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Jun. 7th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Passed the Spring 2011 night course. Got an A.
Now my ego just wants to know my percentile on the final.

and a double scoop: found my phone.

Going to celebrate by turning off the computer and curling up with a book.
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I have no phone. Is not in back pack. Is either at home, in my car, or getting kissed goodbye in the Amtrak parking lot.
So, cannot take calls, cannot take text messages.
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OK, among the few household plumbing problems I've mentioned in the last few months, here is the latest.

Bathtub refused to drain. Fortunately/unfortunately, this occurred after I took a shower, on Tuesday night, equivalent to Snuffy's Friday night. Yes, a shower. Yes, I had the drain switched open. No, we didn' think too much of it because the plumbing in that bathroom has been draining slower over the years. That is part of the 'we have to get pipes cleared out and new piping inserted' project that we've been trying to work to.

Note: this has been a problem since we no longer have equity to borrow on. But more on the pipes another time.

So, I did note there seemed to be more water in the tub after the shower than normal, but figured it would just take longer to drain. Didn't drain. After Snuffy toggled toggles and listened, we realized the drain mechanism had finally achieved FAIL and had broken/stuck/stopped working. In the stoppered position. Great.

Much plunging Tues night to shift the stopper mech (also to see if prior clogs were also affecting the drainage. Also draining of the tub. Remains of Tues night spent removing the top part of the stopper mechanism from the wall

BUT, we can't seem to get the rest of it out. And it seems to have shifted back into the closed position.

Now, per pics, the modern or 'seen within your lifetime' mechanisms have a spring at the end.

example of project, and pics

Now, a note about this. If you enlarge the pic, and look at the parts, we got most of the mechanism out. But,
1) our mechanism did not have a metal coil as the bottom of the pop-up linkage. We have short hollow tube. The part resembles an old fashioned scale weight--if one of those was hollowed out.
2) No waste arm came with it. Frankly, looking at the demo pic, we cannot figure out how anyone is expected to get that arm out of the horizontal pipe. I'm presuming its still in there, possibly with gunk still swaddled around it. (Yes, we popped draino down the drain this afternoon. Or, ore likely, it's still down there, but has shifted to "stopped" position.

Wondering if there was any flexible tool we could get down there and pull/shift/move that bar out, or at least move it from the stoppered position. He didn't see anything in Home Depot, but we are trying to figure out what to ask for.

Suggestions from handy folks?
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Meaning: is there really any point to creating and maintaining a starter? Theoretically one doesn't need to add yeast--but everyone does. One should get that wonderful sourdough flavor from sourdough starters...but that's elusive. Most commercial "sourdough" breads are created with commercial flavor additives.

So, does anyone really use starters and batters?
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Language study expands and grows. Yes, I know all studies do that.

Premise: I've only studied 3 languages formally, and never used/created my own flashcards in any of those classes.

Latin is growing and picking up speed. Not finding that a problem as yet. Problem is how to incorporate flashcards as instructor recommended: not only does the information line lengthen, as more vocabulary is added, but conjugation and declension "widens" that line of knowledge.

For instance, in the first two small chapters, it was the introduction of 1st declension, all feminine nouns and adjectives as subjective complements, then demonstration of nominative and accusative cases. All verbs were 3rd person singular, mostly all first conjugation.

Add more words, including 2nd declension nouns, mostly masculine. All nouns are still singular.
Boomlet: more nouns, soon to add neuter, now with prepositions and ablative forms, add plurals, add more stems. Verbs in 1st, 2nd, don't forget plural....

So, when making a flash card for a word, say a noun. On the front of the card I'd put the the root form? The basic word, singular? On the back just the definition? Or definition and all the cases that I know so far? Write tiny so that I have room to add more cases?

Or I presume make new cards for all the past words when we learn a new case?

What was your strategy for language study?
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Was recommended I take some more vacation before the school year hits and Joan retires.

It would be best to take one of the first two weeks of August. Any ideas of anything good going on those first two weeks? Faires? Late night parties (yay no curfew). Otherwise, will likely be spent writing, clearing, researching---or screw it all, doing National or County park tours.
Or a wine/cheese/bread/olive oil tasting tour: pick a region with places to stop and picnic, and take a food tour to gather food along the way.

Would be like Farmville only with useful results.
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Going to start over storing music on the newish desk top. Will start over with my jazz and blues, and want to add what I consider to be FNW Damn I Never Thought Of That As Waltz music.

Yes, I'm the novice, so I've been delighted by the surprises to my brain these last few years. (Have also been inflicted with the brain syndrome of That's Great Pop...Is it Waltz Tempo, Fast Enough for Turbo Polka, or Can I Schottische to it?)

So....Here's the rough (and I know, dippy) request that posted at FB:

"what are your favorite 3/4 time songs? Off the top of your head: Current? Pop? Off the standard charts? Folk? Classical? Graceful romantic speed? And, the ones I REALLY want to collect: "Oh My God, Only Sam and Anthony Are Insane Enough To Try This Tempo". Thenk yew. Feel free to post at LJ."

I was looking for a range of traditional 19th century waltzes, Irish and English 6/8 time songs,
20th century pop (by that I mean show tunes, top 20, jazz), pop that doesn't show up on the radio but if I call it Indie people will gag,

and the Turbo waltzes.

List as long as you like, post here, message me, or email me.
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1) What's so spiffy about an LJ paid account that it makes you shout hossannahs when you awaken to Live Journal each morning?

2) I need to buy a car buffer. As you have seen from my previous car, I don't usually invest in such things. Any of you (among all my friends most of whom own bicycles) actually own a car buffer? Can you recommend a brand? Is there anything I should look for other than "This brand buffs cars with hand plucked virgin hummingbird feathers"?

Like I said....never owned one. Night!
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Not important, but going to start casting on for a v-neck cardigan.

I think I can move past drop sleeves (straight sides, no shaping)

Was thinking of taking it easy on myself and just doing raglan shaping, but would love opinions from knitters on how they feel about the look of raglan (in other words, my bust grew a bit this year and at times this year I looked matronly than ever--will raglan just draw attention to that?).

Then there is the I'm-a-grown-up-knitter, and shall I just attempt shaped sleeves and armholes or leave this for the next sweater? Will fitted sleeves be wrong for the bust?

It's going to be black WoolsEase yarn, so frankly, the design of the armhole may not even show up.

Pattern is from an old 2000 Paton book. Called Back to Basic II, it is worsted weight patterns for sweaters: child and adult (6 sizes), pullover (turtle, V or round) or cardigan (v or round). Straigh raglan or set-in sleeves. Vest in pull over round or v, or button up V.

Most lovely mix and match book for the beginner I've ever seen. For raglans I'm supposed to start shaping when the piece is 16" from the beginning, 17.25" for set in sleeves.

In the meantime, I'll start: both cast on 111 stitches for a size to fit 40-42 bust.
And yes, did my gauge swatch last night.
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Do any of the Dickens ladies actually carry or use reticules? What about sachets? (I presume not, due to allergies of the general public.)
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I totally blanked on making or getting a witches hat this month. Need one.

A long black dress would also be could, but seems impossible to find (may check Good will).
Or, tab collar or shirt collared men's shirt, and long black skirt. I can fake the booties.
Will also look for crappy old fashioned brooms. Except that crappy old fashioned brooms now cost arm and leg. (Wait...Mexican meat market, cleaning supplies section?)

Edit/Doh!: What I was trying to say was that I may need some shopping time this week, after work, when I'm not looking so post-cold beasty. Hopefully Tues, Wed or Thurs. Friday is doable, but will be horrific.

Maybe I can find a witch's hat a drug store this evening, before heading home.
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For those of you who do vintage and ballroom dancing, whether or not you have been a DJ:

Listen to the soundtrack of Nightmare Before Christmas

Are all the songs danceable?
For those that are, what dances would you choose.
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And no, I don't know how to set up a poll. So take it as you find it.

1. This is the subjective opinions from friends part. Netbooks are under $500 and good for what I want. From what you know of me, am I just tossing my money after high tech in vain hope of organizing/utilizing my time better, or making the education process a bit easier in 2010?

(I'm getting this for all the times I wished I had a computer with me when I am away from home, or when I don't want to be in front of the computer in the backroom. OR, times when I didn't let myself out to the house because I had homework and had to be in front of the desktop. Hell, just times when I could have been sitting in the arb after work, or visiting a friend--but had to go straight home, the only place to do homework.)

2. Asus?

or HP?

Specifically, that one.
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To those of you who have recently changed addresses or phone numbers...I'm trying to track down your various announcements in LJ. But I seem to be missing a few.

If your interested in contact with me, could y'all pop me an e-mail or send me a message via LJ?
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Before I purchase at Amazon, do any of you, for some odd reason, have any kind of Dummies/How to/Look You Idiot sort of books on using MS Office 2007. Or anything focusing on MS Outlook?

About half our office is upgraded to 2007, and gradually finding out all that it will do. Or, finding out all that it will do that you didn't intend, and perhaps didn't want.

I've decided to get some books that may assist me in getting an overview of this system that the online help seems unable to do. No, they are not all Dummy books. Two were interesting, focusing on Outlook and GTD organizational system. But...

Do any of you have books you can recommend, and any I might peruse before purchasing?
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Anyone tried using a sod cutter? The gas powered (or electric?) push-cart kind.

I'm going to inquire at Lowes and Home Depot for rental prices, but I'd like to get an idea of how to work the damn things.

And yes, I've reviewed a few how-to articles, and how-to videos.
Which doesn't offer much.
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Wasn't there a pic of some sort, of one of the characters holding a brain in a bell jar?

Or am I thinking of Buck Godot?

[insert moment of "holy shit I forgot about that" nostalgia: Foglio collaborating with Claremont on D'Arc Tangent. Yeah I know: Claremont who?]
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Re: the mixture you discussed (back at this post regarding ginger lemonade tea, and Ayurvedic blend you "picked up".

The ginger lemonade mix seems pretty simple: "to taste".

Have you ever done this as a ginger ale? I remember Sac Bee once ran a recipe for a lemonade-ginger-peppercorn sugar syrup that you combined with seltzer to make a mock ginger ale. It was lovely, and had a bite. (I've never learned to brew or ferment, so I can't make real ale or beer.)

And where did you get your Ayurvedic blend? I presume a tea, or to steep in boiling water and one inhales the steam?
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I realize that's a whole family, sort of the Spanish Bachs. Domenico is the artist in question. AccuRadio played a Quartre Variations that sounded jazzlike in their styling. Part of it was the artist's interpretation--but part of it came from the composer's melodic design.

I googled and wiki'd a bit. He sounds interesting.
Anyone else encountered this composer?

Must go back through diary: I think I may have heard his work 1-2 years ago on campus in a noon time Music department presentation.


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