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Jun. 7th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Passed the Spring 2011 night course. Got an A.
Now my ego just wants to know my percentile on the final.

and a double scoop: found my phone.

Going to celebrate by turning off the computer and curling up with a book.
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I have no phone. Is not in back pack. Is either at home, in my car, or getting kissed goodbye in the Amtrak parking lot.
So, cannot take calls, cannot take text messages.
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Not so much math as flaky crust goodness.

Brought to you by the [ profile] 1word1day community/super hero squad:
Making the world more literate and amusing one word ("and use it in a sentence") at a time.
More or less.
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Sorry, about a week late on this, and never got my Google alert. But here you are, you little masochists.
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The Guardian posts the King William's College General Knowledge Quiz

Per the Guardian, answers will be available end of January.
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(and by the way, the LJDQ is too much for ancient brains this week, one of you will have to do it)

...The King William's College 106th Annual Quiz (general knowledge) should be showing up in The Guardian later this month.
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Don't know why I posted this at FB; it's more of an LJ topic.

The humor and satire magazines of the WWI era....and soldiers starting their own, to reflect their frustrations that general public magazines didn't want to print for morale reasons.

Note: this is more of an article, so there are just small samples of the humor published in each. Sorry to say not a lot of the text or illustrations of the time. What I found of interest was early zines--The Wiper times, published by soldiers when and where they could set up printing.
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More details on dance times and locations when I can get back to edit this. Also links to calendars.

Fri Jan 22: Contra at St Pauls Presp SF

Sat. 23
Waltz Workshop and Potluck Coloma Community Ctr Bob O’Brien 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Beginning and Intermediate Waltz Workshop. Donation $5.

Contra at 1st United Methodist Palo Alto

English at Grace N Church Berkely--but for experienced ECD social dancers only
(I think this has a potluck--must check BACDS site)

Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. Bob O’Brien 8:00 – 11:00 Dance
Celtic Junket (Pat Ryan, Art Peterson, Jonathan Goodwin)

Wed Jan 27: Grace North Church Berkeley ECD intro classes. Potluck snacks at break--all experience levels

Sat. Jan 30 Zesty Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Lynn Ackerson 8:00 – 11:00 Dance, Donation $12
Syncopaths (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Christa Burch, Ashley Broder)

Fri. 5 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Karen Fontana & Susan Pleck Nine-8ths Irish (Kathy Barwick, Bo Bowen, Christopher Dunlap, Linda Relph)

Sun. 7 English at Roseville Masonic Temple; Bruce Hamilton
Quite Carried Away ((David Wright, Susan Jones, Arlene Jamar, Sandy Westfall, Martin Lodahl, and Dick Holdstock)

ECD in Sebastopol in the afternoon
Contra in Petaluma in the evening
Check the North Bay Country Dance site for change of location and time

Sat. 13 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Warren Blier; Star Thistle (Cheryl McKinney, David Wright, Lonna Whipple, and Dave Kistler)

Contra in San Rafael

Fri. 19 Contra at Davis High School Dance Room Mavis McGaugh
Coyote Thistle (Susan Jones, Chetani Cheryl McKinney, and David Wright)

Contra at Santa Rosa

Sun 21 Feb: ECD at Sebastopol

Sat. 27 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. Spider Vetter
Bandemonium (Eric Anderson and Lee Anne Welch)

Contra at Sebastopol

Also Waltz workshop this Friday evening in Sacramento
Friday Night Waltz

Kimberly Trip Saturday Night--see FB and LJ for info.

I suspect most of you know where to find this info.

Memorial Benefit for Norton Buffalo at the Fox in Oakland: This Friday, and added show on Saturday. Featuring (for those who remember these performers) Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, George Thorogood, Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, Roy Rogers, The Knockouts, and M.C. Wavy Gravy. We'll miss you much, Norton.

Back to work
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Received from Payroll.

"As a result of the changes to California State Tax Law, the amount of state income tax withheld from each employee's paycheck will increase 10 percent effective November 1, 2009. The new law (ABX4 17) accelerates state income tax withholding so that more is withheld from each paycheck. This is not a tax increase. It is an effort by the state to bring in cash more quickly to address the state's budget shortage. Your state income tax bill will not increase, and the amount owed/refunded at tax time in April 2010 will be adjusted accordingly.

Bi-weekly employees will see the rate change reflected in their November 25, 2009 paychecks. Monthly employees will see the change reflected in their December 1, 2009 paychecks."
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You are missing a deep and penetrating discussion on Who's Who in the Star Trek Universe...on the Ren Faire Circuit. Examples were specific episodes: (Night in Actors Camp = "Amok Time"; Morning in Actors Camp = "The Menagerie") general personalities (England = Starfleet; Ireland = Klingons), or specific folk.

Rellie got Ensign Ro. (Steven Moore's suggestion).

Steven also suggest Capt Sisko for Bill. Someone else suggested Q.
If I'm reading this right, Bill recommended Harry Mudd.
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John B.L. Goodwin's The Cocoon

You *must* read this of an evening. Scurry out to the library and see if you can find it in an anthology.
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Ravens Blight Free Paper Models and Toys.

and yes, [ profile] ribbin, they have a catapult!
Yes, they have games--and dice.

Stock up on your color toner, and start printing and pasting.
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What are your favorite books on gardening?

What are good books on learning gardening?

What are good books on the pleasures of gardening.

Yes,there are good websites--
but if I want to know about the pleasures of gardening, that is more enjoyable in a relaxing book.

And when I want ready reference while outside on the lawn--I'd rather have a handy book that I can notate.



Mar. 7th, 2009 09:57 pm
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Just posted a late reply to an old reply from [ profile] serendipity17:

For vet students, animal communications, whatever kind of students:

Have you ever heard of a study conducted 10-20 years ago on the estimated meaning behind varies cat sounds?

And the meaning of "mee-yow"?

Any more recent studies?
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Where you can find and download documentaries:

More at NPR's text article: 9-11 Remembered at SnagFilms
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I'm a hermit who totally missed this man's work when I removed my head in the 1990's. I've been jumping from link to link, reading snippets and raves from fans on their favorite pieces. So many comments on his observations, through fiction and non-fiction on modern life, chased down and plugged in.

Some links, not just obits, but references to the favorite works. More to be found at NPR, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek.
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EVERY county in California--hell, nationwide--is doing a crackdown on drunken driving--and other DUI. That starts TODAY, and through Labor Day weekend.

Know your real limits, especially if you are drinking a few hours before leaving site, even if you are driving for just for a few blocks. Watch how much you drink, remember to eat.

Yeah, I know you guys know.
Just be careful.

You may find more problems in the suburbs---that's where local police have the room and the manpower to set up random stop locations.

North Texas in Fairfield is going to look like a parade route.
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Passed away from pneumonia, complication of sarcoidosis.
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Weekend notice. Naw...notice for the rest of my life.

I have made promises to a lot of people.
I have the well being of a lot of very dear people uppermost in my mind.

I have, and will, offer a lot of support and resources to those whom I can, for whom I care, who need my help.

That being said:
the usual caveat: there's only so much time and energy in the universe, and in my body.

I have promises to people.
I do not have iron clad obligations to people.

I have a obligations to myself, and to my interests.

Now let's get this going: Me first, and the rest of you in line, and I'll get to you as I can.

wuv and snugs,

The Supreme Fucking Empress of all I survey.
Starting now.


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