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Was going to post this at facebook, and realized...nobody's there. Well, [livejournal.com profile] lyahdan is not there. Not many people who have CSA boxes are logged in at the minute. And the problem with FB is if people are not reading write then, then will not find your older posts.

ANYWAY....The Kitchen Window
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Meaning: is there really any point to creating and maintaining a starter? Theoretically one doesn't need to add yeast--but everyone does. One should get that wonderful sourdough flavor from sourdough starters...but that's elusive. Most commercial "sourdough" breads are created with commercial flavor additives.

So, does anyone really use starters and batters?
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Catching up on old task and neglected pleasures. Both of those categories can include food.

I was treated to lovely homemade breads and indulgent tea, and other pleasures of the kitchen on Friday. My own preparations on Saturday were to use up what I had in my household.

Hot canned soup, however, did start out the day as I craved hot salted liquid with a bit of fat on it.
For brunch, put on floral tea, the black with chocolate notes. Made simple Bob's Red Mill Multi-grain pancakes. Made 3, ate just one, topped with a bit marmalade. Keep it small.

Felt cold, pulled veggie cutting bag out of the freezer. Scooped out enough savory clippings to make stock, and used some of the last nights steaming water to fill. Salt, "italian" herbs, some chili-and-lime mix, and pumpkin pie spice. Added some 'baby carrots' to fill out sweetness, and slices up a small turnip to add. On to boil, then simmer. Need veggie stock.

cooked last of lentils in rice cooker to see how they came out. Also threw in old frozen onion segment, and a bell pepper bit with seeds from cuttings. More chili-lime-pie spice as well. Cooked well, a bit soupy, but it thickend. Season with modicum of salt and set aside to store.

Clean rice cooker, cook up all the remains of white rice. Opted NOT to make shari rice when done, just left it plain. May thaw some frozen veggies to chop and mix in later.

Rice and lentils were still hot, so mixed together for slap-togehter dal, with dressed with soy sauce and sesame oil. Comfort food, and beat my usual escape food of mac 'n cheez. Wonderful with the tea. Had a bit of left over cheese from Friday nosh (the jack with mushrooms), and bit of last weeks broccolli slaw with granny smith apples and red bell peppers (raleys had a sale on peppers whoohoo!)

Supper was more rice and lentils, with leftover ground beef. Oh, and late night was the left over baby carrots and the turnips I picked out of the veggie stock after straining. Veggie stock was placed in containers and frozen.

Opted NOT to make bread/steam buns last night until I cleaned up the bread maker and went over taxes. I know I must have snacked on other things during the day--but I believe it was mostly tea and crackers.

This morning: Dug out some chicken stock from freezer, with bits of chicken and carrots. Added a bit of water, and more seasonings. Have set it on to thaw/cook, with rice and lentils thrown in. Will add soy or some such after tasting.

This morning: Chopped up an apple, banananananana, and last orange, splashed with lemon juice from mason jar (our trees), and pumpkin pie spice. part of the apple and another banana are being cooked to spread over pancake #2.

Will likely make a frugal salsa: leftover mexican green onion, roma tomatoes, bell pepper, ginger, spice, lemon juice.

I seem to be calmer this weekend and eating less, and more simply---or I'm just not remembering what I'm snacking on. The body and the taste buds are enjoy simple foods, well dressed, slowly savored.
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NPR's Kitchen Window: 4 Oyster Stews

I'm a newcomer to the oyster, but a happy convert. Still won't eat the things raw, which I know is heresy--but I discovered them in a cioppino. (Yes, another form of sacrilege, but I'll be a happy culinary pagan, thank you.) Never realized how tasty they were, cooked.

At the link above you'll find 4 recipes, and pictures that would make Pavlov proud of you.

And if one of you could give me the lyrics to what I can only call "The Oyster Song From Mad Sal's", I shall be a happy girl.
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I think books need to be in cars. For instance, there is no point in keeping your nature guides in the house--it's on the road when a hawk comes soaring overhead with stain glass wings when you get Eureka moments. (Which reminds me--order Sibley's.)

Cookbooks need to be carried as well. I realize there are too many times I've gone to the store and remembered a recipe I want to try--but not the ingredients. I'm considering another copy of Urban Picnic. One to keep for reading and staining with broth or chocolate, and another for reading--or fast notes before heading into the store. Urban picnic is lovely for those basic recipes of sauces, dressing, and salsa/chutneys.

Another basic: Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens. I need a new copy, as I've beaten both of mine to death. BHG was gifted by my mum when I moved out on my own. I taught myself to cook off that book, along with all the Sunset cookbooks I collected. (WHY did Sunset stop publishing cookbooks!? My old copies have been broken apart and put into plastic sleeves for posterity.)

BC and BHFG: Very middle class and old fashioned--which is why I need them. There is always something basic that one needs out of these books--and Crocker updates periodically with new ingredients, cuisine flavors, or cooking methods.

And Crocker has the best zucchini bread recipe, because it includes umpteen variations, including how to cook the damn things in a microwave when it's too how to bake in the summer. Mr. Snuffy hordes the BHG during the holidays for butter cookies and milk fudge recipes.


Intermezzo Note and request for help, however: I know I ran across a recent recipe for what was titled Peach Chutney, but it was actually more of a salsa/chutney cross. It had peaches and the usual warm spices, onions, and heat--but used lemon juice instead of the usual vinegars that can overpower chutneys. I could have sworn the recipe was in Urban Picnic, but after a fast skim, I don't see the recipe in the book. Do any of you have a peach-spice-citrus conglomeration recipe?
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Found the KVIE (Capitol Public Radio) had a series on restaurants on Broadway between I-5 and 99.
A new episode airs the 2nd Friday of each month, through Nov 2009.

Around the World in 30 Blocks

Anyone dined at these spots?


Jul. 18th, 2009 05:58 pm
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Before i do last run through the clothes (all were separated weeks ago, but have been shuffled around the house, so I need to make sure I know what is in what basket).

Waiting for the garage to cool down so I can start semi-drying one of the three blankets that I washed.

Started orange rice. A bit too rich in scent--the orange part is fine, but I had to use bouillon, and it was chicken tomato. Meh. Will be good for burritos. Might still be good for salad, if I have any left. (Did not cook up as much as I hoped--medium grain rice, darn it.) {Edit before posting. Tastes good!}

You see, what started out as bean-rice salad has become 'let's make breakfast burritos for the week'. Which also means buying eggs and tofu tonight. And more storage bags. Between this project and home depot, may be a bit expensive again this month. Ah well. Hopefully worth it. Oh, got Twinnings tea at Big lots. Green Jasmine, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast for $5.00 Vanilla soy milk or lemon at work (brought in lemons from the tree) will make life civilized.

Oh, back to projects. Figured it would be forever until it cooled off, so started sauteing onions, garlic, red bell pepper and some carrot shavings, along with herbs and spices. Added beans just a while ago, will let those cook for the night.

This was originally supposed to be orange-bean-rice salad. But tomato salsa may be a better idea if these are to be reheated. Oranges do not freeze well. shame. Save oranges for rest of beans, or throw onto cole slaw.

Once beans start simmering, will go to the store for eggs and tofu. Have the cheese. May cash in my Baskin Robbins coupon, cuz I've been a good girl.

Dinner: cold chicken, potato salad, grapes. and lots of water.

BTW, Newt Nectar from Paddling.net. Aka, dragon sweat, for lesser dragons.

Per 1 quart/liter bottle:

1/8 to 1/4 tsp salt.
8 tsp sugar
1 cup juice, or 1 cup liquid 'fruit drink'

Put all this in the bottle. Shake it up to mix. Top off with drinking water. Stuff into freezer, and chill while dandelions scream, or until you are ready to return weed killer to Home Depot. Suck down most of the bottle by the time you get to HD.
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Mint and Paprika: Turkish flavor

NPR's Kitchen window. Four recipes. Yes, lamb and yogurt, of course.

Fast food

Jul. 9th, 2009 10:41 pm
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Quick posts of small light helpings

Those Baneful Articles--BBC radio article on the history--and corrupting evil--of two classic potables in Scotland.

Whiskey...and tea.

As with BBC radio 7, there is a limited time. 2 days left as I type this at 10pm Thursday night. Seriously, it involves tea and Scots. This is made for at least half the people of my acquaintance.


And I noticed an article about picnic food at NPR today, but did not have time to read it (Kitchen Window is not usually an audio article). The Almond Plum Upside Down Cake offers possibilities.

And I learned that there are a load of good recipes at NPR if one searches for the word 'picnic'.

Oh, and that book I posted about, last month: The Urban Picnic. Didn't realize NPR had done a write up on it. Not strictly vegetarian, but does include veg alternatives to their picnic menus. Except the Shakespeare menu--Elizabethans were carnivores, no doubt about it.

Still available at Sweet Briar for $7.00. I'm thinking of a spare copy.

Ideas for posts from last week, that I had no time to post.
Kayaks and kitchens--great food articles from Paddling.net. Because nothing demands a tighter, lighter camping kitchen than a skinny little boat.

Planning a Multi Day Meal, Part 1
and two

Oh yeah--and how a href="http://www.paddling.net/guidelines/showArticle.html?430">you pack all that stuff. And no, I've only done this once, and the folks at OA packed a small overnight kitchen and firewood, and distributed it on to all our kayaks.

Then again, there are minimalists.

Emergency glasses?
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Bit sour tummy. Need a mild carb, no sugar.
Hips would prefer a mild carb with no sugar, as well.
But something crunchy would be nice...no, that's usually chips.
And I need my oats.

And haven't eaten my office cheerios for the last few days as I ran out of soy milk, and....

dry cheerios. Breakfast of champions and Kittens everywhere.

Kittens know best (*goes off to get a cup of Cheerios to munch*)
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1. Is anyone sensitive or allergic to yeast? I'm thinking specifically of nutritional yeast.

2. Is there much point of heating nutritional yeast, or does that just kill off anything that was useful in it?

3. How much is useful in it---vitamin B(s)?

4. And can anyone recommend reliable sites for Daily Minimums of various nutrients of foods?

So that I may avoid reading every version of what food had the most calcium no wait what had the most calcium that could be absorbed by the human body yakkity shmakity.
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Discoverer of Magnificent Beans. [livejournal.com profile] serendipity17

Made what ended up Bean Soup

[humor decade="vaudeville"]
"'ere, wot's this slop?"
"It's bean soup."
"I don't give a damn wot it's been--what is it now?"

Anywho, used the Christmas Lima Beans (soaked and cooked last week) with onion, garlic, carrots, leftover Rich Teriaki ginger marinade, Knorr's Chicken-tomato bouillion, leftover heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a smidge of liquid smoke. Oh, and the left over "end bits style" bacon. Baptized the new crockpot.

Christmas lima beans lean toward chestnuts in flavor and texture. They do NOT mush. Still munchy, with a light crunch. Mr. Snuffy states it is terrific, and if he knew this was how lima beans could taste, he would not have avoided them these past....few decades.

Rancho Gordo, for all your dried bean, corn (masa people!), grains, peppers and spices. Napa. Click on Producst and Cooking links at top.
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Sing the praises of she who suggested roasting butternut squash as sub for canned pumpkin.

I had my doubts: I told Mr. Snuffy that the roasted squash tasted great, but not sure it was worth the expense of buying that large a squash [at Raleys, which may account for the expense].
Then made the pie--charged into the computer room and yelped, "HELL YEAH it's worth it!"

Did not make pie--realized we had cranberry pumpkin muffins, and plum corn muffins left over. Decided to keep the holiday easy, and just bake a custard I could plop on muffins. Easy and awesome.

One variation--tried using coconut cream instead of condensed milk (we don't do a lot of dairy). Holy Wow. Pumpkin pie spices, with a bit more ginger for the coconut. And yes, still tastes of roasted sweet squash. Used only 1/3 of the sugar that the canned pumpkin recipe called for. Also good with fresh orange-cranberry relish spooned on top.

All Hail the Baroness of Baked Goods!
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And want to throw food questions at her this time of year:

Mincemeat and pies. Wanna riff on this?
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I know that everyone does bento, but many of the sites I've seen are devoted to cute and difficult.

This one has my tummy growling: Just Bento

Lots of great recipes, ideas and links. This one is going to get its own folder in my bookmarks.
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We need either your input or intervention.

I think it could work--think of chewy toast.

[livejournal.com profile] lrc meet [livejournal.com profile] serendipity17.
He knows everyone you know who wears a corset and spins.
Actually, he just knows everyone who wears a corset.

LRC, please note: S17 does not wear a corset. Nor is likely to.
But boy does she know food.
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Per the matzoh mix (I can hear the purists screaming now)....I can mix the dough, then set it in the fridge for 15 minutes to set up.

Can I mix it up tonight, and set it up overnight? Or will that ruin the flavor and consistancy.

They suggest using water or broth. Was thinking of using broth....but I know some folks swear by seltzer water.

And they box mentions cooking these in water. Should they be cooked in hot soupy goodness---or would that have the same effect as cooking rice or barley in soup (I always pre cook those before adding).

So....if I can prep the balls tonight, post here or email me.
If I can prep the balls tonight, I you want to vote on broth vs. seltzer, as above.
The rest can wait.
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A inquiry, or Vegetarians, Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Peoples What Loves to Cook 'n Eat Green and Orange Things:

What veggies and fruits do you like to keep as staples in your house?
What Vs & Fs do you require in your house for basic nutrition.

I know carrots and cruciferous. Oranges, or other tropical. Bananas and/or tomatoes for supposed pottasium. Mushrooms?

I presume canned are useless, even the nummy pineapple and mandarin orange.
Does frozen have any value (I like to keep it at work).
Are dried fruits really that useful? What about dried veggies, as they have for Manoshevitz soups, or those dried veggie snacks at the co-op.

I'm not counting veggie chips--or do they actually have a use?
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anyone have a recipe for pate made from left over roast beast?

And just curious: they are often made with wines, sherries, etc. Can it be done with whiskey? Single malt whiskey?


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