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More details on dance times and locations when I can get back to edit this. Also links to calendars.

Fri Jan 22: Contra at St Pauls Presp SF

Sat. 23
Waltz Workshop and Potluck Coloma Community Ctr Bob O’Brien 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Beginning and Intermediate Waltz Workshop. Donation $5.

Contra at 1st United Methodist Palo Alto

English at Grace N Church Berkely--but for experienced ECD social dancers only
(I think this has a potluck--must check BACDS site)

Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. Bob O’Brien 8:00 – 11:00 Dance
Celtic Junket (Pat Ryan, Art Peterson, Jonathan Goodwin)

Wed Jan 27: Grace North Church Berkeley ECD intro classes. Potluck snacks at break--all experience levels

Sat. Jan 30 Zesty Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Lynn Ackerson 8:00 – 11:00 Dance, Donation $12
Syncopaths (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Christa Burch, Ashley Broder)

Fri. 5 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Karen Fontana & Susan Pleck Nine-8ths Irish (Kathy Barwick, Bo Bowen, Christopher Dunlap, Linda Relph)

Sun. 7 English at Roseville Masonic Temple; Bruce Hamilton
Quite Carried Away ((David Wright, Susan Jones, Arlene Jamar, Sandy Westfall, Martin Lodahl, and Dick Holdstock)

ECD in Sebastopol in the afternoon
Contra in Petaluma in the evening
Check the North Bay Country Dance site for change of location and time

Sat. 13 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr.
Warren Blier; Star Thistle (Cheryl McKinney, David Wright, Lonna Whipple, and Dave Kistler)

Contra in San Rafael

Fri. 19 Contra at Davis High School Dance Room Mavis McGaugh
Coyote Thistle (Susan Jones, Chetani Cheryl McKinney, and David Wright)

Contra at Santa Rosa

Sun 21 Feb: ECD at Sebastopol

Sat. 27 Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. Spider Vetter
Bandemonium (Eric Anderson and Lee Anne Welch)

Contra at Sebastopol

Also Waltz workshop this Friday evening in Sacramento
Friday Night Waltz

Kimberly Trip Saturday Night--see FB and LJ for info.

I suspect most of you know where to find this info.

Memorial Benefit for Norton Buffalo at the Fox in Oakland: This Friday, and added show on Saturday. Featuring (for those who remember these performers) Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, George Thorogood, Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, Roy Rogers, The Knockouts, and M.C. Wavy Gravy. We'll miss you much, Norton.

Back to work
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I may actually do this, one of these days.

Sponsored by BACDS:

Wed 12 Aug: ENGLISH at Grace North Church in Berkeley. Alan Winston with Michelle Levy, Erik Ievins, Debra Tayleur

Sunday, August 16, 2009: SPECIAL/CONTRA at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in San Francisco. Adina Gordon with Crowfoot [Quebec] (Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, Nicholas Williams) — Special dance date, time, and price! 7:00–10:00pm, $12, members $10

Wednesday, August 19, 2009: CONTRA at Grace North Church in Berkeley. Erik Hoffman with Open band led by Ratnip (Caroline MacCaskey, Howard Booster, Cole Ingrahm, Alan Snyder)

Dances sponsored by North Bay Country Dance Society:

16 Aug: ECD Sebastapol 2pm-4.30pm
Caller: Kalia Kliban
Band: Chuck Ward (piano), Marilyn Simpson (violin)
Location Details: Sebastopol, Wischemann Hall, 465 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA

21 Aug: Contra Santa Rosa 8-11pm
Caller: Donnalyn Karpeles (Santa Barbara)
Band: Ratnip
Alan Snyder (keyboard)
Howard Booster (fiddle)
Caroline McCaskey (fiddle)
Cole Ingraham (flute, djembo)
Beginner's Lesson: Starting between 7:30 and 8:00
Location Details: Santa Rosa, Monroe Hall, 1400 West College Ave., Santa Rosa, CA

22 Aug: Contra Sebastapol, 8-11pm
Caller: Tina Fields
Band: TBA
Beginners’ Lesson:
During half hour before scheduled dance.
Location Details: Sebastopol, Wischemann Hall, 465 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA

Sacramento Area Country and Contra Dance Society
22 Aug: Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. (on Coloma in Sacramento)
Caller: Susan Petrick
Ratnip (Caroline McCaskey, Cole Ingraham, Alan Snyder, and Howard Booster)
Dance Time and Donation
8-11, 7.30 beginners lesson, $10 donation

Special Event from Friday Night Waltz:
The Annual Hillbillies from Mars Contra and Waltz

"Last time we had a packed house, with 230+ people. This time, more waltzes and polkas, per your request. About half the time is contras or line dances and half are couples dances like waltz, polka, or hambo.

Mike [Richardson of Seattle is calling and] is also teaching a 30 minute introductory contra class from 8:30 to 9pm. This is a MUST class for all social dancers who want to enjoy the evening. We heard from many social dancers that they could have danced the contra dances much easier if they had some introductory class. We urge everyone to take the class. Mike has been teaching introductory contra class for many, many years.

The format for the evening is: first dance a waltz. then 6 to 10 sets of: contra dance, waltz, second social dance (polka, or hambo, or schottische or tango or swing or latin), with an additional waltz as the very last dance."

And into September, on 12 Sep
Queer Contra resumes

-opener dance @ humanist hall, oakland
7:00-10:00 p.m.
$10 or pay what you can
Sam Weiler calls.
390 27th Street,Oakland
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and have not done Pilates. Or cadence skipping** Gotta dance, and meet other dancers.

Up and coming in July

15th Wed: Contra at Grace North Church Berkeley
17th Frid: ECD at Palo Alto Masonic
17 Fri: Contra in Santa Rosa
18 Sat: Contra at St. Pauls San Fran

22 Wed ECD at Grace North Berekeley, with a preceding workshop in Intermediate ECD.

25 Sat: Contra Sebastapol
25 Sat: Contra in Sac at Coloma Comm Center (yes, in Sac, on T street)

Not much this month.

Will consider Swing if I can get up to speed in Contra.
Yeah, I know it won't happen.

**[livejournal.com profile] barelyproper figured out the spondee for the end of "Mari's Wedding" cadence rhythm.
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Yes, I have to build up my dance skills again. But I need to start somewhere...
For those interested in English and Contra, here's whats up...not much.

Bay Area Country Dance Society

Friday, 22 May:
San Francisco, St Paul's Presbyterian: Contra

Sat, 23 May:
Palo Alto, First United Methodist: Contra

Berkeley, Grace North Church: English

Sunday, 24 May:
Frisco: Dance Ground Keriac: English

Friday, 29 May:
Palo Alto, Palo Alto Masonic Temple: English

Saturday, 30 May:
Palo Alto, United First Methodist: Contra

BAERS at Baycon: Gamers and Geeks--get some exercise and dance!
(I first encountered BAERS and ECD at Baycon 2008)

Nothing English, Contra or such at AShkenaz. Would love to see Zydeco on weekends, plz.

Royal Scottish Dance Society of SF has monthly parties on First Saturdays--but I think you'd best know your stuff.
More details at http://www.rscds-sf.org/events/#Monthly

Sacramento Area Contradances and English Country Dances

May into June calendar http://www.scds.ca/#May

Saturday, 23 May: Coloma Community Center, Contra
And another dance on Sunday, but specified NOT for beginners.

No Contra in Davis until end of Summer.

ECD in June in Roseville! Sunday 7 June, Roseville Masonic Temple

North Bay Country Dance Society

Sat 23 May, Contra dance Sebastapol

And that's kind of it.
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I know this is feeding the evil empire, BUT: I really want to go see some of these.
I'm going to get my money, while I have it, and order tickets. The question will be, what can I afford at tickets for two. Because two is more fun than one.

Squeefuls include:

American Heritage series: OK, not that exciting for me. I just know I *ought* to, and kinda would like to see Merle Haggard and Arlo Guthrie. Those will be two I will decide as the concert approaches.

Concert Series: For those of stringy inclination, Joshua Bell on Feb 27 2010.
Also ranged through the year are the Emerson String Quartet, Emanuel Ax, and Fladimir Fetlsman (piano).

Director's Choice: Goodies here, but special note of Globe Theatre presenting Love's Labour's Lost on 11 Nov.

Distinguished Speakers: Ira Glass on 29 April 2010.

Jackson Hall Jazz, one of the Holy Quacamole series:
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, with Wynton on Oct 2; SFJAZZ collective on Mar 4; SONNY FECKING ROLLINS on May 19 2010!!!


Marvels series: Pilobolus Nov 13; STREB: BRAVE Mar 21; Diavolo on Apr 11 2010.

Orchestra series: Salzburg Mozarteum Oct 28; China Philharmonic Nov 21; Russian National Feb 18; Moscow State Radio Symphony Mar 19; St. Louis Symphony Apr 16 2010

OOOH: Studio Classics: Feb 27 The Black Virtuoso Traditions, featuring works by Gottschalk, Joplin, James P Johnson, Waller, Morton, Tatum). YUM!

World Stage: Anu: Christmas in Ireland: An Nollaig in Eirrin, Dec 2; CHIEFTAINS Feb 17; Band of the Irish Guards March 3. Well before St. Pat's so you needn't fear dealing w' all that.


Les BAllets Trockadero de Monte Carlo: Feb 14 Jackson Hall. NOTHING could be better for Valentine's Day! (Must find You Tube of the Troc)

Peter Schickele: PDQ Bach: April 23. Nuff Said.

I'm buying two tickets for each. Anyone who likes travesity and dance; and well... a different kind of travesty for their classical music....be nice to me over the next few months.

*insert evil grin here*
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Yay spent 4.5 hours kayaking, brief lunch break on river bank. Left at 10am, got back an hour ago.
AvOn, yay.

But will skip The Kimberley Trip show at Heroes Alley tonight. Sorry to miss this--apparently the last show at this location.

So the rest of you get out, have fun, take pictures.
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Ok, there's stuff on Friday and stuff on Saturday.

Wasn't there something at the end of the month? Oh, right. SnB at S&K, with assist by S&B.

Anything ELSE?
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1. Will see what I feel up to: but reminder, Grinch the cartoon showing at the Varsity this afternoon and evening. Go to their website for the times. No, they don't take reservations. First mob, first shoveled in. (Actually, I don't know how much they get in crowds of any age.)

Tonight is also pryactice.

2. Some or a lot of hair needs to come off.

3. [livejournal.com profile] barnabas_truman: Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel on BBC, recreated from a radio series the Groucho and Chico once performed in the 30's. Look it up on Wikipedia; supposedly they paid Harpo a weekly salary for not performing. (What would he do? "Honk!")
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Many a time I'll post about an event, sound excited, urge every one to attend---and then forget. This is likely one of them

Celestial, and for Astronomers. Venus and Jupiter have been scooting closer and closer to each other. Sunday, at dusk, they will kiss and make up.
I understand on Monday, they are going to attempt a threesome with the Crescent Moon.

Read all about it:
Washington Post

Boston Globe

LA Times (whose pic apparently put the Moon in the wrong location)

MSNBC, rather good article

Hopefully, I'll remember to try and see this on Sunday, as Monday I'll be headed toward school. Unless I stop in a field in Dixon on the way, I won't see this from Solano County on Monday night, dammit.

Need astronomical help: Per two sunrise/sunset websites I used, sunset is to be 5:15, roughly, in Davis. However, SacBee has it pegged for 4:45pm. Any one have a website they can recommend?
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I need to be in Davis more often.
I didn't know the Varsity showed this on the big screen each year.

Dec 4, for those of you who want your Grinch bigger than life, and want to sing along with Your a Mean One, Mister Grinch.

Well, they'd let us sing along, right?
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A Cappella hosted and performed by the Liquid Hotplates, and also featuring

The Lounge Lizards
Dames and Fellas
The Afterglow
The Spokes

Next Tuesday, 2 Dec
Soc Sci, 1100
UC Davis

suggested donations $5.00
t-shirts $10
CDs $7
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Or do more house stuff.

See a play?
Museum? If so, which one?
Road trip? To the coast again?
Do the BART excursion, and see how far I can get on BART**
Casino? Cache Creek, Thunder or Colusa? Buffet and gambling?
Maybe at least a lottery ticket. I will at least get a lottery ticket.

Organize a dinner out with friends for a non-holiday weekend--and BEFORE Thanksgiving. (That's going to be tricky.) I need a way to celebrate with friends, but...among other concerns, can't be this weekend.

Will do something.

**BART/Amtrak excursions: Whenever I've mentioned this, people always chide me and remind me that I could take Amtrak to Richmond, and change there.

Yes, I know. That IS the most efficient/fastest, but not always the most comfortable--or cheapest. It's cheaper to go as far as Martinez, and then get a shuttle to one of four BART stations.

I've wanted to see how far I could go, and how much it would cost in money and time. Would have to be day tripping, of course---returning in the evening has to be carefully timed.

Off to view 511, and see where I can go.
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Any of you Davis ug or grads ever been there?

Schedule of Hikes
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For those of you with the time, money, transportation and imagination:

The California Academy of Natural Sciences is reopening, and they are having a gala. Thurs 25th.

And for those interested, the museum reopens on the 27th.

Almost forgot: at the other end of the time line and ecological view, is a Rat Fink Exhibit at the Towe Auto Museum in Sac. It's mostly artwork, and only one Big Daddy Roth car. (If any one knows of any shows with a lot of Roth cars, let me know.)

For any hot rod buffs, start here, scroll to the bottom and click to tour what was hot in the 60's. (And beyond--Big Daddy was building these things up to 1999.)
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Please see [livejournal.com profile] lrc's post today for details. Fantastic musician needs a lot of medical help soon. Benefit to raise money---and other help is needed. Please read up.

If you can at least arrive, pay to dance, and maybe donate, twill be good. Hopefully in future weeks there will be a PayPal link for future donations.
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Clipped from Persephone's newsletter:

Friday, May 9 = Our next dance at UC Davis. Waltz is on fire! We've found our new home in the old Firehouse, now annexed to the Drama department as a rehearsal space. This is an upgrade since it's not in the basement and you have less chances to get lost finding it. :)

However, I should warn you that May 9 begins the "Whole Earth Festival"
in Davis and therefore parking will be difficult this first time. I plan to make a map of where the building is and where parking is, going onto my web site in the next day or so, but for now I'll tell you [note from Temperance--no it's not, see below]it's on A street just south of 1st, it's the little building next to the gate that keeps cars from driving onto campus. Lessons at 8, DJ dance 9-12.
Sponsored by the Vintage Waltz Workshop, a student organization at UC Davis. Suggested donation $8 ($6 students).

Edit: Location (per Davis Wiki)
More on the location of the Firehouse:

Firehouse is right next to/just east of the Music Building, about three buildings east of Shields Library and at the southeast corner of campus.

UC Davis map: http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/map/

This link gives you an overview of the area specific to Firehouse: http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/map/map_detail.cfm?assetInfo=91

Firehouse is listed as "TB195" on that map, right to the east of the Music Building

If you're taking 80, take the Richards exit, go towards In-n-Out and continue towards downtown. Take a left at 1st St. (right after the train tunnel/underpass), then a left at A St., and a right at Hutchison. Firehouse is straight ahead, just after the gate/barrier thing (which you can't pass but can stop at to unload).
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[start of brain dump]Alright, everybody is posting upcoming stuff, and I need to get it all coordinated.

Who's got exciting/titilating/keenish stuff coming up end of April, through the end of May?

[/end of brain dump and now trying to lay all the cells and synapses out on a calendar]

P.S.: Sorry [livejournal.com profile] agengrgal, I didn't make to to the Orchid Show. Drove home from Davis Sunday morning to meet a lawn mowing guy who never showed up at 12.30 as promised. And still hasn't. Grrr.
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This weekend (Sat) is the Mad Hatter Tea Party in Old Sac, per [livejournal.com profile] kay_gmd.
Sunday is Easter.
Contra in Palo Alto on Saturday.

Wildflower walk on Rush Ranch 5 April
26 April Lil Jack's b-day

What else have we got?
Oh hell. Picnic Day.

Anything else?


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