake

Strange! that such horror and such grace
Should dwell together in one place;
a fury's arm, an angel's face!

'Tis innocence, and youth, which makes
In Chloris's fancy such mistakes,
To start at love, and play with snakes

By this and by her coldness barred,
Her servants have a task too hard;
The tyrant has a double guard!

Thrice happy snake! that in her sleeve
May boldly creep; we dare not give
Our thoughts so unconfineda leave.

Contented in that nest of snow
He lies, as he his bliss did know,
And to the wood no more would go.

Take heed, fair Eve! you do not make
Another tempter of this snake;
A marble one so warmed would speak
--Edmund Waller


There is Terza Rima, but that is better covered under whole poem forms--the pattern is established by the interlocking of one stanza to the next.

William's book does reference two Welsh forms that run in tercets: Englyn Penfir and Englyn Milwr. These don't ride on accentual syllabic feet, but in syllables.

I like the influence of Welsh and Irish verse traditions--syllabic, assonance and consonance instead of strict rhyme, and internal rhymes tucked in for sparks. The Englyn Milwr is the simplest: per this books definition, 3 lines of 7 syllables, slant rhymed. Unfortunately, the only example is a translation by Wesli Court (aka Lewis Turco), and it is from old Welsh battle praise poetry. Between the subject matter and Turco's translation...I'm not usually too fond of his work. But,

I carry a severed head
Cynfarch's son, its owner, would
Charge two warbands without heed

Englyn Penfir's a bit trickier. A triplet, but the first line is 10 syllables, and the next two 7 syllables. The rhyme is clearly on the end of lines two and three, but in that long first line, may be buried up to 3 syllables back from the end. Think of it this way: even it the longer 10 syllable line, the rhyming word hovers around the 7th syllable.

AND, the sound that does close that first long line must be echoed by true or slant rhyme at the start of line 2. So..

The handsome corpse is laid down today,
Laid under this earth and stone--
Curse my fist! Owain's sire slain!

"day" at the end of line one is echoes in "laid" at the start of line two. The repeating rhyme sound in all three lines is in "down", "stone" and "slain".

Enough. Moving up to 4 lines stanza, the quatrains. Back to English accentual-syllabic, and all the meters and feet and other OCD countables.
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Have my reservation for Stebbins Cold Canyon Watercolors and the Outdoors Sunday 26 April.

Yay, and no cost.

And yay, found my watercolor travel box this past weekend.

Joys of BBC Radio: old comedy radio plays. From 1997 "Old Harry's Game" with screamingly wicked funny comic Andy Hamilton. Smart comedy set in Hell: Satan (Hamilton) up against a recent arrival genial skeptic of a professor (who's only sin is that he was an atheist).

Today's show: "Satan conducts interviews for a new assistant. In the running are Scumspawn and a dolphin."

I need to buy this from BBC.
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Because there's nothing better for empty space than a meme or a list.
Let's see. When last we left our intrepid space...at least on 27 Dec, I was ticking away through samples of meter. Nope, it hasn't gotten any more interesting. e

Lines at Four in the Morning--Clement Long

A book is coming out I wrote somehow.
I could not now.

The new Buck Rogers bores me. I prefer
the way things were

in rocket ships of my youth. So I look,
book by book

forward toward my past, as also I'm
(to bend time

further out of shape) nostalgic about
the future, I doubt

this sort of thing is good to think a lot.
Probably not.

And a variant by Gordon Osing (well, just turned around)

The Python

Glassed in
what is, if not chagrin

he blunts the fetid air

the zoo
contains and scarcely moves.

He'd seem
a root, our sourest dream

with eyes
that one hates in suprise.

How few
the things he lives to do.

How wise,
elaborates his disguise.


Meh. I think Clement wins on this one.

Anything else in couplets? Well, beyond five feet...an alexandrine is six feet, but is tacked on to the end of a heroic stanza. The Miller William's book lists Poulter's measure. It's called Poulter's measure after the poulter's old practice of giving an extra egg with the second dozen. Two rhymed lines of six feet, then seven feet, with a caesura (pause) in the middle of the first line. (Frankly, I don't see how you can't have a pause in the middle of the second line at that length.) Usually iambic. They give an example by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; I'll be damned if I see a balanced caesura in the sample given. I'll give you just the first four lines--I'm not that cruel. (Yes I like Tudor/Elizabethean poets; I find this one a bitch to wrap and tongue around.)

Good ladies, ye that have your pleasures in exile,
Step in your foot, come take a place and mourn with me awhile;
And such as by their lords do set but little price,
Let them sit still, it skill them not what chance come on the dice.

oh, what the hell

But ye whom love hath bound by order of desire
To love your lords, whose good desserts none other would require,
Come ye yet once again, and set your foot by mine,
Whose woeful plight and sorrows great no tongue can well define.

Two other forms of couplets referenced in the book: elegaic couplets, a Greek form (and I'd rather poke at classical later), and lovely Ghazals---and they give the god awful modern American style. No, that one is for another time.

And I need to sleep. Thanks for the space.
Feh. I had bigger things to write about. Must learn: when getting on the LJ this late---write first, browse the web later. And no more comics.
And don't censor the self. I find I can give great vent to moods and opinions while soaking in the bathtub--and find myself editing all the words out, thinking of what others say/think/want.

I really need to get back to my own LJ. I really need to get back to my own life.
It's been fun, kids....but I feel like I've lost myself 'round here.
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Mulling over what needs/might be done this weekend. 4 days off. My usual optimism at the start re completion of projects. Projected projects? As follows:

MAINTAINANCE: Need to add oil and air to Lucrezia this weekend. At least, I think that's the name of my car. Must check the gender--it might be Wulfenbach. To be done during daylight and hopefully dry hours. Which may be a window of 60 minutes, to judge by the weather report.

HOMEWORK: Writing for homework this weekend, but feeling much more at leisure. Writing hopefully to include LJ essays. Mebbe. I think the homework pace is finally established.

Note: writing critiques for workshop is relatively easy. Yes, even while being civil.
Writers block is a bitch. Ironically, while avoiding the internet helps my focus, avoiding social time does not---getting out and talking relaxes the mind.

SOCIAL: (And thnx to S, B, A and another S---I'll add LJ names later. It's 2:45am right now. But yes, Wed night was grand and cakey.)

Yes, it's 2:45am--but I have Friday off. 4 DAYS!!

HEALTH: Yoga or back exercises. Have lost a bit of weight, but more out of shape. Have taken to running scurrying up and down the stairs of Dutton Hall between 7:30 and 8:30. Hope to do more after 4pm, but workload hasn't allowed it. Bowling after work?

SOCIAL DISGUISED AS HEALTH: Hoping to add dance to the above mix. ECD or Contra. However, will see if I go any distance this weekend. Am more in the mood for homework and possible company.

BACK TO MAINTAINANCE: Hope to get paperwork in order. Books on shelves, exercise notes from physical therapy, poetry and writing notes pulled out and put in order. Much paperwork and many small objects were "banker boxed" at the end of last semester. Finally a chance to put things in order. I'VE GOT FOUR DAYS OFF AND I'M NOT SICK WHOOHOOO!!!

OH YEAH MORE SCHOOL STUFF: Write to SCC for counseling advice, as they have no counselors available. Seriously.

CRAFTY MAINTAINANCE: Order witch pattern, with hat, attachable bees of some sort. Fabric would be nice too. Perhaps fabric shopping in lieu of museum runs. Add iTunes and GIMP to laptop.

Oh hell, maybe a museum run. It's raining. Rain. Museums. Order of the universe.

Speaking of costumes--do I attempt faire sewing this year? If so, I want to be measureD and trace plastic copies of the Margo Anderson patterns. No more eyeballed patterns. Even if I don't sew this year (aGAIN!), I'll have the patterns on hand.

MOre importantly, do I want to dance this year? Socially, yes. Faire-ily--ummmmm.....
Screw it. That's a question for day light hours.

OK, SOCIAL STUFF AGAIN: [livejournal.com profile] ifonlyuntil9 recommended the Sonnet Walk on Sa. I did not make my reservations, but not sure of weather. Dear Universe: Miss IOU9 would like a nice walk, with nice dramamamama students, and nice sonnets. Ease up on the fekking precipitation for a few hours.

OK, what am I forgetting? Oh yeah...sleep. Nite.
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Or, Miso Salad.

1. I still say Student Vegetarian Cookbook is the best gift you can give anyone. Do yourself or a friend a favor.

2. Rick Steves travel is having a sale. $4.95 for single DVD of past episodes (usually 6-8 episodes on a theme disc). I'm getting two Irelands/Scotlands (one for Storyteller), one England, one France and Benelux. Maybe European History 101. Anyone want something thrown into the order? Otherwise, sale lasts through 21 Dec.

3. Why does Magical Trevor remind me of Tobias the Adequate? And I've got to remember to start reading his LJ.

4. And missed this one for your Thanksgiving Table:
Sushi that can double as your waiter

5. Reason to have cheap steak knives: Best instrument in the world to fillet the pith outta citrus fruit.

6. We're having a nice simple dinner. But I keep looking at the small bits of leftovers and thinking: I can make something out of that.
I may be eating leftovers, and nosh on T-day work tomorrow.
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Thoughts jotted because there's not a lot of time
(hey, it's cheap ass Twitter)

Per NPR's Morning Edition, 26 Nov:
The New York Mets will be moving to a new ballpark next spring. Corporate naming rights to the ballpark were sold to Citigroup. Back in better times, the giant bank agreed to pay $400 million over 20 years to call it Citi Field. Now the federal government is bailing out Citigroup. So two New York City Council members are proposing to rename the ballpark: Citi/Taxpayer Field.

Slumdog Millionaire coming to the Varsity 19 Dec. Charles Dickens meets 21st century India.

And any opinions on Synecdoche, New York? Any opinions on the writer's other works, Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Adaption?

And more from Phillp Seymour Hoffman on the role

One listener's comment at NPR: "I'm sold. This sounds incredibly chaotic in the good, kind of, psychotic-comfort-food-for-the-mind way."

Notes. I've got all these paper notebook pages. Notes for my final stupid essay. Notes for the procedure manual at work. I think notes must be the biggest horror in writing: stacks of notes give me a gut feeling of unease. You have all these thoughts piling up, twisting up, ganging up on you. And I get to untangle them in the next few hours.

And that's just for the rough draft.

But I get to spend the day...writing. Process writing...but it does make me feel so relaxed. Or at least, deep into myself.
Which means I'll have to keep a close eye on the clock. Clocks lose me when I write.

Back to work and jazz and quesadilla.
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Seems to have been a cold with headache--and was slept off.
At THAT Chicken Soup for late breakfast, with a corn muffin.
Not much appetite.
Then sinuses dictated what they wanted: sushi. Went for Trader Joe, indulged in wasabi pack. (Dip, bite, hold in mouth and breathe in as if wine tasting. Hold morsel to roof of mouth. Sinuses say hello, then swallow.)
Hot green tea, sudaphed, back to sleep.

Yes, "Non-drowsy" sudaphed and green tea are no match for my headaches.

But am awake, feeling better....
and starting homework because I can't focus at the computer well. I can't free write, anyway.

Can't watch the food channel; I keep making mental notes on the preparation.
Marxist critique of a monologue from Mambo Mouth (John Leguizamo).

So I'm about to load music or P&P1995 into the player (because dammit, I've seen it so often even Jane cannot break my focus). Actually, I've found that good jazz or classical, or good-but-well-watched movies with good dialoge help the writing.

Oh, must start wash; later make the coleslaw and fruit salad.
Not for thanksgiving: for me, now.

Tomorrow: to be seen.
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(Collected since this morning, posted at 1:45pm)

things you miss in a week of driving, instead of walking from the train station:

Davis Hallmark store is closing
Varsity theatre: "Rachel getting married" is playing! I forgot that was coming!
Vitos deep dish is now open--must investigate.

An old poetry acquaintance is going to sell hand sewn journals on 29 Nov in Davis.

i may actually go to yoga; meantime, ran up and down the Dutton fire stairs on Wed, and again today. 3-4 upndowns each time. Hoped it would make stiff hip feel better. No, it didn't, but I raised my pulse.

waltz tonight--will consider. Will see what is in the closet when I get home from Amtrak tonight. And see if hip will support turns.

Also xot tonight--ditto. Although clothes and hips do not matter at gaming.

ow. ow. Not waltzing. Hip hurts. Definitely going to yoga.

Noted: We made fun of my parents music and their favorites songs.

I made fun of my elder cousins pop and rock favorites becoming muzak. (You know its over when you realize the mellow tune you hear is a string instrumental of "Sympathy for the Devil".)

My generation has had to accept that most of our favorites established the Easy/Adult Listening.

Can I now make fun of the 20 somethings in the office, now that my deskpotato internet station has added "Chill" and 'Ambient Groove' ("trippy, downtown ambient grooves" Mmmmm..ya). Welcome to the sack, tater tots!


Back from yoga. Need more yoga. There are favorite poses of mine that I can't do on one side. On the bright side, this confirms the back pain is muscular, not skeletal. Yay. Ouch. Yay. Ouch. Dammit.

More on music. Scary time: I'm making a list of songs I like on HitKast. The rock sounds too power ballad. The dance music is good for polka, but the lyrics are dull. The pop is annoying, boring or histrionic--power ballad in other words. Turns out the next three CDs I want to get are rap?
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And took the train.

Been fighting (gently) a bit of a bug since I got drenched on Monday night, so will see about dance class tonight.

Off tomorrow. Must make massive phone calls. Must buy socks, rain coat? Halloween leftovers---better yet, find Halloween patterns?

Supposed to be drawing in Stebbins on Sunday. Never heard back from them on reservations. Oh well.

O scrud. Forgot about coffee klatch on Sunday. O well.

Update at 11am: just received reply from Stebbins Cold Canyon--I did not make the reservations list, as it filled up quickly. But they will let me know about future walks. Buggers.

And realizing PRI is the refreshing break I need from NPR.
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(Clearing through cookbooks)Read more... )

UPDATE: I found the cheap veggie soup recipes at (oh dear!) Parade magazine
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Or do more house stuff.

See a play?
Museum? If so, which one?
Road trip? To the coast again?
Do the BART excursion, and see how far I can get on BART**
Casino? Cache Creek, Thunder or Colusa? Buffet and gambling?
Maybe at least a lottery ticket. I will at least get a lottery ticket.

Organize a dinner out with friends for a non-holiday weekend--and BEFORE Thanksgiving. (That's going to be tricky.) I need a way to celebrate with friends, but...among other concerns, can't be this weekend.

Will do something.

**BART/Amtrak excursions: Whenever I've mentioned this, people always chide me and remind me that I could take Amtrak to Richmond, and change there.

Yes, I know. That IS the most efficient/fastest, but not always the most comfortable--or cheapest. It's cheaper to go as far as Martinez, and then get a shuttle to one of four BART stations.

I've wanted to see how far I could go, and how much it would cost in money and time. Would have to be day tripping, of course---returning in the evening has to be carefully timed.

Off to view 511, and see where I can go.

der Liste

Oct. 24th, 2008 10:49 pm
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sort clothes
set aside stuff for New Moon toss

Go over new moon list
write new moon stuff

write this
write that
sort poetry
sort writing

sort the bills
pay the bills
see how much money is NOT left (wah!)

buy socks.
knit a sock
keep knitting that sweater
buy needles for dolls
crochet bees
find a hat and cloak and sign.

Spruce up the page
Watch and work on exercise video
find workout clothes at Goodwill

sort art stuff
wash gear

finish voting
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Midpoint essay is to be on one of the authors we've covered so far, and how their background influenced their writing.

However, due to the delays we've had in class, we've covered only Hawthorne, Melville, and Flannery O'Connor.

I'm leaning toward O'Connor--she's new to to me, she's strange enough for interest (you should have seen classmates last night: "He stole her LEG? WTF?"), and rather well documented. But it's going to require pulling her Catholic faith into all that. I'm a bit shallow---if the woman had not said herself that recognition of faith, and its redemption, were a big part of her stories, I'd have missed it. She read Aquinas almost every night: do I look for the Five Ways or the Double Effect in her work?

There is Hawthorne, also documented. His life is evident in his work; but I dread the misery of rereading pieces like the Black Veil or the Birth Mark. (Yes, I know, that's just lazy!). But he might be a far easier subject for further and deeper research, and easier access to more work. And I've grown to appreciate his satires, even if they aren't gigglefests.

Melville---I enjoyed his humor in Bartleby--but we had no other short stories as examples in class. (I've just gone through a Wikipedia article for further works and one LONG poem). The surface telling of his life does not offer a great deal to compare to his stories, other than mundane life experiences. The Wikipedia article does suggest there may be suprises in the man's emotional life , but it would take more than two weeks reading (I've one week to submit the outline), and it would require reading of his later novels. Not enought time---but I think I'd like to tackle Melville some day.

The teacher suggested after class that she might let us use some of the upcoming poets or Arthur Miller for other subjects---but she needs to discuss that with the whole class. I want to get started.

AANND I need to get review notes for math--I need to take a placement test sometime. I don't see much point in taking science classes until I establish my math grades. Was hoping to have the placement test done part way through this term, but it may have to wait until Spring semester, so I can study during Christmas break. I can only get as high as basic geometry---but I want my high school brains back! I want my algebra brains back!

Back to work
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1. At my computer, scanning the Gerald Murphy's translation of "The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare". (Why? Because I'm collecting translations of this old Irish piece from the UCD library, and cribbing books is a great use for scanners.)

2. And just prior (30 minutes) to this I was enjoying first few moments of consciousness reading Rita Mae Brown's book on writing, From Scratch, on character creation and plot development.

3. And decided I wanted to read up on some of her books that she referenced in those chapters, such as In Her Day, Six of One, and High Hearts. Which means, go to Wikipedia, for often unprofessional research, but at least some monitoring and whining if someone gets something possibly wrong.

4. Nothing on those books as Wiki articles, but they do have a ink for Ruby Fruit Jungle which is one of those I've promised myself I'd read, but never have. Jump to the link for Ruby Fruit. And there was this paragraph:

"This work is notable for being an early literary lesbian novel, as well as for Brown's own activism in lesbian and feminist causes. Many lesbian readers have found in it a reflection of their own experiences and observations. While some now belittle it as "just another lesbian coming of age novel" (Bildungsroman), its success is part of why the genre is now often considered a clich├ę."

So, now I have a new word. With a link. On to Bildungsroman.

Interesting. And they have a list of books (per the Wiki author's opinion), that represent this genre. Of these, I'm sorry to say I've read little---and some of these are on my Much Promised, But Never Read List.

Read more... )

4a. There is also the link to K├╝nstlerroman, which is more close aligned to Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Woman.

5. My curiosity about the Rushdie books mentioned, made me click on Rushdie, decided I need to read Midnight's Children, and The Moor's Last Sigh.

And it mentions magical realism, which I love.
And Tristam Shandy, which I'm not sure I want to tackle until after Tom Jones, but I think I'll Netflix Cock and Bull Story.
But I think I'll skip Gunter Grass's Tin Drum.
Mouse, have you read this one?

And now I've bookmarked the Magical Realism page at Wikipedia, duly noting all cautions on the entry. Maybe I'll try some of those authors.

Maybe, I'll just start out with Chocolat, then go on to Harris's sequels. (The third book was just released this year.)

And that's our Serendpity for Today.

Edit: and at the other end of the scale, tsgeisel reminds me to listen to Jim Valvano, who reminds me to read Emerson.

I've never read Emerson or Thoreau.
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1. Waltzing REALLY IS FUN. Yes, you knew that. Waltzing among other beginners who are giggling and just enjoying it is AMAZINGLY FUN!!!
1b. Found out I missed the Davis Contra (thought it was next week). Intend to do that.
1c. Someday SOON will attempt Swing.
1d. Considering Alameda on Monday just to watch happy Irish. Or, if it's going to be that packed, stay out of the way and go on a following Monday.
1d1. [livejournal.com profile] ziibminthalij make for happy Irish.

2. Since DCF with [livejournal.com profile] sillymesaysme, late evening nosh after waltzing now seems to requires burgers and fries. And Barqs. So much for the diet.

3. Going to toss out papers 'n stuff. I've got two days to clear out old crap, and make room for me. No, won't be done all in one weekend. But I've got that time to toss papers, and settle my head and write and study.

4. I think the paints are coming out this weekend. See if I still really like painting, or if these should get thrown out.

5. I think we need an alcove in the living room. The Craft Project Alcove. One corner where all the Crafty Stuff will be stored.
5a. Am now going to start a running list of things I will go out and buy tomorrow. Clean, get shopping ideas, put them on the list. Write, move yarn, get organizing ideas, put it on the list. Need storage tubs, bookends...shelving? Shall I attempt shelving myself?
5b. Clean out cookies, old temporary files, old files that refuse to be unintalled (Norton seems a bit like HAL from 2001 on that note...) and defrag this thing.

6. Just relax, write, crochet, enjoy a real 2 day weekend. MAYBE cook something (Snuffy made corned beef. Tender, lovely corned beef. With roasted roots.) Going to cook some rice.
6a. Sewing. Aha. Sewing....
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We need a trip to Beers Books
We need to go bowling
We need some contra or ECD

much more I had to say but no time.


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