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about ECD and Contra.

1) Have made the same hosannas in two locations. One post is enough. Sorry about the burst of adulation.

2) I can honestly say I danced well on Sunday. Not perfectly, but well, and happily, and I think did well by the Pryankster name in both memorization of dances and speed (in the contra).

Am never able to prove such at Pryactice. buggers.

Must accept I am beginning to occasionally intermediate dancer, will continue to be so.
Am a rehearsal and filler dancer on Thursday.
Will be a bouncy-bouncy-occasional-oops-wheeee!fun! dancer twice (hopefully) a month.

And there I am, and that is all I can be.
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I may actually do this, one of these days.

Sponsored by BACDS:

Wed 12 Aug: ENGLISH at Grace North Church in Berkeley. Alan Winston with Michelle Levy, Erik Ievins, Debra Tayleur

Sunday, August 16, 2009: SPECIAL/CONTRA at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in San Francisco. Adina Gordon with Crowfoot [Quebec] (Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, Nicholas Williams) — Special dance date, time, and price! 7:00–10:00pm, $12, members $10

Wednesday, August 19, 2009: CONTRA at Grace North Church in Berkeley. Erik Hoffman with Open band led by Ratnip (Caroline MacCaskey, Howard Booster, Cole Ingrahm, Alan Snyder)

Dances sponsored by North Bay Country Dance Society:

16 Aug: ECD Sebastapol 2pm-4.30pm
Caller: Kalia Kliban
Band: Chuck Ward (piano), Marilyn Simpson (violin)
Location Details: Sebastopol, Wischemann Hall, 465 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA

21 Aug: Contra Santa Rosa 8-11pm
Caller: Donnalyn Karpeles (Santa Barbara)
Band: Ratnip
Alan Snyder (keyboard)
Howard Booster (fiddle)
Caroline McCaskey (fiddle)
Cole Ingraham (flute, djembo)
Beginner's Lesson: Starting between 7:30 and 8:00
Location Details: Santa Rosa, Monroe Hall, 1400 West College Ave., Santa Rosa, CA

22 Aug: Contra Sebastapol, 8-11pm
Caller: Tina Fields
Band: TBA
Beginners’ Lesson:
During half hour before scheduled dance.
Location Details: Sebastopol, Wischemann Hall, 465 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA

Sacramento Area Country and Contra Dance Society
22 Aug: Contra at Coloma Community Ctr. (on Coloma in Sacramento)
Caller: Susan Petrick
Ratnip (Caroline McCaskey, Cole Ingraham, Alan Snyder, and Howard Booster)
Dance Time and Donation
8-11, 7.30 beginners lesson, $10 donation

Special Event from Friday Night Waltz:
The Annual Hillbillies from Mars Contra and Waltz

"Last time we had a packed house, with 230+ people. This time, more waltzes and polkas, per your request. About half the time is contras or line dances and half are couples dances like waltz, polka, or hambo.

Mike [Richardson of Seattle is calling and] is also teaching a 30 minute introductory contra class from 8:30 to 9pm. This is a MUST class for all social dancers who want to enjoy the evening. We heard from many social dancers that they could have danced the contra dances much easier if they had some introductory class. We urge everyone to take the class. Mike has been teaching introductory contra class for many, many years.

The format for the evening is: first dance a waltz. then 6 to 10 sets of: contra dance, waltz, second social dance (polka, or hambo, or schottische or tango or swing or latin), with an additional waltz as the very last dance."

And into September, on 12 Sep
Queer Contra resumes

-opener dance @ humanist hall, oakland
7:00-10:00 p.m.
$10 or pay what you can
Sam Weiler calls.
390 27th Street,Oakland
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and have not done Pilates. Or cadence skipping** Gotta dance, and meet other dancers.

Up and coming in July

15th Wed: Contra at Grace North Church Berkeley
17th Frid: ECD at Palo Alto Masonic
17 Fri: Contra in Santa Rosa
18 Sat: Contra at St. Pauls San Fran

22 Wed ECD at Grace North Berekeley, with a preceding workshop in Intermediate ECD.

25 Sat: Contra Sebastapol
25 Sat: Contra in Sac at Coloma Comm Center (yes, in Sac, on T street)

Not much this month.

Will consider Swing if I can get up to speed in Contra.
Yeah, I know it won't happen.

**[livejournal.com profile] barelyproper figured out the spondee for the end of "Mari's Wedding" cadence rhythm.
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Yes, I have to build up my dance skills again. But I need to start somewhere...
For those interested in English and Contra, here's whats up...not much.

Bay Area Country Dance Society

Friday, 22 May:
San Francisco, St Paul's Presbyterian: Contra

Sat, 23 May:
Palo Alto, First United Methodist: Contra

Berkeley, Grace North Church: English

Sunday, 24 May:
Frisco: Dance Ground Keriac: English

Friday, 29 May:
Palo Alto, Palo Alto Masonic Temple: English

Saturday, 30 May:
Palo Alto, United First Methodist: Contra

BAERS at Baycon: Gamers and Geeks--get some exercise and dance!
(I first encountered BAERS and ECD at Baycon 2008)

Nothing English, Contra or such at AShkenaz. Would love to see Zydeco on weekends, plz.

Royal Scottish Dance Society of SF has monthly parties on First Saturdays--but I think you'd best know your stuff.
More details at http://www.rscds-sf.org/events/#Monthly

Sacramento Area Contradances and English Country Dances

May into June calendar http://www.scds.ca/#May

Saturday, 23 May: Coloma Community Center, Contra
And another dance on Sunday, but specified NOT for beginners.

No Contra in Davis until end of Summer.

ECD in June in Roseville! Sunday 7 June, Roseville Masonic Temple

North Bay Country Dance Society

Sat 23 May, Contra dance Sebastapol

And that's kind of it.
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Watching--excellent version!

Did anyone else watch? Anyone who recognizes the country dance?
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And damned if all my mavens are at DCF rehearsals.

Questions were posed about dance etiquette. The questions referenced the Regency period, but hope some of you can help.

Would siblings have danced together, if they lacked other partners? What about other family members?
What was the etiquette for married or widowed folk?

And the old "no two dances together". I presume that meant you did not ask the same young lady twice at a specific assembly, otherwise it was assumed you had an understanding. Is that correct? Or was it also to keep partners in rotation--did the same rule apply to married couples?

Oh! Almost forgot: Refusal to dance. I understood that a young lady had the right to refuse any gentleman, but with a polite reason. She could have another partner for that dance, feel unwell, not know the dance well, or just prefer to watch. BUT, she cannot then accept another partner for that same dance.
I presume she need not sit out the rest of the assembly/dance program for the evening?

Did any of this change from Regency to Victorian?
Inquiring minds want to know.
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I've over due for my bi-annual (?) social/hobby upheaval. I need new stuff to do, and new spaces to be.

Need some recommendations.

Dance classes in the area. I know the grad offers some and the ECd offers some variety? Any suggestions? Latin would be nice.
(I need an honest assessment folks: if I can't do waltzing or polkas, can I assume Latin is beyond me. The latin section of the ECD social dance was one of my favorites, thought I did ok, but....you've seen my feet and body moves. You guys know better.)

And country dance. Despite you snobs sneering at country, I think I'd like to learn some simple dances. It's easier to get dances at a country bar. And modern country ain't any worse than modern boy band / diva pop or RnB. It's not the genre....power ballads make every style of music suck. That's why fiddles are cool, but a violin section will usually suck the life out of arrangements. OK, back on topic.

There's open mic at the Bistro on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. i need to start setting those days aside for myself, if its affordable (i assume one can just buy drinks and not a whole dinner to sit and listen to open mic). Also open mic in Vallejo on Fridays. MUST start going to this. Have promised / put off for a year now.

Any other places for readings?

Yeah, I know. I keep asking for advice and recommendations, and then don't go. Hell, I don't even go to the stuff I recommend.

Pardon the snark. Not feeling well at the moment.
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Too much to do, did not get enough done.

Will hope to go to the Barn Dance in Oakland. Would love to try this.

Alan said... )

hell, here's the details at tribe.net, FNW

and the Caller's home page

I'm a bit more comfy here than at Gaskells this Saturday (sorry [livejournal.com profile] barelyproper!). I wanted to try more set dances. I also don't have to fly around doing prep to clothing and myself, last minute, and then worry about what did not hold together.

Besides, I need to spend more time around home this weekend sewing, among other chores. Now, on that...

I need to spend some time with Dad on Saturday or Sunday morning, but the rest of my weekend can be devoted to skirts, smock, and MAYBE some bodice design. Also hemming modern pants. Does anyone want to do more stitch n bitch? If so, where?

And does anyone want to go English ceilidh dancing in Oakland tonight?
I might actually show up!
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But on a more interesting note: [livejournal.com profile] kay_gmd, [livejournal.com profile] groblek, and myself completed our social dance course. Well, we did....we just didn't attend last night's final class of 'everything you've learned and a few new tricks". I felt crappy and wasn't going to inflict this on students.

Will miss Donnelle, Leon, Charles...and Todd. And Austen. There's something about learning to tango with a guy in baggies.

What we learned (per the syllabus)

East Coast swing basic in open and closed position, outside and inside turn, leader's wrap.
Foxtrot, left corner turn, promenade---and underarm turn
Cha-cha: basics, crossover, progressive, turns

Waltz. We were bummed. No spinny. We discussed this with the teacher Donnelle. She said the spinning waltzes were a bit much for beginners, and "Spinning is like crack". I pointed to Kay and G and said, "Meet the crackheads."

Waltz: basic box, forward step change, left box turn and underarm turns---and hesitations and promenade hesitations.

I missed the rumba, but caught up a bit in the next class: basic box, cuban walks, and underarm turns. I could get to like this one.

Tango. yes American. Basic walk, promenade and corte. NO head waggles, no arm flings.

Well, that was interesting.


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