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For those journaling, and attempting to find SOMETHING to write, an exercise from my textbook:

Lists of lists
What's in my body
Signs of Winter
What to take on a journey

Things I have
Things people have said to me

Things on which I am an expert
Things I have forgotten

Things to make lists of

Create a list from one of these, then
Pick a single word/line from your list and write a paragraph about it. Germ of a memoir or a story?
Write a single line about each item on your list. Start of a poem?

Triggers for freewrites:

This journal is...
My mother used to have...
There was something about the way he....
The house we lived in....
In this dream I was...
She got out of the car....
First thing I want in the morning...
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In response to a post I made last month, [livejournal.com profile] i_am_dsh suggested a book that had helped her.

Quite honestly, I was not sure about the book. That initial post on the 19th was the start of digging out what had been pressing on me--mentally/emotionally/spiritually--for the last few months. It involved much more than just the career concerns addressed in [livejournal.com profile] i_am_dsh's post. But, I was grateful for her concern, and offer of advice.

Within the following week or two, I mentioned my post, and the book suggested by D, to another friend, [livejournal.com profile] aleeceh. She mentioned she happened to have a new copy of that very book, and loaned it to me.

Thank you to you both. I've been digging through that book whenever I get a few spare minutes--going back and rereading exercises. Sometimes mulling it over. Unlike my other career/time management/life organiziation books, this one has captured my interest and heart. It is much more than a career guidance book. It is about living in pleasure, enjoying your life, trusting and believing in yourself, investigating procrastination...rediscovering yourself.

It's entitled I Could Do Anything (If Only I Knew What It Was) by Barbara Sher. It is not New Age. It is not just career choice tips.

I think it's about the fact that being happy and enjoying your waking hours should be a natural state of life, not a rarity, dream, or a myth.

I thank you both very much for the insight and renewal of hope I've had since opening the cover. I'll be getting my own copy as soon as possible, and plan to devote a journal to the exercises in this book. This book has given me reason to think I may find a way to enjoy remaining decades, feel useful, and stop hammering myself.

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....but forget that....

possibly the funniest scene out of N.N. is the courtship of Mrs. N by flagrant display of cucumber.


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