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It's home and feeding voraciously.
Yep, I forgot my umbilical cord.

email or IM me if need to catch me.
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Even looked at it last night. Had a charge.

Spoke to Madame Tromboni just awhile ago---and the cell showed as drained.
Again. I checked this last night! It wasn't even half way down!
Need to buy a new battery---tempted to bite the bullet and go for a new phone.

This one is so easy to set off---by that I mean it triggers some of the Sony Internet / Walkman features when I DON'T want them. The ones that I suspect drain the battery.
And yes, I've set the keypad lock. It stops me from using the Recent Calls and Menu button---until I swivel it open.

But I've still found other functions running when I pull it out of my bag.

This has been THE worst phone!

Anyway. Work phone is [in the UC Davis Directory].


And it shut down a minute ago----just as I was copying down needed numbers from the call log---and it shut down just as I brought up the repair man I needed to call today. GAHHH!
Yeah, I can look up his number. Will need to call him to give him today's contact info. He was going to meet with me "sometime after work, would give me a call before he left."
Stupid phones.
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It seems I left my e-mail open at home and so cannot read it here at work.

use my gmail address. Or work addy, if you know it.
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[first post this morning at 8am] Reach me via IM (aim or yahoo), work phone, sbc or gmail. Hell, my work email if ya got it.

gah. Not today.

UPDATE: OK, phone apparently did a fast battery drop (damn you Sony!). It seems to be recharging.

The cool thing, is it is charging off of 4 AAA. A little looks-cheapy thing Mr. Snuffy picked up to test. Comes with a case--well it's essentially a small case just big enough to hold 4 AAA batteries. There is a hole to plug in the adapter head---and it comes with 5 adapter heads. So, no you are probably not going to walk around with this thing charging.

But it seems to be working! I still hate Sony, but apparently the battery and phone are not totally dead.

And the instructions on the package:

A: meet phone charger
B: triephone used reainaility used 60 minute (presume this means leave it on the charger for 60 minutes)
C: as temporarily cell may wait for 3-5 hours (meaning this isn't going to be a big charge).
D: once cell charger (this will use up those 4 little batteries).

Yes, I should have a charger at work---but this is lovely for an emergency. If this work, going to buy another and a set of batteries for the faire season.

UPDATE It's alive. Was recharged by the time I got out of my meeting. COOL!!
Definitely going to get another to bring on the road.


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