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Has anyone ever portrayed Grainne O'Malley at any Ren Faire?
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if I can get away this weekend...

What's up/Who's up Saturday or Sunday?
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Feeling like bag o crap. Folks, if I've bagged on you this week, this is why. No sharing.

Have been feeling run down all week, feels worse today. Not horrible flu from hell, but just run-you-down bug. Going home after work, no pryactice, much as I need it.

May attempt Fri as my 8 hour day, go home by 4.30 if I can.
No have not decided on plans for Fri Night, Sat Morn.--was going to crash in Davis (longer walk, but can store my gearback at someone's house, and not have to get up earlier for a weekend train), or train in (shorter walk, less imposition, good for insomnia nights).

Would like to avoid driving in and parking (I don't mind the parking, it's that traffic jam on 80 that gets me nuts).

Will discuss this again tomorrow. I have to call up and cancel a class for today. It's more restful to stay at the desk today.
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From The Bard's English, by Wayne Anderson**, I've noted one of the best ideas is in the last section of the book.

Start by training yourself what not not to say.
Because many of these don't belong in proper modern speech.

1. "Ain't": per Anderson, wasn't invented yet.
2. "I'm going to..." as in "I shall". You can be going to the alehouse. You cannot be going to drink the alehouse dry.
Really silly modern syntax: "I'm going to go to the alehouse."
2a. No, "I'm gonna". Hell no. I cringe every time this has fallen out of my mouth at the office or at faire.

3. "He's all.." or "he's like..." meaning he said. Eek.
4. "Hello" or "Hi". No, I'm not banning this from my Office Speake.
5. "O.K." Oh please, Or Gracious Lord, remove this from my tongue this summer. Ah-men. And perhaps when speaking with clients, or at least their parents. It's shows up just too much, when I mean "Yes".
O.K. and Yes really do NOT have the same meaning.

**I know this book is not everyone's favorite, and there are contentions with some of Mr. Anderson's opinions about early modern English. Do feel free to post and offer corrections.

P.S. Interesting idea talked about in Rusty Sword productions: and it's very close to the idea that idea that [livejournal.com profile] fools_and_irish thought up. Only this is an attempt to involve many of the guilds. Would like to hear the opinion of SWMBFC. Will post more on Pryankster tribe.

P.P.S. I missed out on cleaning day. Are there any remaining or new projects for our guild?
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Per the Rusty Sword site:

The Rootbeer folks will be in Willits. Bring them bottles.
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This topic has come up before...I was going to ask at Pryankster Group page,but I didn't want to clutter up everyone's mail box.

Prithee, what's your Pryankster name...and any 'business' about your character?

I thank thee,

Anne Dickson
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One (?) more note and queries about Fog Faire and MrsGiggle )
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The hard part about writing about faire (besides finding the time) is

1) the details fade too fast--I need to take notes as things happen. But I can’t be seen out with a notebook at Faire. Well, faith, Anne Dickson is the simple wife of a turnip farmer. T’is not as she is one to know reading and writing!
Perhaps some scraps of linen stitched together, or some heavy parchment colored paper, and a stick of charcoal….I could make notes with [livejournal.com profile] tsgeisel type figures.

2) Some of what I remember about the faire is important or amusing to me, not LJ readers. And some of it is internal…such as the joy of spending so much time with [livejournal.com profile] mrsgiggle. I like having sisters now, even if four decades late. She and I got to spend time talking teasing sharing secreting chastising for two nights. And much as we passed her around Pryanksters for all to play with, I still got time to roam around faire with her, and gig a bit.
And she was not the only one; there were others with whom I enjoyed very good times, laughing or just chatting. Learned much. Got hugs, a few kisses. Yay!

”Saturday” )


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