Mar. 10th, 2011

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Meaning: is there really any point to creating and maintaining a starter? Theoretically one doesn't need to add yeast--but everyone does. One should get that wonderful sourdough flavor from sourdough starters...but that's elusive. Most commercial "sourdough" breads are created with commercial flavor additives.

So, does anyone really use starters and batters?
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From the Palms monthly email:

Get schooled by Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. Dan Hicks and the Hotlicks will premier their new musical revue Kollege of Musical Knowledge. This show is the latest in a series of Dan Hicks created musical productions that have paid homage to the great American music songbook which in the past has included his tribute to the Singing Cowboy and his salute to the Folk Years.

This evening Hicks honors the composers and artists he most admires including Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Richard Rogers, Paul Simon and, of course, himself. Through the music and Dan's witty observations Professor Hicks and the Hot Licks will illuminate eager pupils to some music history, an impressive variety of musical styles, as well as present a repertoire of their much loved signature tunes such as "Canned Music," " I Scare Myself" and others.

Dan Hicks unique songwriting and blend of styles, masterful folk-swing guitar playing and unmistakable sense of humor have made him a cultural icon, landing Hicks on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine twice and provoking Tom Waits to say, "Dan Hicks is fly, sly, wily and dry" while Elvis Costello proclaimed him "an American treasure."

8.30pm $25. Winters
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Has Mr. O'Keefe inspired anyone else to contribute to their local public radio station, whether NPR or another "independent"? (Sorry, much as I love my NPR, PRI and APM, the real independent stations are those such as Pacifica/KPFA Berkeley, but I digress...)

Anywho, am I the only one who is inspired to contribute to NPR, not just because the Republicans are trying to pull the rug out from under them,

but because a foolishly loose-lipped but honest admin stated the fucking truth that much of the Tea Party is pushed/backed/fronted by people who are racist idiots?

The urge to donate reminds me of the routine played out on the old Mary Tyler Moore show (1970's).

Mary discovered she is paid about $400 less a month than her predecessor--because she is a woman and not head of a household. Side plot: she's also been given the additional job of co-hosting a morning show with the obnoxious Ted Baxter.
At the end of the episode, she loses her tempter on the air, and tells Ted to just shut up.

In the office with Mr. Grant, she expects to be demoted or fired.
Lou Grant: Mary, I didn't think I was going to have to say this, get the raise.
Mary: I...get the $400?! You'll pay me as much as you paid Frank?
Ted: Wait a minute Lou! She just told me to shut up! On the air! How can you give her $400 more a month?!
Lou: I'm sorry Ted, but my hands are tied. I'm not allowed to give her any more.


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