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[livejournal.com profile] agengrgal says she can't picture me as a kayaker. Neither can I. Neither could these folks.

Sunday in the Park with Carp

[ok, the above was "adjusted"--you have to click on Members button, then Photo Album, then the button at the top labeled "Brown's Ravine". Oh well, not the smoothest arrangement]

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, I'm all three pics in the 2nd row, and the flounder in the 1st row, 2nd pic attempting a cowboy re-entry in my white yak.

Neoprene suit on Memorial Day? Hell yes. Weather reports stated the temps would be a high of 76--air temperature, that is.
It was not 'high' yet at that time of the morning. The water temperature was a wee bit cooler.
Pic #2 in 2nd row was taken at the time of the first plunge. Yes, I do look remarkably like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.
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Tomorrow at Brown's Ravine, Folsom Lake )
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Went to Petco Friday with Spousal Unit to inspect two Russian Blue cats. Our last cat (also a Russian Blue, or at least he played one) died in December, and our other cat has been restless and bored when we are at work. Also having temper tantrums. We can romp with her, but there is no one here in the daytime for her to wrestle and chase and groom. So, we went to Picnic Day to look for a male cat, a bit younger than she. Husband spoke to a rep, asking about Russian/British Blues or similar colors. Sooo....

Met Greyson, 1 year, rather long haired, quiet but cuddly. And Peanut, classic blue, looks like my old buddy...but rather nervous. 7 months. But described as playful, and plays with other cats. (Both indoor kitties...good.) Thought it over this weekend. Felt obligated to try out the older cat, who don't get adopted as much. But, we need a playful one for our 2 year old girl, keep her busy. And Peanut (when not paranoid about big labradors wandering around the store), likes to climb up and drape himself over your shoulder. My Old Old Old cat used to do that--have always missed that.

So, anytime from Tues night one, we will pick up Peanut for a trial run. That will give one or the other of us a few days with the cats before they have to spend time alone with each other.


I understand some of the dance kindred spent Saturday at the Celtic Fest in Woodland. Silly people...spending a rainy day out doors on soggy grass and mud, getting wet.
Why don't you do what any logical person would do in such weather.

Go kayaking.

1st Annual Lake Natoma Paddle Fest. (Finish all jokes in your dirty minds and continue reading.) Sponsored by California Canoe and Kayak, and Sierra Sea Kayakers (yes, I find it odd that a Sea Kayaking group associates itself with the name of a high-and-dry mountain range, but they do not like my suggestion of the Post-Cambrian Kayakers Association). Friend M invited me out, as she was volunteering.

Looked at the weather report this morning, including the part that said Thunderstorms, and thought Oooohhh Fuuudge. Then thought, hey, you haven't hung out with M, one of your long time buddies, in ages since you started dance class. And hey, you've paddled through a thunderstorm before with M. (Remember the weather system we had back in Feb/March with the tornado in the town of Natomas? THAT'S when I paddled with her.) So I packed up and hauled over.

Paddlefest is when manufacturers bring samples of their equipment to local waterways, and people pay to 1) take seminars, 2) in reality to try out every damn boat you can jump in and out of. (Really fun at Coyote Point in Bay Area, when a storm is up--wonder waves.) Not a huge turnout, but not bad considering the weather. Yes, a soggy mess of grinning masochists. Found some lovely inflatable kayaks that weigh 50 lbs at most. One of them tracked amazingly well. Could be packed onto an airplane. Someday......


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